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Roleplay is central to Tenebrae, and consists of a mix of scenes, grid, and PrPs. Here you may read some of the logs our players have posted, or wanted to share. This page may also be used to post logs for PrPs, to share an item for staff review, or to tell players about a great scene. Remember too, if you're RPing in a public area, a log may end up on this site! All areas ongrid, and Plot Rooms, are considered public areas.

Most recent logs are at the bottom.

Archived Logs

2016 Logs


Date Log People
January 1, 2016 PrP: Sticky Situation Haggerty, Raethon, Chach, MAC-B1G, Sigrid, Eirene
January 2, 2016 PrP: Murderous Cannibal Haggerty, Sigrid, Kailin, Malkael
January 5, 2016 Docks Talk Munch, Kailin
January 7, 2016 PrP: Borders II: Raiders of the Lost Cart Haggerty, Kailin, Kaj, Krom
January 10, 2016 PrP: The Lost Boy Garak, Munch, Verna, Tiasa
January 11, 2016 PrP: Village of Glenspiel Haggerty, Kailin, Sigrid
January 11, 2016 Woods Wizards Mikilos, Fayde
January 12, 2016 Snipe hunt Munch, Uneth, Iadoth
January 13, 2016 Before the Society Verna, Solace, Kailin, Mikilos
January 14, 2016 PrP: Bandit Tree Veloria, Sigrid
January 22, 2016 PrP: Mining Job Kailin, Sasha, Drok'thar
January 22, 2016 Meetup: Courtroom Blues: Prelude Kailin, Stirling, Veloria
January 23, 2016 Meetup: Bardic Concert Kailin, Stirling, Aldean, Jibbom, Silmeria, Arisha, Stjepan, Abrahil, Serene, Svarshan, Verna, Miruan
January 24, 2016 PrP: Cult Leader Tiasa, Garak, Verna, Alba, and Nadara
January 28, 2016 PrP: Buried Demons Kailin, Vasya, Sully, Thanix
January 29, 2016 PrP: Demons in the Manor Halena, Vasya, Kailin, Ezriya
January 31, 2016 Blades of Hell Kailin, Kalkorth, Vasya, Veloria, Kevan
February 2, 2016 A Ladle Help, Please Arisha, Veloria
January 29, 2016 Meetup: Fancy Party Vati Kailin, Myrana, Abrahil, Jacob, Charlotte, Jibbom, Rhar, Mikilos, Cesran


Date Log People
February 2, 2016 Wisp1 Iadoth, Krom
February 3, 2016 Wisp2 Uneth, Durrankar, Krom
February 4, 2016 Courtroom Blues part I Aldean, Haggerty, Kailin, Kaj
February 7, 2016 Wisp3 Cesran, Krom
February 7, 2016 Party Crashers Kevan, Kailin, Kaj, MAC-B1G
February 10, 2016 Wisp4 Durrankar, Uneth, Mila, Krom
February 12, 2016 Afternoon Fun Vasya, Halena, Wilros
February 13, 2016 Cave Raiders Iadoth, Nysalia, Kailin, Arisha
February 15, 2016 Wisp5 Autumn, Iadoth, Krom
February 22, 2016 Eye of the Needle Smythly, Zyla
February 22, 2016 Lost in the Hills Vasya, Pelka, Mip, Kailin
February 27, 2016 Horse Play Fiore, Nicolai, Nysalia
February 27, 2016 Meeting in Mitclan Azog, Alba, Uneth, Iadoth, Munch, Jareth, Cesran, Svarshan, Durrankar
February 28, 2016 Meetup: Campfire Tales Alba, Aldean, Durrankar, Iadoth, Kailin, Kaj, Ormarr, Uneth
February 28, 2016 One More Time Fiore, Nysalia, Leonis, Kevan, Eilrie


