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Log Info

  • Title: Hare We Go
  • Emitter: Myaris
  • Characters: Yelrona Level 2, Ga'Elian 5, Sorscha 3, Kailin 7
  • Place: Outside Alexandria
  • Time: July 1, 2016
  • Summary: Hired by the Guild of Adventurers, to investigate crop damage.
  • APL: 4
  • Encounter 1: 5 CR 2 Giantx2 Artic Hare, CR 6
  • Encounter 2: 1 CR 6 Ettin, CR 6

You are all contacted through the adventurer's guild. It seems a farmer is having problems with something eating their crops, and it has him scared. He has hired assistance and that assistance is you. You were given directions and based on them you figure that the farm is over the next hill, so shouldn't take long to get there at all.

Yelrona receives the AG notice and looks at it skeptically. Still, dealing with a farmer's crop problem shouldn't be nearly as bloody as the thing with the lions was, and she's got her eye on a pricy set of master tools she needs to save up for. So she agrees, and at the appointed hour makes her way to the appointed place.

Ga'Elian is riding on the back of a griffon - forequarters of an enormous eagle, hindquarters of a lion. He has a couple weapons hanging about his body, and a pair of magical lenses on his eyes. As he rides along, he is quietly humming to himself, a tune that other elves may recognize, and keeping his senses alert.

Which brings Sorscha out to the farm. The type that would lead an expedition to someone that needs help, Sorscha makes a bit of a face. She sees Yelrona on the way and smiles to her. "You almost seem to have the blood of a paladin in you, Yelrona." She says with a bright smile.

Yelrona laughs. "I don't bite _that_ hard!"

Kailin arrives with time to spare and rests in the corner of a building for everyone else to arrive, a long hooded cloak added to his ensemble. He sits patiently for the othere adventurers to be ready to leave before hopping up and moving into line with a smile hidden under the shadows of his hood. He hefts his belongs and pack over his shoulder and quietly moves along, the small Giantborn's steps rocking down powerfully as he ventures forth.

Ga'Elian smirks at Yelrona.

You near the top of the hill and can see fields that obviously belong to a farm, a farm house on the far side. A few of the fields look like they have been recently tilled though not well.

Sorscha makes a bit of a face. "they tried to till the crops, but the fear seems to have gotten to them." She says as she starts to walk down to the farm....and keeping a firm eye open for anything...

Yelrona knows about as much about farming as she does about herb-patch weeding, and can't reliably tell the difference between a well-tilled field and the result of attaching a plow to a rutting bull, but she tries to look knowledgable as she nods agreement and joins the others, looking around at everything as they walk.

Ga'Elian approaches the place, and stops his humming. "Well, shall we speak to the farmer, then?"

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "What surrounds the farm? Other farms, road, forest, etc?"

Yelrona says "<something you don't understand in sylvan>"

Kailin makes his way over the hill and he hooks his thumbs in his belt loops. "Looks all clear here. Maybe we've scared them off already." He nods his head back the way they came and says, "Let's make our way back to the city and let them know that we've completed our mission." He turns and makes his way back towards the city with slow, shallow sarcastic steps.

<OOC> Myaris says, "pretty much you see multiple fields, other fields in the distance. not sure how much land this farm covers."

Yelrona laughs at Kailin's joke and keeps heading towards the farm, now distracted by Ga'Elian's griffon, to whom she makes enthusiastic noises that more or less amount to "Who's a good griffon? You are! Yes, you are!" in several different languages.

Sorscha shakes her head at Kailin. "there's more here than meets the eye. How about we talk to the farmer to see what's going on."

Ga'Elian smiles at Yelrona. "His name is Erithamiel." <Sildanyari> Then he nods at Sorscha and shakes his head and rolls his eyes at Kailin with a smirk in his eyes. "Yes, to the farmer." <Tradespeak>

Kailin stops and turns back to the others, looking then to the farm. "Yeah. I suppose so. I was just so sure this was the time where things would work out in my favor. I'm overdue. My calender agrees." He starts off towards the farm. "To the much less likely option, then..."

<OOC> Myaris says, "perception"

GAME: Yelrona rolls perception: (7)+8: 15

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls Perception: (1)+18: 19 (EPIC FAIL)

GAME: Kailin rolls perception: (17)+14: 31

<OOC> Yelrona says, "Feel free to knock that down a bit for being distracted by goofing around with the griffon."

