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Iuitl - The Feather

The Tlanextic

Iuitl's tribe, attached to Father Dragon, but more to his cihuaa. A minor tribe at best, they were crippled by an attack from wizards. They are a scarred tribe that has suffered tragedies due to the harsh nature of the Am'shere jungle, and that has affected Iuitl's demeanor severely...

The Raven

Iuitl does not know the Raven's name, she only knows that it is connected to a patron that she calls the Forgetful Dragon. It urges her to meditate and look within herself whenever possible. The only reason she isn't dead these days is because the Raven has told her the power in her blood is exactly what her people describe as being Awakened, and that she only needs to train on working it out with the guidance of her Patron, the Forgetful Dragon.

The Raven is a bit of a jerk, though, and tends to just make loud noises at people when it doesn't feel like speaking.

The Healer and the Crone

Iuitl would have been an Althean priestess if she were born in Alexandria. She is very kind and self-sacrificing, going out of her way to help others if she spots an opportunity. She eagerly accepts when people ask for help with anything, sometimes to the point that it seems like a compulsion. She would prefer to focus on healing those around her rather than her other traits.

Unfortunately, Iuitl is insecure and depressed due to reasons she does not readily disclose. She does not enjoy compliments or praise very much, and tends to remain quiet and subdued most of the time because she just lacks the drive to roar like other Sith-makar do.

Iuitl does not seem capable of fury. This is not true, but it is not easy to draw out of her.


Sith-makar PC Badge
Caste: Shaman (Witch)
Draconic Ancestry: Black, traces of red and gold. Recessive.
Tribe: Tlanextic. Crippled tribe, known as healers and protectors. Known to follow the Sith-makar equivilant to Althea.
Faith: Navos/Althea, loose faith in either.
Politics: Supports the Silver Empress. Very little interest in politics as of yet.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Witch! She has a Raven familiar, and can relate to other Witch PCs pretty easy. This also mean she's considered a shaman by other Sith-makar...
  • The Tlenextic tribe: A tribe of protectors and healers that she comes from. The wizards that attacked them are still at large...
  • Books: Iuitl is one of the more intelligent Sith-Makar, and can be found browsing books. Knowledge is one of the few things she holds pride in.
  • Navos and Althea: Iuitl loosely follows the Sith-makar equivilant of these two gods, and so might be seen lingering around places that worship these gods, or at least have heavy connections to them.
  • Mictlan: Iuitl is a shaman who is found tending Mictlan, due to her living in Alexandria.