Date Log People
March 1, 2016 Missing Pup Bennet, Iadoth, Uneth, Durrankar
March 1, 2016 The Dark Temple of Ages Leonis, Raethon
March 2, 2016 The Black Warrens of Horror Bitr, Fiore, Halena
March 3, 2016 meets Bitr [[]], Bitr, Diemma
March 9, 2016 A Mouse Among Rats Bitr, Fiore, Halena
March 10, 2016 Another Escort Zam, Charlotte, Jokul
March 15, 2016 A Light In The Window [[]], Fiore, Nysalia
March 16, 2016 Knowledge is Power Aldean, Mikilos, Diemma
March 20, 2016 Forest Troubles Arisha, Nicolai, Aya, Jokul
March 21, 2016 Elementary Arisha, Jokul, Leonis, Hun'rar
March 22, 2016 Gate Gypsies Shagara, Munch, Iadoth, Josselyn
March 24, 2016 Hill Raiders Alba, Durrankar, Terewin


Date Log People
April 4, 2016 Scared Horse Munch, Iadoth, Aldean
April 4, 2016 In the Cellar Josselyn, Eden, Alakton, Lucy, Aya, James, Ansrir
April 5, 2016 Mostly Dead James, Nicolai, Jokul
April 7, 2016 Mountain Mine Jokul, Aya, Ansrir, Barbalau, Orenthal, James
April 7, 2016 Ghoul in Wolf's Clothing Jokul, Mandor, Zyla, Albain, Arisha
April 8, 2016 PrP: Perfection Barbalau, Jokul, Aya, Polk
April 10, 2016 Fernwood Breakfast Mikilos, Myaris, Orenthal, Aldean, Aya, Raniq
April 12, 2016 Family History Aya, Diemma, Mikilos, Charlotte, Raniq, Ahmo
April 12, 2016 Ox Steam Jokul, Mikilos, Myrana, Sandy, Svarshan, Ralickwort
April 13, 2016 Hills Have Eyes Jokul, Raniq, Aya, Alakton, Eden, James
April 19, 2016 Knight on the Town Lenore, Virton, Aya, Jokul, Charlotte, Raniq
April 20, 2016 PrP: The Fire Dance Lenore, Virton, Charlotte, Landau, Alexander, Vala, Mandor, Ga'Elian
April 21, 2016 PrP: We All Float Down Here Lenore, Virton, Charlotte, Landau, Aya, Charity, Raniq
April 22, 2016 PrP: All Ye Who Enter Here Lenore, Virton, Ikavod, Jokul, Jacob, Landau, Charity, Charlotte, Ezriya, Kalkorth
April 23, 2016 Song To The Moon Aya, Orenthal, Zyla
April 24, 2016 PrP: More Bees With Honey Lenore, Virton, Ikavod, Charity, Landau, Mandor, Ga'Elian
April 25, 2016 Dark Manor Aya, Raniq, Lenore, Virton, Josselyn, Krom
April 25, 2016 PrP: A Mystery To Us All Lenore, Virton, Ikavod, Charity, Ga'Elian, Jokul, Aya, Shagara
April 27, 2016 PrP: Leftovers Lenore, Virton, Zyla, Gwendolyn, Latenat, Kiroth, Alba, Raethon
April 28, 2016 PrP: Cherub's Chalice, part I Bitr, Eilrie, James / Polk, Kizzie, Telecorn (Runner: Iadoth)
April 29, 2016 Meetup: The Thrill of it All Telecorn, Munch, Ralickwort, Raniq, James, Autumn, Rayne, Myaris
April 29, 2016 Lost Puppy Raniq, Lenore, Virton, James
April 30, 2016 PrP: The Haghill Horror Lenore, Virton, Charity, Ezekiel, Wilros, Shagara


