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Ganbaatar is the very model of a Dran warrior. From his bronzed skin and wide chest to his weathered face and long hair he practically exudes Barbarian from every pore. His gaze is steely, his nose has been broken several times and badly set, his thews are mighty (whatever that means) and he looks almost like a great cat always ready to pounce.

He wears over the requisite chain shirt of the skirmisher a lovingly tended tigerskin cloak with the claws crossing at his breast. Always on his person somewhere is a mighty earthbreaker, the battle-hammer of the Dranei horde. At his back is a sheaf of javelins and a Dran flail, backup weapons for if the earthbreaker fails him.

About My Character

Newly arrived in Alexandria is a mighty Dran warrior claiming to be an outcast from the Dranei horde. Can one of those bloodthirsty barbarians truly be trusted not to betray Rune and the alliance? Are the rumours true that he kicks puppies and hates children? Why is he here rather than almost anywhere else? Perhaps these things will become clear in time, but for the moment Ganbaatar stands alone and aloof. Maybe he likes it that way. Maybe he's just ashamed of his accent.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Dran and the Dranei Horde
  • The tiger skin he wears
  • War and how Kor is the greatest of the Gods