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Polk was born to a village of raven-type Eglarin in the lower forests of the Khazad Duin. The local Eglarin there follow a particular cult of Navos, and Polk was born to the priesthood of that cult. He, like his parents before him, seeks to honor Raven by learning about the world, exploring it, and recording information about it, studying history and geography in particular.

His mother was killed in this work, getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time in the Charn wars.

Polk's own efforts in this will be based out of the city of Alexandria. When he first arrived in the city, he called himself James to try to fit in better with humans, but that was abandoned after a short time, as he came to understand Alexandria has sufficient diversity that his name could be handled.

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Roleplay Hooks

  • Navos the Raven
  • Maps
  • History
  • Languages
  • Healing




Egalrin PC Badge
Aerie: Raven's Blessed, in the lower forests of Khazad Duin, led by followers of a cult of Navos the Raven
Role: Priest of the Raven, going into the world to explore it according to Raven's Wisdom
Faith: Navos the Raven
Rite of the Skies: When Polk gained the ability to fly short distances and glide, he tested and proved himself by showing that he could make a map of the local area, accurately, from that bird's eye view.

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Faith PC Badge
Faith: Navos, the Raven
Temple: Traveling. Sent out from his home cult, Polk seeks knowledge of the world, learning it and recording it to honor Raven's wisdom.
Role: Explorer
Landmarks: Made a map upon taking to the sky