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Picture by Chris Bourassa, used with permission of


Sith-makar PC Badge
Caste: Hunter/Warrior
Draconic Ancestry: Green and Black
Tribe: Aseketus, a primitive swamp-dwelling backwater tribe, known to practice cannibalism.
Faith: The Green (word)
Politics: The Empress


(RPP) Influence PC Badge
Major Spheres: Wards of the Invisible Path
Minor Spheres: None yet
Rival: Carruth the smarmy Troglodyte merchant, sells anything to anyone
Apprentice: Not yet
Other Landmarks: Several meetups hosted for the Wards

About My Character

Ssylrath is a Sith-makar warrior and hunter from the jungle, out to experience the wider world. He's shorter than most lizardmen, coloured black and green from a lesser swamp-dwelling tribe, and travels around with his mount, seeking challenge and reward.


This short burly Sith-makar is a conglomeration of savage and civilized touches. His mottled hide is mostly green with black touches, extending into a series of spines from the back of his head, and his snout ends in unevenly wicked teeth which are nonetheless carefully polished. His breath smells acrid and his eyes (when not covered) are small and gold-on-black. The tip of his tail also sports several small spikes.

He is wearing a well-made suit of fullplate of shiny mithral tailored for his squat form (not even six feet) and adorning his face are a pair of goggles. There is a long curved falchion commonly across his back and he frequently holds a long spear or lance of a dark-stained wood with a cross-guard. From the back of his saddle a tall pole or stand rises from which hangs a long strip of scaled leather in the manner of a banner, it is strangely inspiring. Over all this modern gear he has a number of fetishes and dangly trophies on leather thongs presumably commemorating various events or kills. Around his head orbits a small stone, plainly held by magic. The overall impression is of a reptilian warrior from the jungle, yet outfitted with modern weaponry and armor.

Somewhere in the vicinity, quite likely actually being ridden, is a large swiftclaw that looks scarred, vicious, and similarly festooned with trophies. It is wearing chain armor, well cared for and custom fitted, with the token of the Order of Peace attached.


Anyone allied with Ssylrath who can see his banner and is within 60 feet gains a +3 Morale bonus against fear and a +2 Morale bonus on charge attacks.


Basic Information

Name: Thaliss

Animal Type: Swiftclaw

Size: Large

Init: +4

Senses: Low-light vision, scent

Class Which Grants this Companion: Cavalier (level 13)


AC: 34 (size -1, natural +15, armor +6, Dex +4), touch 13, flat-footed 28

HP: HD 11d8+44; hp 104

Saves: Fort +13, Ref +13, Will +7 (+11 versus Enchantments);

Additional: Evasion, Devotion


Speed: 90’ (ignores difficult terrain including can 5 foot step)

Melee: bite +16 (1d8+9+grab), 2 claws +14/+14 (1d4+5), 2 rakes (pounce or grapple) +16/+16 (1d8+9)

Power Attack: bite +13 (1d8+15+grab), 2 claws +11/+11 (1d4+8), 2 rakes (pounce or grapple) +13/+13 (1d8+15)

Reach: 10’

Special Attacks: Grab (bite), 2 rakes 1d8 (pounce or grapple), pounce

Additional: power attack, improved overrun, combat reflexes


Stats: Str 27, Dex 19, Con 18, Int 5, Wis 12, Cha 10

BAB: +8

CMB +18 (Grab/maintain +22, Overrun +20), CMD 31 (33 versus Overrun)

Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Combat Reflexes, Improved Natural Armor, Improved Overrun, Multiattack, Power Attack, Toughness

Skills: Acrobatics +16 (jump +40), Stealth +16

Additional: Temperamental, mount-bred, link, combat trained

Special Abilities and Tricks

Air walk, attack x2, come, defend, down, guard, heel, seek, stay, work


Light load up to 1038 lbs

Mithral Shadow chain shirt barding +2, Saddleblanket of Resistance +2, Amulet of Mighty Fists +1, Saddle Girth of Strength +2, Horseshoes (legwraps) of Speed with Featherstep Slippers effect, Bridle of Smarts +2 (stealth skill).

RP Hooks

Being a Sith-makar.

Being a Cavalier, order of peace.

The Wards of the Invisible Path, the group that guards the portal to Am'shere.

Nature in general, the Green and the protection of same.

Destroying Heth and other defilers of the Green.

Mictlan. Ssylrath can frequently be found there standing guard.