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Vital Info

Zahara's the devil may care lass with a sharp sword and a sharper wit - at least, sharper than that cliché! She's been working the skylanes since arriving in Alex but has recently been getting herself connected more and more to Guild activities, as well as the intrigues of the artificiers. An escaped slave turned skysailor marine of sorts, Zahara seeks a life free from responsibilities and filled with happy, voluntary connections - such as to her best friend and longtime partner in trouble, the golem Aria.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Cold Caller - Don't be too surprised if Zahara finds some way to drag you into a scheme, even if you weren't expecting some dragging!
  • Interest in Artifice - Zahara's getting a little into being able to repair and craft items on the side. Hooray for adventuress education!
  • Silver Tongued - If you need someone to provide a little panache for a situation, Zahara prides her ability to manipulate a situation through Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and the like.
  • SkySailor - Zahara's of course one of many who's been bitten by the airship bug. While she dreams one day of retiring to the skylanes on her own comfy cruiser some day, she's still generally fond of flight and has some experience aboard air vessels. And she's got her eye on those smaller models for the nearer future...