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Svarshan comes from Am'shere. Given there had been few, if any paladins among the People until that time, he spent time under the tutelage of an upright, Myrrish noblewoman, Madrienne Mandara and her niece Ganesa for a number of years. They would eventually part as friends--the cultures proved incompatibable, and while he left with a greater understanding of some things, in other ways it left more scars and questions.

Svar by Myrana.jpg

"Svarshan holding Demonchomper"

Commission by Myrana

The beginning of his life, and much of the middle of it, was spent on what it means to be a sith'makar and a paladin both, for such things were new-again to the People, and unknown to Am'shere. The parting from the Myrrish signaled a settling of self, however. Since, he's found purpose in channeling the People's natural territoriality and savagery into the Dragon's hunts. Under the Dragon's guidance, he's been the cause of death of many demons and devils, both simple and legendary.

He'd found a final answer to his question: "What would the Dragon want of a sith-makar?"

As he rose in ranks, he also began to settle and to cherish more his ties with the People. Further change occurred when the tribes' blood Awakened. It brought closer the memories of old and of the great Dragon and for him, a reawakening of the primitive spiritualism of his race into a new purpose, forging old with new into a bright, burning flame.

Despite his lack of words (he suffers from a form of aphasia), he is deeply spiritual. Perhaps because of the books he'd studied while in Myrddion with their numerous laws and more complex philosophical works, he keeps his own version very direct, very simple. To him, faith simply is.

His faith is bloodier than many paladins, due to his culture, though the growls are underneath these days, as he's transitioned into the role of scarleg among his People. He is a sith-makar, and the Dragon has a purpose.

His ties to the People were recently re-cemented with the granting of cihuaa. Though married off through urging from the elders, he could not be happier. Taking cihuaa is not something every sith-makar, or tribe, does, but the act tied him to the People and provided a much-needed balance to his role as demon hunter. The bond resulted in at least seven hatchlings (still in their Unnamed phase) and as a duty-bound sith and new father, he could not be more proud.

** As part of an ongoing friendship war, someone recently issued a number of plushies to give to orphans. These say in a highly Myrrish voice: "I like to chomp demons!" and are the latest in the line of a never-ending battle.

*** The text is sprinkled with awesome drawings from very awesome people. I am fortunate if ever someone does a sketch. They are very awesome, and I can't resist working them into the tale.


Loosely translated as 'mate' though it can also be used as 'taking cihuaa,' which equates to 'becoming bonded' or in other cultures, 'becoming married.' Her name is Vthria of the Atoyaatl tribe, and she is a swiftclaw trader and trainer. (I am still writing her--she's an NPC--so her story is incomplete).

The cihuaa in this case is practical as well as politically motivated.

Illona Andrews' quote sums up the practical part pretty damn well: "When the night is long and dark, you picture dawn in your head and you wait for it. It sustains you and gives you hope. In a war you search through your memories and you find that one thing, that anchor that tethers you to home. You are that to him. You are everything that is clean and peaceful and beautiful. You are someone who would cry if she heard he died. Soldiers do this. Sailors and long-range space crews, too. Men, women, doesn’t matter. We all wish for someone at home who might be waiting for us. It’s not always fair to those who stay behind, but that’s the way it is.”

The Yearlings

Born in the late winter of 1015, the Unnamed are becoming increasing sources of trouble for their tribe. They received their Names in an ongrid ceremony, led by Durrankar and Iuitl. The ceremony was hosted by the Atoyaatl, and for one of the few times in the Peoples' history, softskins were invited. This was a political move due to the ongoing political climate of the day. There, they went from Unnamed to Named, and were adopted into the tribe at large. They began taking part in tribal life. Today, they are slowly becoming a greater part of it and will eventually be ushered into caste.

Cualli (m) - good ; troublemaker
Ohtli (f) - road
Xicohten (m) - angry bumblebee
Necahual (f) - survivor
Yoli (f) - source of life
Matlalihui (g) - blue-green feather ; Durrankar's facehugger
Palti (f) - medicine ; Iuitl's hiphugger

That this many survived is a rarity, and has more to do with Srassha's efforts, and their father having access to paladin mercies. The number also means it is likely the only clutch the couple will have.

