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Arnora Stonesmasher


Khazad-aul PC Badge
Clan: Stonesmasher
Role: She was a member of the army, recently quit after a personal tragedy.
Faith: Reos, although not that devout.
The Mountain: She is a proud Khazad, but takes little interest in politics.

About My Character

Even by dwarven standards Arnora is short, cranky and tactless. Of course she has just recently lost her father and brother to an ambush. Born from a long line of Stonesmasher warriors on both sides she was a member of the guard until a patrol lead by her father and with her brother was ambushed. She got out carrying the corpse of her father and her dying brother, but she didn't get to a healer in time.

She took up some mercenary work, introducing herself to such strange things as sky and weather. The recent summit broadened her horizons further and she has been working in Alexandria and the surrounding area. She may not always be pleasant to work with, but she is as hard as nails and doesn't back down.


Even for a dwarf Arnora ain't all that tall. In big stompy stone-plate boots and a helm she barely tops four foot. Of course she is not far from that across the shoulders, her short and sturdy form heavily built. Aside from the breadth of her shoulders she has arms and legs like tree-trunks, corded with heavy muscle from hours of hard work with pick and weapons, and hips to match her shoulders. The best that can be said for her face is that she isn't ugly enough to scare small children. In the right light she might almost appear plain, but even for a dwarf she is no beauty. With deep brown skin she has heavy cheekbones, thick lips, hard dark eyes, a large somewhat bulbous nose and a prominently square chin. The latter is most often thrust out stubbornly, giving something of a hint to her character. The exception to this plain ugliness is her hair. Her pride and joy, and major vanity it is a deep and rich chestnut most often worn hanging down long. The lustrous locks are intricately braided and beaded, the latter gold with small gemstones inset that click softly when she moves her head.

She is most often in armour, a heavy set of stone-plate with the insignia of Clan Stonesmasher engraved and enamelled on the chestplate. When she has her helm on her gender is difficult to discern as the armor is sensibly not cut to show cleavage or indeed any flesh. At most times she is armed heavily, a finely crafted Dwarven Waraxe at her side, with a throwing axe at the other. A dagger pokes from the top of one boot, with another at her thick leather belt. When adventuring she adds several more weapons, her sturdy form fairly bristling with a variety of lethal implements.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Mercenary work
  • Drinking
  • More drinking
  • Whilst she most often presents as surly, she is not all bad. Maybe :)