Date Log People
May 1, 2016 Stone Tough Virton, Lenore, Nicolai, Shagara
May 2, 2016 PrP: The Wilted Lily Lenore, Virton, Landau, Ikavod, Arnora, Ezekiel
May 4, 2016 PrP: Blood From Stone Lenore, Virton, Ormud, Jokul, Arnora, Niara, Ezekiel
May 5, 2016 PrP: Should you choose to accept it Daromu, Bitr, Setiawan, Telecorn, Eden, Polk
May 7, 2016 PrP: Break The Mold Lenore, Virton, Ianga, Jokul, Tizrazz, Ansrir, Myaris, Amythyst
May 8, 2016 PrP: What Tangled Webs We Weave Lenore, Virton, Ikavod, Myaris, Shagara, Hun'rar, Ansrir, Galmr, Wilros
May 9, 2016 Ga'Elian Buys Potions from Mikilos Ga'Elian, Mikilos
RP: Telecorn gets Arrested Myaris, Polk, Ralickwort, Stirling, Telecorn
May 10, 2016 RP: The Horse Abusing Guard Telecorn, Shagara, Ga'Elian
May 11, 2016 Introductions in Rune Arynel, Autumn, Raniq
May 13, 2016 PrP: Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Be... Myaris, Lenore, Virton, Aya, run by Ga'Elian
RP: Forest Acquaintance Ga'Elian, Nicolai
PrP: Free Hugs Lenore, Virton, Ikavod, Landau, Kalkorth, Sebropert, Amythyst
May 16, 2016 Comet Kerbasi, Raniq, Munch, Arynel, Diemma
May 16, 2016 Raniq and Kieron Meet Raniq, Kieron
May 17, 2016 The Long Afternoon of Ea Aya, Bitr, Eilrie
RP: 3 Sith and an Elf Svarshan, Durrankar, Un'eth, Ga'Elian
May 19, 2016 Beneath Thul's Shadow Arynel, Kevan, Lenore, Miruan, Nadara, Virton, Zyla
May 20, 2016 RP: A Griffon in the Village Durrankar, Un'eth, Ga'Elian
RP: Library Scrivening Landau, Raniq
May 24, 2016 RP at the Llyranesi Embassy Charlotte, Raniq
The Tower of Four Heavens - The Eye Room Aya, Bitr, Ga'Elian, Malorn
May 25, 2016 RP: Skill Training in the Mountains Ga'Elian, Tiasa, Un'eth
Behind Enemy Lines Aya, Eilrie, Myaris, Raniq, Ambar, Amythyst
May 26, 2016 RP: Polishing Armaments Kravar, Raniq
May 28, 2016 PRP: Feeling Green Lenore, Terewin, Virton, Kira, Ga'Elian
May 29, 2016 PRP: Thug Infestation Aya, Kogger, Arisha
May 31, 2016 RP: I Rhar, I Hit with Stick! Blauensturm, Kerbasi, Raniq, Terewin


Date Log People
June 1, 2016 Constructive Criticism (part 1) Alba, Durrankar, Kira, Zyla
June 3, 2016 PrP: Salted Pork - part 1 Aurora, Ezriya, Kalkorth, Raethon, run by Ranik
June 6, 2016 Summer Tea Sandy, Myrana, Krom, Nyria, Karnak, Hun'rar
June 2016 The Tower of Four Heavens - The Ear Room Aya, Bitr, Ga'Elian, Ormud
June 9, 2016 RP: Forest Lake Ga'Elian, Un'eth, Amythyst
June 10, 2016 PrP: Salted Pork - part 2 Mel, Raethon, Aurora, Aya, Kalkorth, run by Ranik
RP: New Faces Un'eth, Durrankar, Tija Woami
June 13, 2016 Mictlan Access Mikilos, Svarshan, Un'eth, Diemma, Tija Woari
June 14, 2016 Rat Pie Krom, Ralikwort, Tija Woari, Aya
June 15, 2016 RP: Chaos Abounds Ranik, Aya
June 22, 2016 Drink More Krom, Nicolai
RP: Card Reading Ranik, Arynel, Aya
June 27, 2016 RP: Yelrona's arrival Yelrona, Sorscha, Mikilos
June 28, 2016 Ceiling Splat Aldean, Munch, Setaiwan, Sorscha, Svarshan, Kira, Ga'Elian
June 30, 2016 RP: The Coming of the Bindroot! Yelrona, Diemma, Shierra, Aya
RP: Demon in the Garden Yelrona, Velothin


