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Maelstrom drew Jessa. Maelstrom is amazing. ilu Mael.


Lucht Siuil PC Badge
Family: The Hartose Clan -- there are a LOT of them.
Community: Jessa is a member of the River Folk.
Faith: Ceinarian
Favorite Tale: Any story about herself. Her ego has no bounds.

Who She Is

Jessa was around Alexandria before, back when Whitefoot and Merkebah were major problems. There are few who remember her from back then being extremely loud and also there are a few whispers about vampires, ropes, and possession. That sounds....odd.

Apparently, Jessa recently wed the elf Vennan. Rumor has it the groom has taken her name though no living arrangements have been announced.

Also, apparently Jessa is now scribing divine scrolls for those who wish them. She can be found around town fairly easily for those wishing to become a customer.

She is also a "Diminutive chaotic temptress of innocent elven youths". In case you weren't sure.

What She Likes To Do

Be loud.

Be involved in whatever she can manage to be involved in whether people like it or not.

Dance, sing, paint, be a Ceinaran.

Boss around as many people in the city as she can. At once.

Not be dead.

What Other People Say About Jessa

Googling "tiny means of destruction" results in images of Power Rangers. Coincidence?