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About My Character

The lastborn son of a minor noble family in Isobar, Miles dived into artifice at an early age, and has just hit the city on the basis that if you want to work with Artifice, Alexandria's the place to be. Besides his own armor that he's constantly tinkering with, he's working on a steam-powered step-ladder, because as a 6'4" Highborn who apprenticed under a dwarf, he has something of a complex about being asked to fetch things off the top shelf at this point.

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Roleplay Hooks

  • Artifice!; He lives and breathes it, and may not actually shut up if you get him talking about it.
  • Remittance Man: He's got a family back in Isobar. If asked, he claims he's being paid to stay out of the way and not embarrass them too much.

(This is probably not exactly true and will certainly never backfire or cause him problems.)

  • Punching!: He really likes to hit things with Titan fists. It's probably cathartic.