Date Log People
July 1, 2016 Approaching the Archives Yelrona, Diemma, Kira, Sorscha
To the Archives Diemma, Mikilos, Yelrona, Jessamy, Kira
PRP: Hare We Go Yelrona, Ga'Elian, Sorscha, Kailin
A river runs through it Aya, Charlotte, Ga'Elian, Velothin, Yelrona
July 2, 2016 Fates worse than death Arisha,Verna,Yelrona
July 6, 2016 And the Rain Crashed Down on the Roof... Yelrona, Sorscha
Back to the Archives Diemma, Durrankar, Kira, Yelrona
A clue! Sandy, Yelrona
July 7, 2016 Away, You Rolling River Durrankar, Ga'Elian, Iadoth, Yelrona
July 9, 2016 Giants and Clowns Sigrid, Yelrona
Prelude to a Vision Myrana, Ranik, Sandy, Yelrona
July 10, 2016 RP: Skyhold Meeting Ga'Elian, Miles, Sora, Shaoqing
July 11, 2016 The No Good Oxleys Horrible Secret Anniversary Party for Sandy and Myrana Aldean, Jareth, Kravar, Mikilos, Myrana, Ranik, Rhar, Sandy, Serene, Sora, Sorscha, Stirling, Svarshan, Velothin, Yelrona
July 12, 2016 RP: Chatting Ranik, Aldean, Esmaudalein, Aya
Take me to the river Aldean, Fiore, Ga'Elian, Kira, Yelrona
July 14, 2016 MAYHEM!!! Ga'Elian,Jacob,Lahar,Munch,Smythly,Yelrona,Myrana,Sorscha,Miles,Alba,Tatyannah
Metal duckie, you're the one... Elessa, Sorscha,Yelrona
July 15, 2016 RP: At the SOUTH Bridge Ga'Elian, Karuda, Aya
RP: At the NORTH Bridge Aya Ga'Elian, Salerik Setiawan in disguise
RP: Air Station Ga'Elian, Myaris
July 17, 2016 Hare today... Aldean, Aya, Durrankar, Iadoth, Yelrona
...gone tomorrow. Aya, Muriel, Sandy, Yelrona
July 18, 2016 Intensive Care Unit Sorscha, Ga'Elian, Aya
Ain't no thing like me, except me. Blauensturm, Ga'Elian, Yelrona
July 25, 2016 RP: A History Lesson Verna, Ga'Elian, Myaris
RP: Playing in the Park Ga'Elian, Sorscha, Aya
July 26, 2016 RP: Junk and Dreams Yelrona, Ga'Elian, Shagara
July 17, 2016 Starving Artists Fazahd, Munch, Yelrona, Aya
July 28, 2016 Of Freedom and Teamwork Lucy, Ga'Elian, Aya, Charlotte
Elvensong or Lionel Ritchie Fazahd, Ga'Elian, Aya
July 29, 2016 Snowcone Hun'rar, Krom, Fazahd, Aya, Sorcha
July 30, 2016 Another One Bites the Bone Dust Carwyn, Safiya, Ashelia, Alik, Celeste, Ga'Elian


