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The diminitive halfling known as Selia is perhaps best known for her thick Charnish accent, or her habit of popping up in unexpected locations.

A former slave, Selia bought her contract and made her way to the occupied city of Solmnus during the Sendor War. Thinking to sneak across the border into the free lands beyond, Selia instead joined the Resistance, and partook in several missions to undermine the Bludgun Occupation.

These days, Selia can frequently be found in the various taverns of Alexandria, acting as a Dancer for coin. Other times, can be found in the company of adventurers, acting as a scout/thief for treasure.

Taking the standard halfling habit of not putting down roots to an extreme, Selia seldom sleeps in the same place two nights in a row, switching between various Inns, taverns, temple Traveler's Quarters, or the occasional nitch in a dark alley. She can occasionally be found moving assorted possesions between these various stashes and bolt-holes.

Though not always visible, Selia keeps a large Slave Mark upon her shoulder/upper back. Such marks are common in Charn, placed upon slaves to show who owns them, and frequently include information such as the slaves training, temperment, and other important information. In the case of entertainer slaves, such as dancers, who tend to be sold or traded frequently, perminant tattoos or brands are not approprate, so long lasting skin dye is used instead. Selia's Mark says she is a highly trained dancer, a trouble maker, and owns her own contract.

Most recently, Selia has begun keeping company with Issa, a Shadow who is mysitcally tied to the halfling.