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About My Character

A half-sil raised in Elvengate, Astraea cleaves more to her elven half than her human. Her father, a human ranger, was in and out of her life (though not in a negative fashion). She was raised primarily by her Llyranesi mother, a cleric of the Green Word... and others of the Green Word within Elvengate. It made her into a very nature-conscious young woman and she has, despite her human father, a bit of a dislike for humans. She sees their cities and behavior as dangerous to the wilds.

She'd have remained a druid/ranger within the lands around Elvengate were it not for word of her father's disappearance. At a mere 30 (young for her race), she left to seek him out. Her trail has lead her to Alexandros and while she's hesitant to fully 'acclimate' to the city, it seems to be where she'll find her next lead...


Roleplay Hooks

  • Astraea has a griffon companion. They don't fly together... yet.
  • She's been quite curious about the local branch of the Yggdrasil Union.
  • Druidry! The Green Word! Nature!
  • Those who may be able to help her find her father.

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Half-Sildanyari PC Badge
Heritage: Due to being raised in Elvengate by her sildanyari mother, Astraea very much cleaves more to her elven side.
Role: A druid/ranger of the Green Word, self-styled protector of the natural world.
Faith: The Green Word
Homeland: Elvengate, in Llyranost