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Zenia Petroni

About My Character

An artificer with perhaps a bit too much enthusiasm for her decision-making skills, Zenia Petroni offers her services in Alexandria when making clockwork devices, repairing armor, and even servicing magitech devices. Rarely seen without an assortment of gadgets, she still works to ensure that Alexandria has the convenience and utility of magitech at every opportunity.

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Roleplay Hooks

  • Adventurer

Zenia often takes jobs as a field test for her inventions. Maybe you've shared a job?

  • Artificer

Zenia does a lot of crafting work, between artifice, armorsmithing, and clockwork or general machinist jobs.

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Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Acanian by culture, Alexandros by nationality.
Associated With: The Engineers' enclave
Faith: Ceinaran. Creativity, HO!