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Velothin is an odd specimen among the Mul'niessa race, both in demeanour and appearance. He stands a good foot above most his fellows, roughly eye-to-eye and overhead of many of the taller races at a comfortable height of around six feet. He maintains the whipcord-like build of his people however, albeit a touch stockier given his increased size. Each muscle is clearly defined beneath his dark-tinted skin, though he gives off much more the impression of dexterity than he does overt brawn.

The heritage of his race is obvious with the knife-tipped ears - both of which are wrapped in silvery piercings - that push forth out of the long, white hair which spills down from his head and over his shoulders in casual, easy waves though is often swept back. His features are aristocratic and certainly charming, if one can look past his race and all the implications contained therein. The almond-shaped eyes of sharp yellow stand out starkly against the dark hue of his skin, but there is a laughing light to them as well that suits the oft-worn grin on his face.

Velothin is dressed for ease of movement and for taste, that much is clear. Likely more for the latter than the former. His upper body is covered in an exquisite maroon tunic, left unbuttoned towards the collar, set underneath a much heavier vest constructed of fine black leather which leaves the bright sleeves of his shirt to flitter about as he moves. The odd jingle emits from around his wrists when he moves as well, revealing a myriad of small charms and bits of jewelry on bands about them. The trousers he wears are well-made though not overly fancy, a dark cloth made to be worn aggressively tucked into a pair of well-maintained leather boots with an artistic fold at the knee. To cap his appearance off, he wears an almost offensively large cavalier's hat made of a fine black felt, wrapped about the crown with a dark red ribbon that keeps some equally red and black plumage in place.

Not usually visible is a series of tattoos which cover his right shoulder, good portion of his right arm, as well as the right side of his chest and ribs. The tattoo is in a dark black ink and constantly looks as though it were done just recently, so clear and precise are the lines. It depicts a stylized sun done in lines with a series of bursts radiating from it, evolving into almost arcane-looking designs below in a display of straight-edged geometry.


Recent History

Velothin has only recently arrived in Alexandria. First spotted rowing a boat inland and becoming increasingly lost, he eventually made his way to Alexandria properly. Currently, he is more or less camping out along the riverbank with the longboat he rowed in on.

Hooks, Lures, and Bait

  • Velothin spent over a century on the waters off of the Golden Coast as a pirate and sailor. The ship he was with did not always do nice things.
  • Velothin's accent is an odd amalgamation of largely Veyshan and other parts of the world, implying a great amount of travel.
  • He and slavers do not get along. The results tend to be explosive.
  • He is a Shadow Elf. He enjoys the opportunity to fly in the face of what most people tend to assume of his kind.