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Homeland: The Vast
Race: Human (Tsuran)
Faith: Holy Order of Ea
Class: Fighter

"Remember this as the day you ALMOST caught the gypsy Jacqueline Sparrow!"

Jaqueline Sparrow was born into a Tsuran gypsy clan in a small village in the Vast. She grew up learning how to play games of chance and how to perform coin tricks and card tricks... and even how to combine those two things into cheating at games of cards or dice. She also learned some of the family 'art' of acrobatics and contortionism, as her clan was a family of performers that sent out a roving 'circus' two or three times a year to visit various other settlements in the Vast, both to make coin with their performances and to trade and maintain relations. She learned, too, how to juggle and throw axes as part of the show, and her naturally high hand-eye coordination made her a quick study with that part of the show.

Eventually, of course, she chose to stop riding out on performances, instead putting her axe-throwing skills to use as a warrior for her clan and as a mercenary, working for Phurai Dae nomads in their constant rivalries and clashes over territory. By the age of 17, she decided she'd had enough of the mercenary life, also, and decided to go 'walkabout' and see wherre her feet could take her. This is how she ended up in Alexandria and discovered the Adventurer's Guild, and how she came to seek fame and fortune and glory as one of the many adventurers that use that city as their base of operations.