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Bright red hair, thick makeup, flamboyant dress.


Standing but 3' 2" and weighing in at a somewhat hefty 38 lbs, this small but rather plump gnome would certainly attract little attention, were it not for the extravagant hair, flopping down evenly around the head to the top of the ears in exquisite curls that must take hours to achieve. Unless it's a wig. Still, gnomes have fae blood; bright red hair might not be so unusual.

What's certainly more unusual are the equally bright and flamboyant clothing. The gnome wears a stylish and heavy-looking evening gown at all times of the day, with broad shoulders and a round cut neck across a bust rather more full than one might expect for a gnome. Across well-rounded hips the dress falls, to the bottom of the shin, and beneath brightly-coloured stockings can be seen. Whatsoever colour the gnome chooses to wear, it will certainly be bright --- primary colours are preferred, with strong secondary colours at a push. Almost always they will be trimmed in a complementary colour to accentuate the brightness. The outfit is always completed by wonderful, if quite large, platform shoes, extending the height of the gnome by perhaps an inch.

Perhaps even the outfit would be written off as 'gnome quirkiness' were it not for the extremely elaborate makeup. It is perhaps closer to mask than makeup, plastering almost every part of the face. It is almost a parody of the makeup style favoured by the most fashionable and stylish of the Myrrish princesses, with an extremely white foundation set off by red blusher and an obviously fake beauty spot on the top lip. The eyes are shadowed in a wonderful cobalt blue, with eyelashes extending fully one inch from the face. They are eyelashes that frequently flutter, it is clear, and this is a face which is meant to stand out.

The entire ensemble of the hair framing the makeup, set off by the bright clothing, is accessorised in a number of exciting and wonderful ways. Firstly, the defensible parasol, a must-have courtly accessory in the Myrrish kingdoms, and this is a fine example of wonderful gnomish craftsmanship. Secondly, a very little hat or fascinator, small even for a gnome, is affixed to the coiffure with wicked looking hatpins that can almost certainly double as improvised weapons. Thirdly, finely painted fingernails and, of an evening, toenails. And, of course, an extremely a la mode leather clutch, certainly containing many of the multitudinous things required to maintain such a remarkable countenance.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Theatre, darling, theatre! - Esme is a keen thespian, comedian and all-round performance buff.
  • Fabulous clothing! - Esme both wears and makes the most wonderful, if somewhat brightly-coloured, dresses, and suits for the discerning gentlemen.
  • High Society and Bohemia! - From the Bardic College to the Nobility District, if there's a ball or a salon, Esme will be there.
  • Myrrdion, dear Myrrdion! - Esme might be from Myrrdion, but it's been years since last the 'Land of Princesses' last received a visit. Esme's dying to hear some news from home.


Esmaudalein, or just Esme to acquaintances, was born in Rosalia, but would have you believe that the place was actually Selentia, 'the Land of Princesses'. For sure, Esme would probably fabricate some wholly elaborate background story, removing the rather mundane (but true) details of a sylvan upbringing. Whilst some of the meat of the story, such as 'mother's terrible demise' and 'the just awful loneliness of being an only child in a big forest', is certainly true, the drama of Esme's tale is definitely somewhat embellished.

Esme's father worked (somehow) as a lumberjack in the vast forests of the Myrrish Kingdoms, moving to Rosalia after the death of his partner. Being an only child can be tough, and many gnomes make up for the loneliness by talking to the hedgerow creatures, but not Esme. Instead, the youngling learned to replace Mother, making meals, repairing clothes, and maintaining the household. When alone in the house, the world became a kind of fantasy land, where princes and princesses came calling, and where the simple wooden shack became a wondrous and beautiful Selentian ballroom. Too, as the fae ancestry began to wendle its way to the surface, the hut would more literally take on the appearance of such a ballroom, with illusions and grand prestidigitation. It was not long before the hand-made clothing became more and more elaborate, flamboyant and delightful.

This propensity to fall away into a strange world of one's own making did not bode well for Esme. Gnomes are a sociable bunch, but even simple woodland folk can be as spiteful and bitchy as the courtly intrigues of Esme's imagination. Shunned, scorned and misunderstood, Esme's childhood became more sad and lonely as the years progressed. Father, not only a lumberjack but also a fine singer and troubadour, insisted that his child be sent to the Bardic College in Alexandros, as soon that fine institution of bohenianism and learning would allow it. Here Esme's considerable talents as an actor and tailor were not only appreciated but allowed to flourish, and talent was soon overflowing.

Since Esme's graduation from the Bardic College, the powerful connections made to that place have anchored the bard to Alexandros, where much work can be found for a good actor in the Theatre District, or indeed making and selling fine wares for the nobility. Strong links have been forged too with the local gnomic community, less parochial and more cosmopolitan in outlook in the big city. Living the dream as princess, actress, seamstress and belle of the most belle epoque imaginable, Esmaudalein could not be happier.

Posted throughout the Theatre District

|                                                                              |
|                           |------------------------|                         |
|                           | For three nights only: |                         |
|                           |      ESMAUDALEIN!      |                         |
|                           |------------------------|                         |
|                                                                              |
| The Bardic College, Flame's Hope Theatre and Flightwright Theatre are        |
| pleased to announce a collaborative effort to promote the career of rising   |
| theatrical star, ESMAUDALEIN. The fabulous gnome from The Land of Princesses |
| will perform in the quadrangle of the Bardic College, the Flame's Hope       |
| Theatre and the Flightwright Theatre for three nights from Aestry 15, from   |
| dusk each night. Tickets will be 1sp each, with all profits donated to       |
| worthy Ceinaran causes.                                                      |
|                                                                              |
| From the gallant, marvellous salons of the Myrrish kingdom of SELENTIA (*),  |
| ESMAUDALEIN arrived in Alexandria over twenty years ago, rapidly becoming    |
| one of the Ea-famous Bardic College's most famous and well-loved alumni, and |
| a leading light amongst the glittering high society balls of the nobility.   |
| Remaining fiercely neutral in the ongoing rivalries between the Flame's Hope |
| and Flightwright Theatres, patronising both with starring and supporting     |
| roles equally for either.                                                    |
|                                                                              |
| ESMAUDALEIN is now most famous for both traditional and more avant-garde     |
| portrayals of classic comedic roles such, and will be revisiting some of her |
| most famous moments during the performances in question. Rapid costume       |
| changes, beautiful and mesmerising special effects, and a particular knack   |
| for compelling performance has become a constant hallmark, and it is easy to |
| understand why the people of Alexandria --- and the wider world! --- so love |
|                                ESMAUDALEIN.                                  |
|                                                                              |
| Before and after each show, ESMAUDALEIN will be available for a question and |
| answer session, and to provide autographs. Signed reproductions of early     |
| playbills of this star will be on sale at the Bardic College.                |
|                                                                              |
| Easily recognisable by the bright red curly hair, exquisitely applied makeup |
| and wonderful fashion sense, ESMAUDALEIN is almost as much an Alexandrian    |
| institution as her most beloved Bardic College.                              |
|                                                                              |
    (*) Here 'Rosalia' has been crossed out multiple times and replaced, in
        hasty handwriting, with the present word.

The above was a character introduction post made on July 14th 2016.


Gnomish PC Badge
Obsession: Just obsessed with making fabulous outfits. Quite dangerous with a hatpin.
Rivals: Pretty likely to be very obvious rivals with just about any other camp actor on the scene.
Arcane or Artifice: Esmaudalein is an arcanist through-and-through. That's what being a bard does to a gnome.
Remake the World: The world would be much, much more witty and pretty and gay were it to be remade by Esme.