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Homeland: Myrddion, Kingdom of the Lion
Race: Human (Eldanar)
Faith: Daeus
Class: Cleric / Indomitable
Role: Templar Errant of the Holy Sword

Elisabeth du Leoncorte is a daughter of a minor noble house of the Myrrish Kingdoms, the Kingdom of the Lion to be precise. While her family claims to have ties to the ancient royal bloodlines of the High Kingdom, so many other families make the same claim that this one family's claim is lost among all the others. She, herself, is the fifth daughter of the family, and the ninth child, putting her so far out of contention for any real inheritance that she chose, when young, to enter the priesthood of Daeus instead of marrying into another noble house.

In the priesthood, as a young acolyte, she was travelling with others of her order when they were attacked by bandits. The clerics were more than the bandits had expected, and fought off the attackers handily, but it was in that battle where Elisabeth, called "Betsy" by the senior priestess who'd come to see her as an abopted daughter, proved herself more than just a simple acolyte.

During the bandit attack, a pair of bandits charged in towards the acolytes, of whom Betsy was the eldest. One was cut down immediately by one of the elder priests, his sword falling at the feet of the acolytes. As the elder carried his battle with the other bandit away from the younglings, a third bandit leapt from hiding and came at them. Elisabeth scooped up the bandit's sword from the ground and fought to defend herself and the other acolytes. She singlehandedly bested that bandit and helped the other fighting members of the order's caravan to send the rest fleeing. Upon returning to their cloister after their travels ended, later that month, Betsy was inducted into the Templars of the Holy Sword, a warrior sect of Daeusites.

Elisabeth took to her new training with vigor, her faith in Daeus proving true enough that her prayers were soon being answered in the form of the divine miracles called magic by those who don't know better. She grew in strength, endurance, and resolve, as well, as she grew in faith, her small size belying her physical prowess.

Some years later, Elisabeth was approached by an elder of the Templars and told of a dream he'd had, and which he had, after much rumination, decided was a vision given to him by Daeus. The dream was of Elisabeth leaving to travel to the city of Alexandria, where she would fight to bring the Sun Lord's light to the darkness of the world. Though very young for such a calling, Elisabeth was equipped by the Templars and sent out to Alexandria to answer the call of her god.


In the course of one of her adventures, Elisabeth was aboard an airship that came under attack while in the air. Braving the stormy conditions, she and a paladin named Andrion went out onto one wing to engage the attacking creatures hand to hand as a delaying tactic, while others in the party dealt at range with the creatures on the other wing, before turning to assist on the wing the melee fighters were on. Andrion lost his footing and was about to fall to his death, and Elisabeth let go of her sword, a masterwork longsword, and let it fall and be lost forever in order to catch hold of the paladin and keep him from certain death.

Duthei, also on the adventure, volunteered to make a replacement blade for Elisabeth, and crafted for her a blade of exquisite beauty. The image to the left is merely conceptual, not what the blade actually looks like, but is merely a blade of the same general shape and design. What it actually looks like ICly is below. It is also given as a +view on Elisabeth (do +view elisabeth/blade) in the game, itself.

Elisabeth's longsword is a blade of masterwork craftsmanship and of fine artistry. Although its sheath is deceptively plain, made of steel wrapped in red leather, the sword is as much a work of art as it is a weapon. The curved grip of the weapon is made of what looks like bone, with a piece of cut amber set into the pommel - a representation of the sun. There are no quillons where the grip meets the blade, only broadening into a lip from which the blade projects with a curve counter to that of the grip itself.

Long and sinuous, the blade itself is a flattened, single-edged curve of steel with heavy spine for great strength from tang to point. In the middle of its length, an image of the sun has been worked in brilliant gold, with golden rays of sunlight streaming from there down the entire length of the blade, each ray depicted as a spear of flame with smoke-like contrails.

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