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"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye."


The Ballad Of Carwyn Hartway

Race: Human
Age: Legal
Class: Divine Voice
Level: Two!

Born in a traveling caravan in the Kingdom of the Loin, Carwyn Hartway was brought up into a renowed traveling band of singers and dancers. They made their small fortune through his mother's sweet singing and his father's engrossing tales of Man's dark past and occasionally more cheerful tales of the hopeful future. His childhood was sweet and full of an immature innocence that still clings to him today. He quickly adopted his mother's innate talent for singing and would join them in their tale to spread love and joy throughout the High Kingdom. Their task was a simple one, but they did it with pride as long as one soul shone brighter because of their songs and tales.

The best things in life came free to all taverns or castles they performed at. As long as they were willing to take in a small family of bards, no fee was required. During this time, Carwyn met many people, young and old. All had an interesting song to sing. He also developed a hopelessly romantic heart. That nobleman's daughter, a blacksmith's son, the poor little orphan who tried to steal his coin purse...All manners of boys and girls captured Carwyn's young heart. Sadly, he was never able to stay long enough to develop anything substantial other than mild flirting. This did, however, help to strengthen his soft tenor into something more meaningful. He sung with a passion for love, romance, and beauty.

The best things in life must come to an end eventually, and Carwyn's bright childhood came to an abrupt stop. His mother and father were both murdered on the streets by a thief. The once fairly sheltered boy was now forced to live on his own. Turns out, he wasn't prepared for it. What a surprise! He gave away his inherited fortune one by one. Every lowlife who begged for a copper would be showered in gold and platinum. It was not even up to a year when he found himself completely broke without any means for food or other necessities of life. So he cried. And wept and wept and wept. In the streets of Bryn Myridorn, he balled.

Within thirty minutes, an elderly old woman offered him refugee at the local temple. He eagerly accepted, the tears from minutes before long forgotten. This is how his new life began. His bubbly persona in face of evil and his lovely voice caught the attentions of some of the famed paladins of the High Kingdom. They took the boy in, and reshaped his goals and purpose. He would be a noble fighter just like in the stories! Oh, Carwyn delighted in the news. His passion for love and beauty became a driven goal to protect innocents from harm and preserve whatever beauty there's left in this corrupted world. He's a bit of an idealistic pacifist in that regard, but hey, he's not against fighting when necessary.

Rather recently, he was asked to leave Myrddion to take in the sights of the world and help everyone. This has led him to Alexandria. Evil doers beware!!

Divine Grace

Carwyn Hartway. A young lad in the springtime of youth, he carries himself with a humble grace and the purity of youth.

Graced with beautiful blue eyes, Carwyn calls to mind the shimmering sea of Ea or the bright afternoon sky. He has been gifted with a sturdy build, nimble and firm. However, the toned muscles on his arms and legs suggest there is some strength hidden beneath his dexterity and just a tiny bit of puppy fat in strategic locations. He stands at five feet and nine inches, tall enough to come off as respectable, yet short enough that he's not likely to intimidate any of his Highborn peers.

His skin is fair, sun kissed from years under the graceful sun of The High Kingdom of Myrddion. His hair is a deep auburn, each strand curling above a comely face, weaving together and crowning his clear, flawless skin. While genetics could claim some credit for his traditional handsomeness, it's quite obvious this is a youth that takes a great deal of care in his physical appearance. His facial features include full lips, a strong jaw, high cheekbones, and a straight, slender nose. He has been blessed with a sweet voice, ranging at a soft tenor.

Carwyn dresses in fine clothing, that of which would befit a man of noble birth. In combat, he wears harder garments, but no less noble. He wears an intricate piece of light armor, gaining the standard benefits of protective gear without sacrificing mobility. A holy symbol of Goddess of Creation rests perfectly on his left breast. A crimson red cloak is clasped upon his shoulder and dramatically drifts in the wind.

A true defender of good, Carwyn carries a beautiful composite bow and a longsword with an intricate buckler strapped to his arm.


Fun Facts

  • Evil Doers Beware! - Carwyn is a paladin and will do his very best to stop evil at all cost. Prepare for the smite!
  • Fool's Love - At heart, Carwyn is still a bit of a child. He's nineteen, but still perceives the world with this child-like innocence that makes him desperately try to see the good in everyone.
  • Cupid's Arrow - Perhaps a bit unorthodox for a paladin, Carwyn runs into combat with a lovely bow. It might not be the most glorious way to defend peace and love, but it's surprisingly effective.
  • Songbird - Carwyn has a nice set of pipes on him. He sings with a soft tenor, beautiful, yet simple.