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Silmeria Longmire, Speaker for the Dead

About My Character

Silmeria is a young, earnest Inquisitor for the Temple of Vardama. In apparent defiance of her goddess, her fellow faithful, and the grim reality of her daily duties, the bespectacled, freckled blond is almost never anything but sweet, polite, and in good humor. Occasionally can be found sweeping the Temple floors (dancing and singing to herself all the while), but most often found anywhere in the city, either going to or coming from her latest job.

A Speaker for the Dead carries out a fairly important task; after all, one never knows what will tip a dying unfortunate over the edge to rise again after death, but the most common thread is 'unfinished business.' Thus, the Speakers, charged to finish the business the deceased could not, and entrusted with the peace-in-death of those they make their promises to. Most often, Silmeria is sitting deathwatch with those dying of illness or age to ensure that someone is there to hold their hand and be their friend, as they cross into Vardama's halls. After that, it's the ferrying of last words, wills, or wishes to those named to her. 'Tell my daughter I love her,' 'make sure my mama's taken care of,' and the like are common last requests... But rarely, very rarely, there's the rare 'You find who did this and you make them pay.' Which, in order to avoid the rise of a wrathful, pitiable revenant, Silmeria will do without hesitation.

Of late, in her rapidly shrinking spare time, she's also been put by Kerbasy into a sort of teacher-public relations role; speaking for classes of little ones, teaching people about the true nature of the Goddess of Death, and in general helping the Temple get along with the rest of Alexandria.

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