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About My Character

Physical stats:

Height: 7' Weight: 398 lbs. Scales: Silver

Taught by the lead shaman of his clan, Durrankar has a bit of a gift for shamanism. He knows there is no exact 'formula' for prayers or even what he does, he just does....by instinct. As a result, rather than following a certain deity, he follows all of nature's deities: Dana, Gilead and Vardama.....Birth, Life, Death and Renewal. All of nature, he follows along with the raw elemental force of nature, as such, his nature's bond is not to have an animal companion, but he controls the weather itself, to an extent.

He tries to use wisdom in his actions, calling upon his ancestors when he truly needs them the most. As such, he bears the markings of an ancestral tattoo upon him, which marks a good deal of his body. It is this, plus his scent and knowledge that has marked him with the ancestral aspect. This makes him greatly respected by his fellow sith-makar, and make his words carry greater weight in diplomacy with the sith-makar.

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Roleplay Hooks

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Character Badges


Sith-makar PC Badge
Caste: Shaman
Draconic Ancestry: Silver draconic, fire affinity
Tribe: Tarranik Tribe.
Faith: Green Word
Politics: Supportive of the Silver Empress


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Ancestor-Touched
Tier: Tier 3
Development: Durrankar is heavily tied to his and the People's ancestors. His Aspect has advanced to the point of being a major tattoo on his scales.


(RPP) Organization PC Badge
Organization: Ygdrassil Union
Role: Druid
Scholarship: Particular studies you've undertaken or possess exceptional knowledge of, within your organization.
Apprentice: Do you have an apprentice or assistant? If so, describe them.
Other Landmarks: What landmarks have you accomplished as part of your membership? Favors grained or unique training achieved?