The yearlings age in real-time. That means they're toddlers. ...ohcrap. >.>


Srassha is a Jungle Princess. She is the prettiest and fiercest thing in the jungle. This was the inspiration for Srassha. And this is maybe a picture of her. And the thumbnail is an image of her decked out in all her pretties--for some softskin Temple occasion.


Tetzil is an NPC purchased through the Organization spend. He is a retired Singer, who now serves a teacher of younglings (though the hatchlings will also be apprenticed off according to the caste system). He can also interpret for Svarshan, sometimes.

His scales hang like old wrinkles. A charitable person might say his eyes are clouded with wisdom, though he always seems to know where the last hatchling left off to. He wears a simple wrap, and naught else but a satchel, filled with odds and ends, and bits of brightly colored stones.


Class: Expert 3
Align: LG
Stats: Str: 8, Dex: 11, Con: 11, Int: 11, Wis: 12, Cha: 12; HP: 16


Perform/Sing: 1 (5)
Knowledge/History: 3 (9)
Profession/Teacher: 3 (10)
Knowledge/Local: 3 (6)
Survival: 3 (6) (Am'shere)
Diplomacy: 2 (6) (hatchlings)
Perception: 1 (5) (hatchlings)
Heal: 2 (6) (hatchlings)


Skill Focus: Knowledge/History
Skill Focus: Profession/Teacher

Of the Mandaras

During the slow-burning chaos brought on by Taara's Shadow, the Mandaras fared moderately well. The cottage outside of Alexandria where Madrienne had resided, however, is no more--it fell to a marauding band of demons, and Madrienne as well. Ganesa escaped--and in the meantime is off in the protection of relatives on Myrrish land. The death would have been of wider note without the chaos surrounding recent events. As it is--news still trickles in, and Madrienne's death would not be widely known for some time.

The surviving heir to the Mandara househould, Ganesa is now in her early teens. Ganesa is brilliant, though still at heart a young girl who wants to transform into a dragon someday. Like many noble children, she is ambitious.

Of Faith

He does not talk often, or debate philosophy. Faith is. From his time with the Myrrish, he feels they overcomplicate what does not need to be complicated. Words will not change what exists; only the heart may do so.

He keeps his own faith more personally, and maintains that faith can be as much a part of one's mindset as one's being. He sees the People's Awakening as an opportunity to become closer to their draconic gods and heritage and a means to explore that primal heritage. To understand this potential, one must listen, accept, and understand.

His own faith is somewhat bloodier than most, but he is sith-makar.

Of Words

Despite work as a translator at one point, Svarshan learned to dislike lengthy words and speeches. Perhaps just one too many villanic monologues. His aphasia is a sort of irony, and shows no sign of clearing. There are worse and better days, however, and he does well with memorized phrases, such as songs. (See the aphasia link for different ways this disorder may function).

The Iron Book

Svarshan is a member of the [[::Category:The_Iron_Book|Iron Book]]. This means he tends to hold his cards close, as he puts himself in positions to eradicate demonic/devilish occult groups on Ea. The stereotypical view of a paladin is clanky, unsubtle, and brash. He sees no reason to change that.

He is also a follower of the Ruse of War, which provides guidelines for honorable warfare.

His membership is not something he brings up in conversation (it's taboo)--if you're interested in the IB, approach me OOC.

The Iron Book is dedicated to chomping demons, and dismantling their cults. For too much depth, Iron Book: Notes on Cults.

War Poems

I've never been to war. So I looked for diaries, poems, and first-hands accounts. Here are a few. More here.

A Fleeting thought at Action Stations

Inspired by a Disley viewing a photo of his wife and daughter.

A radiant smile greets my gaze
through the early morning haze.
Eyes blink, first one, then two
as I catch a glimpse of you.
Your face I’ve seen oft times before
Sometimes in slumber, or from the door
of a dimly lit cabin with cluttered floor.
Boots lie waiting, laces undone,
Coveralls poised for the morning run.
I turn to look and whisper goodbye.
Is that a tear I see in your eye?
Excitement passes and heartbeats slow
and slowly adrenaline ceases to flow
A look of calm and relief I see
as once again you smile at me.

G D Disley

Last Day of R&R

The ball’s started rolling, I’ve turned on the tap,
I tried really hard not to as I have to go back.
The worst thing I could do was let my thoughts dwell
and consider the feelings I have for that hell.
But linger I have, let emotions come fore,
now re-check them I must, as I head back to war.
This time has been precious, a much needed pause,
but now box up the sentiment, re-lock the doors.
Head down and stay focussed, clear thinking apply,
re-cage those emotions with another goodbye.

