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In the long ago days of the Kulthus empire, golems were proliferate. Golems were crafted for every aspect of war. Some for shocktroops, some for guard duty. Some elite were crafted to be personal guardians of high ranking officers or nobles... or other golems who were deemed indespensible. It gets confusing. Either way, things changed, time passed, and many golems went into hiding. Some because they grew tired of war, or went to avoid destruction and purging. Many of them found enclaves to live among their own kind. Some ended up in solitary standby shutdown mode. Guardian Golem Fourteen was assigned to shut down so that he would not betray his storage location with activated magic. He would awaken again when magic was brought into his presence again.

Time passed, centuries even. The cavern Fourteen was stored in ended up walled off due to a seismic event which caved in the entrance to his underground storeroom. He was unaware of anything going on around him for all of this time. That is, until magic became present once more in his vicinity. The eyes of his head began glowing again and he turned his head to see a slender female form unconscious on the ground before him. After a moment's studying of the figure, he came to the conclusion that he was told that magic would be brought into his vicinity to awaken him when he was needed to become the guardian of whomever brought the magic before him. His memories had faded over time, but that final order... he recalled vaguely.

So he tromped over to the unconscious dark elf and began providing care for her. He was no healer, but he could at least make sure she was not dead, and provide her with comfort until such time as she awoke.

So it was that for hours, he merely stood there and watched over her until she awoke. When she did, she assigned him a designation of Esiai'mirain. She explained that in her language, it meant Bodyguard for a Noble. This meant to him that she was a noble, and as such, she was definitely his new charge. She called him Miriai for short, and he answers to this name now. He began traveling with Aznara then, and asked her to teach him her language. So as time progressed, he began to learn Elven. Aznara also learned that he is a formidable warrior specialized in keeping her safe. It is his duty and honor to do so. He kept undead off of her when they returned to the party she had been with, his dominant appearance quite... striking as he used his shield and axe to protect Aznara at all costs. This is what he does now. Protect his Mistress.