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About My Character

Born in Sendor, Lilyth was among the very few survivors of her village when the Sendor War hit. Losing her parents, she ended up being raised in refugee camps in Myrridon. She learned of her magical powers, and being touched in some way by golden dragons, giving her strength and magic.

After some wandering, she made her way to Alexandria and to the Guild of Explorers, where she helps out, learns more of her powers, but also seeks to find a way to undo the damage wars have done, more specifically Heth and Dragonier.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Magic
  • Seeking legends of Dragons
  • Dragonier


Lilyth remember a tumultuous childhood. There are snippets of a village life, her parents, who she knew were kind and loving to her. But there was fighting, war, screaming and death. Lilyth was born in a village in Sendor, lived there for a few years before war came in the form of the ogress came to conquer her home. Lilyth was among the refugees that managed to flee, but in the fighting, she lost her parents. One of the other matrons from the village took the little girl under her wing as they all fled to Rosalia to stay in the camps there until free to leave.

While there, growing up, she learned that she had powers. Magic flowed through her veins, but she kept quiet about it since they seemed to make loud sounds and do more harm than good, in her opinion. But she kept practice, until she met an old wizard that was in the camp as well. While the two styles of magic were rather different, the old man taught her how to use magic and the different schools, giving her the basic training any apprentice would get. From him, she learned the language of the dragons and also of the air, as she seemed to have an affinity for it. She also learned about Eluna and her rule over magic and dreams. Lilyth loved her dreams as they seemed rather vivid to her, and thus was introduced to a goddess dear to her. Unfortunately, six weeks before her camp was to be dismantled, he passed.

When the camp was disbanded, she decided, now at fifteen years old, to return to Sendor, to see what she could find of her home. When she arrived, there was nothing left. Over a decade and it had completely been destroyed. Not even a foundation left after the warriors were done with it. Her home was just a hill.

Saddened by this, she went off to go see if she could do some good somewhere else, especially with her magic. She settled into a small village for about a year or so before word of Heth arrived. Dragonier was gone, falling to the undead terror and the wights. People fled once more before their homes could be overrun by the invading, undead army. More people died at this, and Lilyth managed to flee with many refuges. This time, instead of a camp, she headed south, along with many Dragonier refugees as well, to Alexandria.

She has been in Alexandria for a while now, and is seeing the rising problems of the various people from Dragonier. She hasn't been able to associate much with them, but seeing their suffering and the loss of their homeland has made her connect on a sympathetic level. She decided that it was time to do something and thus, has gone to the Guild of Explorers since they seem to be helping with the problem of Heth and his undead horde.