B J Lewis

I Serve

No matter how much frustration there is,
fear, trepidation, anxiety or unease.
Despite all the hardship. Adversity aside,
as long as I wear uniform I endure all with pride.
For service and loyalty are what matter to me,
honour, courage, respect and integrity
are the armour I wear to counter all foe
and give me strength when into harm’s way I go.
I depend on my comrades, and defend them I must,
for in turn they depend on me keeping the trust.
Together we shall overcome the toughest of test,
our resolve will not waiver as we all give our best.

B J Lewis

RP Hooks

  • Svarshan possesses a small herd of swiftclaws. His cihuaa is of the merchant caste, and works a larger herd that their tribe runs. His are descendants of his own Srassha, and some fly-by-night the Princess found worthy; this was also part of the practicality of taking cihuaa
  • Sith-makar life: rituals, ancestors, anything
  • He's highly specialized in the hunting of demons or devils, as well as their lore
  • He enjoys a good ride on swiftback. Hunting is welcome, but need not always be involved.
  • Despite breaking ties, he has a hard-to-deny fondness for classical Myrrish theatre; his participation in a paladin's singing group is an extension of this, though these days he mostly performs for his cihuaa and hatchlings
  • If you're interested in the Iron Book, he is a possible contact for that
  • If you're sith-makar, a druid, or ranger, he is active among areas like Mictlan
  • If you're a Daeusite, Althean, etc., he's well-known among the Daeusite Temples and similarly appropriate places
  • Svarshan is a privately minded character, with a reptilian exterior, and a speaking disability; he takes time
  • Due to me doing a lot of things here and there, I do not tend to get to engage in RP every day, though do expect me around.

PC Badges


Sith-makar PC Badge
Caste: Warrior (sacred warrior subset)
Draconic Ancestry: Mixture of magma and other draconic types. Fire affinity.
Cihuaa: Vthria
Tribe: Atoyaatl (He joined his cihuaa's tribe. The Atoyaatl are a small tribe, and supportive of the Silver Empress)
Role within the Tribes: Protector of the People beneath the Empress' command. In the meantime, he hunts the cults of evil outsiders and opposes Maugrim's influence within the Tribes. He works within Alexandros, because Alexandros is a primary access point where outsiders may gain access to the homeland.
Faith: The Dragonfather (Daeus)
Politics: Very Supportive of the Silver Empress, and supportive of sith-makar isolationism. He sees no reason to expand their territory, and would prefer to keep the softskin nations out of it. The softskins bring with them their own troubles, aside from instincts being, he believes, incompatible at crucial points.


(RPP) Organization PC Badge
Organization: Iron Book
Role: Hunter.
Scholarship: Svarshan expressed scholarship in the Planar Studies area, under the auspices of his organization.
Apprentice: He does not have an apprentice.
Other Landmarks: Svarshan possesses an exceptional knowledge of demon and devilkind, as well as being able to tap into a specialized network of contacts throughout the world, regarding his particular focus. He also possesses T6, and is capable of PC sponsorship and mentorship.


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Hunter
Tier: T3
Development: Svarshan's been thrown at demons and devilkind so long that they've caused an unconscious twitch when they're nearby. He's learned their scent, and is somewhat more resistant to their tricks. This plays into his role with the IB.


Below are awesome drawings from very awesome people. I am fortunate if ever someone does a sketch. They are very awesome, and I can't thank y'all enough. X)

Svar by skulldog set.jpg

Turning Away, The Old Blood, and Coming Close

Commission by Skulldog - Thank You!

Svars Tophat.jpg

"Svar with Top Hat"

Gift by Myrana - Thank you!

Svar ilovetochomp.jpg

"Chompy the Plushie"

Gift by Myrana - Thank you!

Svar sing.png

"A Myrrish, Demon-hugging Cabaret"

Gift by Myrana - Thank you!

Svar by Myrana.jpg

"Svarshan and Demonchopper"

Commission by Myrana

Thank You!

Nomnom bylolth.png

"Nom nom nom"

(Wearing his old Myrrish armor)

Commission by Lolth

Thank You!

Svarshan by pendleton.png

"Demons? Where?!"

Gift by Pendleton - Thank You!

Evil Chomped