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The world of Gaea teems with life. From the mysterious elves who live between the veil of the spirit and the flesh to the nomadic giants of the
northern lands, to dwarves born of the elements and touched by stone, fire and lightning. The people of Gaea are diverse, gifted, and touched by the destiny. Many races have come to some measure of civilization in the world and nearly all of them have a role to play in the ongoing tapestry that is the story of the Emblem of Ea.

The Races

The Different Races
Race Summary Race Summary
Arvek Nar Lucht Siuil
Arvek solo.png
Legendary warriors of staunch discipline, the arvek nar now march towards the Dawn, forging old traditions into new. The recent goddess Serriel is said to be inspired by their fervor.
Known in the trade tongue as the Traveling Folk, they hail from large families, and their feet never stay in one place for long due to an ancient curse.

Egalrin Humans
A race born from thunder, who fought off the yoke of Caracoth. They now embrace the storm within, and find peace among the air. With the strength of their twin gods Cernan and Ceiwen behind them, they are warriors, guardians of the Sky.
Humans01 veyshanti.jpg
The most populous race of Ea, they wear many guises.
Giantborn Khazad
Reclusive descendants of giants, the strongest of these are said to lift mountains. They align themselves with Lodges, whose beliefs vary widely.
Staunch and strong, the khazad are "first in, last out" when it comes to recovering the world from Taara's folly and anything else. As a race, they are known for their forge skills which were called upon even by the halls of gods.
Gnomes Oruch
Known for their brilliance in invention and illusion, and unique Obsessions, gnomes are found everywhere in the world. Yet, they seem to get along with most anyone. It's rumored that gnomes encouraged and developed many of the competing mage subschools.
In early times, the oruch say they were hewn from War and the Chaos ether. They roved as hordes until great Adom raised them on high, challenging them with concepts of honor and strength. Once, the gods themselves were their generals, and the oruch remember this fact.
Gobbers Sildanyar
Inquisitive, inventive goblinoids whose willingness to try most anything has led to significant, if explosive, advances in artifice. Creative, though watched with a wary eye if one is your neighbor. It is their race who brought firearms to the world.
The sildanyar say they are one of the oldest races in the world, blessed in magic and warfare. Once, they possessed great ties to the Seelie fae.
Half-sil Sith-makar
Halfelf02 druid.jpg
The offspring of a human and a sildanyar, they're known for their ability to get along with others and make peace where others sow discord.
An ancient race of shamanistic dragonkin, they slowly emerge from their jungles to face a world vastly different than their own.

Half-oruch War Golems
The offspring of a human and an oruch, they're known for their pride and fierce tempers.
Creatures leftover from a bygone age who have slowly gained sentience and life. They vary widely, and may have been built for different purposes.

Their Languages