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Kravar is a mighty Aesir fighter. He's been in the sewers more times than he'd like, swatted more than his share of giant wasps and participated in a team boxing match against a pack of ogres ("Non-Lethal!!").

About My Character

Kravar's youth was spent on boats, but on his way down to Alexandria from the frozen north he was part of a small adventuring party consisting of Khazad.

RP Hooks

Kravar frequents the Ox and other rough and tumble taverns. He loves going on missions for the Adventurers Guild that involve flying, boats, or travelling. He originally planned to oneday own a longboat which he will sail up and down the rivers of the heartlands with a crew of fellow Adventurers. Instead he has come into possession of a flying boat which doesn't require a crew. Yet he still calls himself a Sky-Captain.