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Rayne was taken as a young child to the sea, and it was there she was raised among the waves. She had lived her life as a Cartographer making maps of the area. As a seafaring bard, she learned the art of drumming as her song. She lost her love, just a few years back she loved him for his Bravery, and Trustworthiness, she also adored his Charm. She feels responsible for his death and it is this responsibility which has made her leave the seas and come in search of adventures of the land.


There is a little mixture of wild to this half-elf, her hair a woody color of honey browns that wrap around each other in a way that it makes it shimmer in the half light of any forest when she walks; from shadows to spotlights of the sun shining through the foliage above. It is kept neatly up in an elaborate style of long braided locks and woven around and back to be held in place by a woodland elf arrow. The shaft of this arrow is decorated with a few colorful feathers and gives a untidy, but graceful-chaotic balance to her. Her hair frames her face, soft, with that hint of baby fat that still lingers in the cheeks, but it softens the otherwise angular features of Elvish parentage and emphasizes that human side to her lineage as well. A button nose rests between to oval eyes of Kelly green and brushed with hazel flecks; a gaze that sparkles with the hope of the future and of new experiences, but also speaks of a tumultuous past and a great loss. The look gives her a distinct vision of beautiful mixed with a breath-catching freedom of spirit mingled with a fiery flavor to the way she moves in dance and in the heat of combat.

Shorter than some at a few inches over four feet, she is dressed in a weathered, leather armor scavenged from an ancient battlefield or scuffed from the passage of the woman through more wild terrain while traveling. Under this armor can be seen the blue sheen of silken cloth that keeps the armor from chafing along with being some form of protection against the elements and keeping a decent modesty around the alluring curves. Sticking back from her right shoulder down to peak out the left side at her hip is her bow, a weapon of pride as the strength of it can almost be seen in the ironwood that it was hewn from and the distinctive grain brought out with fine touches of oils and the careful elven crafting. This Bard has a multitude of nick-knacks hanging from her tool belt that range from random odds-and-ends she has picked up, along with a short sword and a knife.