Date Log People
August 3, 2016 PRP: Jewel Hunt Alik, Fazahd, Thistle, Landau
August 6, 2016 PRP: Cattle Raid! Miles, Sasha, Velothin, Hildr
August 7, 2016 MEETUP: Free Riverside Cafe Aya, Amythyst, Sandy, Ranik, Jacob, Svarshan, Fazahd
August 8, 2016 RP: Urban Jungle Ga'Elian, Taer, Aya
August 9, 2016 PRP: The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing Alik, Hun'rar, MAC-B1G, Safiya
August 9, 2016 Fey Ring Mikilos, Iadoth, Durrankar, Un'eth, Ga'Elian
August 10, 2016 Noodle Soup Myrana, Sandy, Mikilos, Svarshan, Fazahd
August 17, 2016 RP: Of Card Sharks & Oruchs Yelrona, Ga'Elian
A Ranger Caught Off His Guard? Ga'Elian, Un'eth
August 18, 2016 PrP: The 'Orse Fieve Iadoth (runner); Aya, Ga'Elian, Munch, Zyla
August 19, 2016 Zenia Meets Ga'Elian Ga'Elian, Zenia
August 22, 2016 MEETUP: Lamplighting Ceremony Aya, Fazahd, Ga'Elian, Yelrona, Svarshan, Kaj
August 24, 2016 MEETUP: Bridge Cleaning Ranik, Fazahd, Un'eth
August 25, 2016 RP-Learning Fiend Lore Svarshan, Halena, Ga'Elian
August 27, 2016 RP-Baldrick Tells Ga'Elian of a Demon Attack Ga'Elian, Kira, Baldrick, Aldean
RP-Monastic Archives Ga'Elian, Jacob
August 29, 2016 RP-A Neighborly Question Ga'Elian, Kaj
RP-Hun'rar & Ga'Elian Meet Hun'rar, Ga'Elian
August 30, 2016 RP-A Pleasant Day Ga'Elian, Kira
Meetup: Blood Within Uneth, Sebropert, Durrankar, Svarshan


Date Log People
September 1, 2016 RP-Dropping In & Calzones Ga'Elian, Khogh Dorahl
Ox Dwarves Fazahd, Jokul, Mikilos, Sandy, Yelrona, Dubtle, Khogh Dorahl, Gimring, Cesran
September 2, 2016 Steamcart Meet Fazahd, Munch, Aria
September 3, 2016 Blood Within: Part 2 Uneth, Sebropert, Durrankar, Svarshan
September 6, 2016 Fix Ox Mikilos, Myrana, Ga'Elian, Bors
September 6, 2016 Ox Effort Myrana, Abrahil, Jenner, Mikilos
September 8, 2016 PrP: Noises from the Felwood Ga'Elian (emitter), and as players: Halena, Raethon, Jokul, and Sora
A Warlord's Revenge Alik, Aria, Dubtle, Ganbaatar, Gimring, Hildr
September 11, 2016 Magus Point Verna, Tatyannah, Svarshan, Raethon, Pelka, Myrana, Jokul, Jacob, Fazahd, Alik, Aldean, Alba
September 12, 2016 PrP: Harpy Arpee Iadoth (runner); Jokul, Dubtle
RP: Flightwright's Theatre Esmaudalein, Jokul
September 14, 2016 PrP: Hooks in Me Hooks in You II Iadoth (runner); Alik, Fazahd, Raethon, Jokul
September 17, 2016 RP: Jake Recounts a Demon Fight Jacob, Ga'Elian
September 19, 2016 RP: Recruited Fazahd, Ga'Elian
September 20, 2016 Break the Assault!!! Raethon (As Plotrunner), Fazahd, Alik, Ahmos
SS: Around the Fire Durrankar, Charis, Sebropert, Svarshan, Uneth, Ssylrath
September 21, 2016 PrP: Creak Crash Ga'Elian (emitter), and as players: Blauensturm, Alik
PrP: S-Dran-dead Again Iadoth (runner); Jokul, MAC-B1G, Yelrona
September 22, 2016 Plaza Muffins Kerbasi, Mikilos, Jokul, Diemma, Arisha, Yelrona
September 23, 2016 (+sotd Day!) RP: Delving Down Ga'Elian, Alik
RP:_Ga'Elian Gets Duped Ga'Elian, Yelrona, Aldean, Sorscha
September 25, 2016 PrP: Spider Pass Aria, Astraea, Zahara
September 26, 2016 RP: Sparring & an Offer Ga'Elian, Alik
September 27, 2016 PrP: Seal the Northern Gate Ga'Elian, Alik, MAC-B1G, Astraea, Jokul
RP: Campfire Chat Ga'Elian, Un'eth, Astraea, Sorscha
September 29, 2016 RP: Duped AGAIN! Sora, Ga'Elian
September 30, 2016 RP: TGI Fly-day Ga'Elian, Jacob, Un'eth
Meetup:Revels Parade (various)