GAME: Sorscha rolls perception: (10)+4: 14

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 1d20+1: (4)+1: 5

You paged (Ga'Elian, Kailin) with 'you see the crops in one of the nearby fields shaking and moving like something is there.'

Ga'Elian suddenly exclaims, "Behold! Yonder is sonething shaking and moving." As he points to the neighboring field.

"Well, that's quite a long name for such a little bit of fluff, isn't it?" <Sildanyari>, Yelrona sing-songs, not so much in reply to Ga'Elian as in continued one-sided conversation with Erithamiel. "Well, don't worry. You'll grow into it." <Sylvan> Then she's startled by Ga'Elian and looks to where he's pointing.

Kailin looks out towards the crops then to Ga'Elian, waving a hand to distract the rest of the group to what the griffon rider is saying. "Nope. Nope. That's nothing over there. That's the wind. Maybe some field mice." He motions over to the farm house and says, "But over there! I am sure I see some interesting... gruel."

Yelrona looks askance at Kailin for a moment, shakes her head, and continues to focus her attention where Ga'Elian pointed.

Sorscha turns towards where Ga'elian is pointing, and tugging her sword free from it's scabbard, then to where Kailin is talking. She says softly. 'You sure you're not embellishing this for your own benefit?" Seems she's ready for trouble of some sort.

You all can see the crops moving in the one field. The crops actually seem to be vanishing at a decent pace.

Ga'Elian smirks at Kailin, but says, "I'd like to check that out while I can locate it, instead of letting it get away while we talk to the farmer. Him we can find later."

Yelrona nods. "That sounds reasonable." She withdraws her rapier from its scabbard as she prepares to approach the disappearing field alongside the ranger.

Kailin sighs overly long, the sound sounding much like a rumble. "Oh bother." He reaches for the curved hilt of the giant falchion strapped to his back. "I guess we have to go and do things the hard way..." He shakes his head as he slowly draws the adamantine blade from its sheath, the red glow of the sharp edge of the black blade flashing lightly against the daylight. "Time to do the real work."

The rustling of the crops stops.

Yelrona drops to her knees and cups her ear to the ground, listening for signs of movement.

Sorscha says, " knows we're here." She then makes a face. "Doesn't exactly help that we have heavy armor on. or, at least, I do.""

Ga'Elian comes closer to the former disturbance, and stops at a distance of 40ft.

No sounds, no apparent movement, either they are holding still or left somewhere.

Yelrona stands back up and shrugs. She stays where she is and watches the vegetation carefully, looking for vibrations that don't seem the result of wind.

Ga'Elian reaches down and grabs a rock then lightly tosses it at the spot, saying, "Reveal yourself." <sylvan>

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls ranged: (2)+9: 11

Kailin starts up a song as he whirls his large blade in his hand. His features smoothly and quickly shift into that of a large black werelion with a glossy brown coat under his red breastplate and a stark white mane peeking out from his oversized hood. He stretches his reshaped limbs and roars loudly with his head thrown back.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  ATTENTION  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
       Myaris has dropped a TIMESTOP!
       Please +init, then cease all roleplay and actions immediately and wait for Myaris to instruct you further.
       For in-combat commands, type: +thelp.

-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=- GAME: Yelrona rolls initiative: 5 + 5 = 10

GAME: Sorscha rolls initiative: 18 + 3 = 21

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls initiative: 17 + 4 = 21

GAME: You roll initiative for Hare: Roll: 19 + Bonus: 1 = Total: 20

GAME: Kailin rolls initiative: 11 + 2 = 13

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 21.
     It is now Sorscha's turn! Ga'Elian is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Sorscha ended.

<OOC> Myaris says, "sorscha"

With the rock being thrown, 5 large wolf sized shapes jump out. All white, but they are....bunnies.

<OOC> Sorscha says, "I'm gonna hold my action. nothing to attack yet, or do anything to."

<OOC> Sorscha says, "Or......"

<OOC> Sorscha says, "that."

<OOC> Sorscha says, "Still gonna hold my action."

<OOC> Ga'Elian is going to cast a spell, and tell his griffon, "Erithamiel, defend her." indicating Yelrona.

<OOC> Myaris says, "pose it"

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 21.
     It is now Ga'Elian's turn! Hare is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Ga'Elian ended.

<OOC> Myaris says, "okay do it."

