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About My Character

TYPE STUFF ABOUT CHARACTER HERE. Stuff! I taste good with biscotti!


Roleplay Hooks

  • A good mother at heart, Mocha is a druid that usually keeps healing/supportive magic at the ready. But she lacks any sort of animal companion, and dosn't seem to show any sort of special magical domain.
  • Word is that she came seeking her children, stolen from her as eggs by the Charn. She also carries a single vial of ash around her neck, related to it. Know something? Want to help or to get help? She'll be there!
  • She dosn't seem to fear the cold at all, often walking barefoot in the snow.
  • She is often found at night on hilltops, reading the stars. The way she measures them with her hands, might hint that she actually knows something about them!
  • She dosn't speak much about her tribe, are you Sith'makar, and want to claim that we were from the same tribe? Just ask!


Sith-makar PC Badge
Caste: Shaman
Draconic Ancestry: Blue Dragon
Tribe: (As of yet, unnamed)
Faith: Follower of the Hunter (Gilead)
Politics: Primarily Supportive of the Silver Empress

Scroll med.png

Faith PC Badge
Faith: The Hunter
Temple: Gilead's Temple in Alexandria
Role: Independant druid
Landmarks: None yet!