Date Log People
October 2, 2016 The Door Beneath Aria, Sasha, Striglegoff, Zahara
October 4, 2016 PrP: Seal the Eastern Gate run by Raethon; players: Ga'Elian, Alik, MAC-B1G, Zahara
October 7, 2016 RP: Mischief and Paperwork Ga'Elian, Yelrona, Aya, Mel
RP: Rona Psychoanalyzes Elian Ga'Elian, Yelrona, Aya, Fazahd, Ashira, Astaren
PRP: Murder on the Arborveil Express Zahara, Fazahd, Dubtle
RP: Tend to your knitting Yelrona, Arisha, Astaren, Cesran
October 11, 2016 Spiderbug Myrana, Boshter, Mikilos
RP: Ominous Tunnel Alik, Ga'Elian
RP: What's Wrong at Home? Ga'Elian, Un'eth
October 12, 2016 MEETUP: Artificer Open House Abrahil, Alik, Astaren, Blauensturm, Stirling, Striglegoff
October 14, 2016 RP: Chaaor in the Felwood Ga'Ealian, Yelrona, Un'eth
DEMILICH INSIDE (Whirlpool) Alik, Astaren, Autumn, Durrankar, Heinrich, Malorn, Miruan, Uneth
October 16, 2016 PRP: Between a Roc and a Hard Place, Part 1 run by Zahara;Donna, Astraea, Karuda, Rassata
October 17, 2016 PreHunt Grove Un'eth, Svarshan, Selia, Durrankar
October 18, 2016 A Gathering at the Grove Ga'Elian, Un'eth, Belladona, Fazahd, Arisha
October 20, 2016 Erithamiel's Introduction Ga'Elian, Selerik
Meetup: Hunter's Gathering (various)
October 24, 2016 PrP: A Grim Hunt run by Ga'Elian. Players: Arisha, Astraea, Erakirak, Taishi
October 24, 2016 SpiderFarm Ormarr, Un'eth, Munch, Alba
October 25, 2016 RP: Of Clothing & Food Heinrich, Astaren