GAME: Ga'Elian casts Gravity Bow. Caster Level: 5 DC: 14

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 20.
     It is now Hare's turn! Kailin is next!

<OOC> Myaris says, "griffin's ac?"

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "16"

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20: (9): 9

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20: (6): 6

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20: (3): 3

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20: (20): 20

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20: (6): 6

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20: (3): 3

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d6: (6): 6

GAME: You damaged Ga'Elian's companion for 6 points. 29 remaining.

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 13.
     It is now Kailin's turn! Yelrona is next!

<OOC> Myaris says, "Kailin, I will pose after Ga'elian's"

<OOC> Kailin says, "I'll use bardic inspiration!"

<OOC> Myaris says, "okay."

<OOC> Kailin says, "That's it for me."

<OOC> Myaris says, "first, so you are aware a single bunny attacked each of you"

<OOC> Kailin nods.

Ga'Elian points to Yelrona and tells the griffon, "Erithamiel, defend." He then casts a spell. Erithamiel faithfully puts himself between the beasts and Yelrona just in time to get wounded.

The bunnies move and attack each of you, only one hits the griffin, everyone else is missed.

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 10.
     It is now Yelrona's turn! Sorscha is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Yelrona ended.

<OOC> Myaris says, "Yelrona. bunny on you. and Sorscha did you want to use held?"

<OOC> Sorscha did, yeah.

<OOC> Sorscha just has a single attack though. So I'll roll.

GAME: Sorscha rolls weapon1: (19)+7: 26 (THREAT)

GAME: Sorscha rolls weapon1: (14)+7: 21

<OOC> Kailin says, "Everyone gets +1 to attack and damage from inspire courage."

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Are these Magical Beasts or Outsiders (evil)?"

<OOC> Yelrona says, "Sorry! Am here. Sorscha can go first though."

<OOC> Myaris says, "roll damage Sorscha"

<OOC> Sorscha says, "normal or crit?"

<OOC> Myaris says, "crit"

GAME: Sorscha rolls 2d6+2: (4)+2: 6

<OOC> Yelrona stabbity-stabs the bunny on her.

GAME: Yelrona rolls rapier+1: aliased to 1d20+7+1: (17)+7+1: 25

<OOC> Myaris says, "hurts still up"

<OOC> Myaris says, "hit Yelrona"

GAME: Yelrona rolls d6+1: (3)+d6+1: 4

<OOC> Myaris says, "hurts still up"


     Myaris advances the initiative order.
     Round Two - Init 21.
     It is now Sorscha's turn! Ga'Elian is next!

Ga'Elian pages: Are the bunnies mag creatures or evil outsiders (for my fav enemy)?

<OOC> Myaris says, "new round, Sorscha"

You paged Ga'Elian with 'nope'

Yelrona regards the giant bunnies incredulously for a moment, unable to quite take them seriously. Then they move, and she starts taking them seriously indeed. She's rooted to the ground with surprise as one bears down on her, and doubly surprised when Erithamiel intercepts its attack. "GOOD gryphon," she shouts encouragingly, and stabs the rabbit in front of her, scoring a scratch on its front leg.

Ga'Elian pages: Okay

Kailin whirls his falchion in front of him, keeping the giant bunny from coming to close. He whirls as he does so, flipping around much more nimbly than a man - or werecreature - his size should be able to move. The flourish in his dance is pure performance, a display of skill and mastery for all to see, punctuated by roars and rhythmic foot stomps.

<OOC> Sorscha says, "same bunny, attack again."

<OOC> Sorscha had to get a tylenol.

<OOC> Myaris says, "k"

GAME: Sorscha rolls weapon1+1: (13)+7+1: 21

GAME: Sorscha rolls 1d6+1: (5)+1: 6

<OOC> Myaris says, "dead"

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round Two - Init 21.
     It is now Ga'Elian's turn! Hare is next!

<OOC> Myaris says, "ga'elian"

<OOC> Ga'Elian fires 2 arrows and has griffon full attack

Sorscha blocks the attack of the rabbit with her buckler, and stabs the rabbit hard with her rapier once, then again when she withdraws the blade. the bunny is quite dead after she slashes it's neck open.

<OOC> Myaris says, "you first."

<OOC> Myaris says, "are yu 5' back?"

<OOC> Myaris says, "?"

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Yelrona answered the 5' back on the com channel. yes and she wants to flank. Now back to my turn."

