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Orphaned Slave

Kailin is open about his past, though short on the details. He was left as an orphan near the Void and was later sold into slavery. But he fought his way out to be able to make it on his own. It wasn't easy, but his life is his own now. Coming from nothing to have all the world's possibilities open to him is an empowering force that continuously motivates him to reach for greater heights.

He has reconnected with his people, the giantborn tribes near Stormgarde and found a family in a clan revering silver dragons and a sense of belonging in the Storm Cloud Lodge. A frequent traveler, he has gone out into the world to collect stories to bring back to his people to enhance their knowledge and enrich their culture.

Kailin is truly a man full of possibilities. His focus is quickly drawn from one thing to the next and his young, eager ambitions cannot hold focus for long. Likely destined to be a jack of all trades and a master of none, he is perfectly suited to being in a secondary role and knowing that his small contributions can be helpful.


Kailin stands only seven feet tall, short by the standards of his kin, but is defined by a massive, chiseled form of muscle as thick and massive as a giantborn two feet taller. Brown skin stretches taut over his form in stark contrast to his other, lighter features. His hair is powder white and grouped in long locks that are tied back behind his head. His eyes are bright blue, but cloudy, similar to those of one who may be blind. His giantborn heritage is emphatic in his facial features with overly sharp cheek bones, a square jaw and a strong chin cutting harsh lines along his face.

Most of Kailin is covered by sparse and simple attire. A chainmail shirt that has seen better days protects his upper body and loose breeches cover his lower half, dangling with straps used to tie the cloth tightly against his legs. He wears generously used leather boots with fringe at the top to keep his feet comfortable. His only pieces of aesthetic value are a torc that he wears around his neck and a few carved bones in each ear for earrings.

Sacred Objects

  • A cup of blood from a blood golem - from rescuing merchants from an evil wizard with hundreds of demons under his house

  • Bandit leader finger - from protecting Ambassador Isaiah Kern of Alexandros

  • Undead grizzly bear skull with Thulite symbol - from a mission to investigate a dark wood trade agreement in the town of Glenspiel

  • An antennae from a giant ant - from a mission into the sewers under Alexandria

  • Slime - from a horde of slimes under the tunnels of a mining operation

  • The head of an oruchi mage - from a security job to Felris

  • The paw of an owlbear - from a creature that almost killed him while serving a warrant to bandits

  • The head of a tiny red dragon lizard - from clearing out mines

  • The melted pieces of Kailin's lucerne hammer - from killing demons loose in Alexandria (dretches and a babau)

  • The cracked horn of an abrakandilu demon - from a job from a noble who's house was infested.

  • A torn off succubus wing - from a job hunting demons in Alexandria

  • The crushed head of an ankheg - from a job investigating missing livestock

  • The torn off arm of a bugbear - from a job tracking raiders where he mistakenly took a bugbear for an owlbear

  • The invisible corpse of a decapitated creature - from a sacrificial game of survival

  • The hand and head of werewolves - from an ambush by a lycanthropic group running a sacrificial game of survival

  • The severed left arm of a glass golem with clawed fingers - from a job investigating the construct insanity in Rune

  • The head of a dire rabbit - from a job investigating troubles on a farm


  • Tradespeak
  • Jotun
  • Khazdul
  • Draconic

RP Hooks

  • Adventure

Kailin has invested his live into the Explorer's Guild and is going all in on finding adventures that he can relate to his people.

  • Show and Tell

Stories are great, but the best ones are those with a visual aid or memento to go along with it. He collects one from each of his adventures whenever possible.


Giantborn PC Badge
Heritage: Assumed to be kin to Frost Giants and/or Hill Giants... but is actually born of a Moon Giant mother
Clan: Adopted Clan Fraenir, a clan revering silver dragons
Lodge: Storm Cloud Lodge - focused in artistic forms of battle
Faith: Korite


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Lack of Focus
Development: Kailin is young and easily distracted. This is what has him in so many various enterprises with very little completed or accomplished. He often gives in to wanderlust and pursues many different types of study simultaneously, jumping back and forth as it suits him, despite the deficiencies that develop from such habits.


(RPP) Ancestral Weapon PC Badge
Weapon Name: Wyrmdagger
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Purpose: To slay evil in the world
History: Long ago, a young gold dragon was captured, imprisoned and tortured by a clutch of evil dragons led by an ancient red who then stole its soul and bonded it to a golem to serve it for all time. Many centuries later, the golem was stolen from the red in a raid by a tribe of frost giants, who later lost it to a powerful silver dragon after a failed raid. When the golem body broke down too much to be of use, the silver transferred the soul of the gold into a falchion cut from the claw of a dracolich and named it Wyrmdagger.
Abilities: Adamantine, Keen