Date Log People
November 1 2016 Rune Defense ONE MORE TIME! Run by: Arynel. Defenders: Devola, Sora, Eilrie, Astaren, Erakirak
November 2, 2016 In the cells Delilah, Donna, Selia
November 2 2016 Plaza Peace in Pieces Run by: Rassata. Players: Duthei, Devola, Aya
RP – Ominous Tunnel Part 2 Ga’Elian, Alik
November 6, 2016 RP: Spooked Horses & Sigil Trial Astaren, Ga'Elian
November 7, 2016 RP: Apprentice Advice Aya, Devola, Ga'Elian, Yelrona
PRP: Troubles in Marburg Devola, Erakirak, Duthei, Hun'rar, Sasha, Zant
November 8, 2016 RP: Frankie the Exile Roselle, Ga'Elian, Devola, Selia, Fiore
RP: Bumpkin at the Bar Roselle, Ga'Elian, Duthei
PRP: Mysteries in Marburg Devola, Erakirak, Hun'rar', Arisha, Ga'Elian, Aya
November 9, 2016 Acting up Munch, Devola
November 14, 2016 Catacomb Delve Rhar, Bitr, Selia, Aria
November 15, 2016 RP: The Hunter's Report Ga'Elian, Svarshan
RP: Elian Engages Aria to Craft Boots Ga'Elian, Aria
November 17, 2016 RP: Union Letter and Un'eth's Offspring Ga'Elian, Un'eth, Kaj
Memory of Hyraxis Lilyth, Iuitl, Durrankar, Ssylrath, Svarshan
November 19, 2016 Dran and Rune Conflict End Lots of people!
November 20, 2016 Not a Sewer Run Zant, Arynel, Sebropert, Devola
RP: Craps Heinrich, Kai
November 21, 2016 PrP: Wight-out Emitted by Ga'Elan. Players: Andrion, Astaren, Bitr, Jessa, Kai, & Kira
Beer Wizard Duthei, Jokul, Kaj, Mikilos, Roselle
November 23, 2016 RP: A Fireside Chat Nicolai, Ga'Elian
Not so Conjugal Visit Ga'Elian, Svarshan, Durrankar, Fazahd
November 26, 2016 PRP: And you shall Rest in peace..... Run by: Arynel, In plot: Jokul, MAC-B1G, Elisabeth
November 27, 2016 Planning Against Sul'Tek Durrankar, Garrin, Un'eth, Svarshan, Astaren, Ga'Elian
PrP: Crypt of the Necro.....WHAT!? Run by: Arynel, In Plot: Zant, Silmeria, Elisabeth, Astaren
Arm Down Munch, Kaj
November 28, 2016 PrP: When Pigs Fly... Run by Ga'Elian, Players: Alik, Bitr, Raethon, & Selerik
PrP: The cult of Su'Tek Ga'Elian, Svarshan, Elisabeth, Lysa, Roselle, Garrin
November 29, 2016 Kitten Dinner Munch, Roselle, Garrin, Verna, Tarragon
PrP: Keep HYDRAted Run by Ga'Elian, Players: Selerik, Pelka, & Elisabeth
RP: Barbecued Bunny Ga'Elian, Selerik, Astaren
November 30, 2016 Married Kitten Mikilos, Roselle, Sandy


Date Log People
December 1, 2016 RP: asking about an expedition Jokul, Elisabeth
December 5, 2016 RP: Mocharaos Comes to Mictlan Mocharaos, Un'eth, Ga'Elian, Durrankar
Worms and Mocha Mikilos, Mocharaos
RP: Guard duty of Mar'Tek Ga'Elian, Svarshan, Fazahd, Sandy, Alba, Terewin
PrP: Clearing the Mausoleum Run by Elisabeth, Players: Duthei, Krom, Miles, and Zant
December 10, 2016 Library Scene Gedryn, Kaj, Mikilos
December 12, 2016 RP: Poker Night Run by Sparrow, Players: Jokul, Sandy, Selerik, Selia
December 13, 2016 RP: Of Mead and Imps Ga'Elian, Lysa
December 15, 2016 Meetup: Aerie Formal Opening Raethon, Cesran, Astaren, Gedryn, Fazahd, Pelka
Selerik Interviews Fazahd Fazahd, Selerik
December 19, 2016 PRP: Jungle Trek Run by: Elisabeth, Players: Mocharaos, Hun'rar, Pelka, Braith, Azarval
December 21, 2016 RP: The Gift of the Sword Elisabeth, Duthei
God Talk Eilrie, Mocharaos, Munch
December 24, 2016 RP: Interview with a Minstrel Aznara, Maraxus
RP: Shopping Aznara, Sandy
PRP: Leftovers Mocharaos, Ilmig, Maraxus, Blauensturm
December 25, 2016 RP: Shopping - part 2 Aznara, Sandy
December 27, 2016 RP: A Monk on a Nice Cold Roof Elisabeth, Lysa, Zant
RP: What is fun? Sandy, Aznara, Miriai
December 28, 2016 Meetup: The transmortality symposium Zenia Petroni, Arubesh, Demelsa
December 31, 2016 PRP: Down the Hole [Krom]], Donna, Nasrin, Ollithial