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About Aria

To most, she's "that golem girl" with the Engineer's Enclave, a competent artificer who has been living in the city of Alexandria for nearly three years now. Others recognize her from her day job: working as an airship engineer with the Alexandrian Skyguild. To those who really know her, though, she's more than the sum of her vocation and skills. She's an explorer who loves to see new things, having parlayed her skills as an artificer and airman into a life of world travel with her friend and companion Zahara. And more than that, she's someone who's known to have a soft heart, even if it is made of metal, sincerely caring about those who are suffering and about the welfare of her home. (Last Update: Mar 16, 2018)

Roleplay Hooks

  • Artful Artificer! She's a good-aligned artificer always willing to lend her talents to those in need, either for the right price or for a good cause. She has quite a few potentially useful skills: Craft (Alchemy, Artifice), Disable Device, Heal, Knowledge (Arcana, Engineering), Linguistics, Profession (Airman), Spellcraft
  • Copper Crafter! She can make Wondrous Items and Magic Arms and Armor! She has crafted quite a few magic items for the adventurers of Alexandria over the years.
  • Helpful Healer! In addition to her artifice healing contraptions, she has quite a bit of non-magical healing skill and equipment, and she can brew healing potions.
  • Curiously Cosmopolitan! Her work with the Skyguild has seen her travel the world. She speaks many languages and has accumulated a broad degree of general knowledge outside of her specialties.
  • Steampunk Sleuth! She loves intellectual challenges and mysteries, especially those involving technology or magic.
  • Machine Memory! Older than she claims to be, she lived through and remembers the end of the Crown and Sorceress Wars, even if she won't admit it to most people. Open to arranging historical RP hooks or IC discussions about her past!
  • Prolific Progenitor! Aria was created by a long dead master artificer who likely also created other golems. For other war golems looking to determine their past, she might have had the same creator or even helped to create them.
  • Industrious Inquisitor! One of the founding members of the Morduzumite Inquisition, Aria isn't as active as others within that organization, but she is available to assist when called upon.