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About My Character

Fiore is the only name this red haired Giantborn goes by.....and it's all the name she needs. Standing 8 feet tall, and weighing nearly a half ton, Fiore is an imposing woman that could intimidate most people into surrendering at the mere sight of her. A devout follower of Angoron, she walks the path of competition. While there is a winner and a loser in a competition, she counts upon the competition bringing out the best in both participants, and the loser finding the strength to improve themself to challenge the winner again, and improving both more and more, bringing both to self-perfection of body and mind in the eyes of Angoron. It is this mentality that Fiore has.....and why she does not like to kill. For killing is final, and neither can get better from the experience....much like perfection is an evolutionary wall and therefore, unattainable. She often trains with her Master Iroh, an elderly oruch monk that has trained her since she was young (cuz she was NEVER little). She speaks of him fondly, and often meditates with him.

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Roleplay Hooks

  • Order of Righteous Battle
  • Roleplay hook