<OOC> Ga'Elian takes 5 ft step back, fires 2 arrows at my bunny, and has griffon full attack his bunny

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls Bow+1-2: aliased to Weapon9+1-2: (10)+10+1+-2: 19

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls Bow+1-2: aliased to Weapon9+1-2: (14)+10+1+-2: 23

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 1d20+6: (4)+6: 10

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 1d20+6: (3)+6: 9

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 1d20+6: (14)+6: 20

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "oops mistypes my bow shots"

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "oh, no I didn't"

<OOC> Myaris says, "you hit with both arrows, griffin only hit with last attack"

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 2d6+4: (5)+4: 9

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 2d6+4: (6)+4: 10

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 1d4+4: (1)+4: 5

<OOC> Myaris says, "yours is dead, one still up on the griffin"

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round Two - Init 20.
     It is now Hare's turn! Kailin is next!

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20: (20): 20

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20: (3): 3

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20: (5): 5

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20: (3): 3

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d6: (4): 4

GAME: You damaged Ga'Elian's companion for 4 points. 25 remaining.

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round Two - Init 13.
     It is now Kailin's turn! Yelrona is next!

The remaining bunnies keep attacking, only the one fighting the griffin seems to be having any success.

<OOC> Kailin says, "Grapple the bunny!"

Ga'Elian fires two arrows at the bunny facing him as he takes a step back. He drops the foul beast. Meanwhile, the griffon retaliates against the one that bloodied him, returning the favor.

<OOC> Yelrona says, "Ack! Sorry, dog needs my attention. Rona will try for a SA if she can and stab whoever is stabbable if I'm not back by my move."

<OOC> Ga'Elian saw where griffon took 6 damage, but he shows down by 10. Did I miss something?

<OOC> Myaris says, "this last attack did 4...first one did 6"

<OOC> Myaris says, "you can grapple"

<OOC> Yelrona is back

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Okay. missed it."

<OOC> Kailin says, "It gets an AoO."

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20: (19): 19

<OOC> Myaris says, "misses"

GAME: Kailin rolls cmb + 1 -4: (3)+13+1+-4: 13

<OOC> Myaris says, "grappled"

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round Two - Init 10.
     It is now Yelrona's turn! Sorscha is next!

<OOC> Myaris says, "Yelrona"

<OOC> Yelrona says, "So, there"

<OOC> Myaris says, "your action"

<OOC> Yelrona says, "Delays until Sorscha's move."

<OOC> Myaris says, "okay sorscha's action is in a new round so you would lose your action this round."

<OOC> Yelrona says, "Oh? Wait, I'm confused. Sorry. Stabs!"

GAME: Yelrona rolls rapier+1: aliased to 1d20+7+1: (9)+7+1: 17

<OOC> Sorscha is at the top of the round, and you're at the bottom Yel.

<OOC> Myaris says, "you hit"

GAME: Yelrona rolls d6+1: (4)+d6+1: 5

<OOC> Myaris says, "dead"


     Myaris advances the initiative order.
     Round Three - Init 21.
     It is now Sorscha's turn! Ga'Elian is next!

<OOC> Yelrona rars!

<OOC> Myaris says, "sorscha, one fighting griffin, one grappled with Kailin"

<OOC> Sorscha says, "Is there a way I can position myself to give Yelrona a flank for her turn?"

Yelrona pokes her rapier through the bunny's eye, dropping it to the ground.

<OOC> Myaris says, "easily. depending on which one you are going after, provided the others haven't taken them out by then"

<OOC> Yelrona says, "That'd be OK too! :-)"

<OOC> Sorscha says, "Kay. I'm gonna do that. Going after the one fighting the griffin."

<OOC> Myaris says, "ok"

GAME: Sorscha rolls weapon1+1: (6)+7+1: 14

<OOC> Sorscha says, "blah."

<OOC> Myaris says, "miss"

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round Three - Init 21.
     It is now Ga'Elian's turn! Hare is next!

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "5' step back, two arrows at Kailin's bunny. Griffon fighting defensively. " <OOC> Myaris says, "Ga'Elian"

<OOC> Myaris says, "ok"

Turning her attention towards the griffin, who needs a little help, Sorscha tries to stab the bunny, while gesturing for Yelrona to take the other side. Sorscha misses though.

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "While fighting defensively, does griffon still get bite and both claws (with attack penalty and AC bonus)?"

Kailin continues his roaring and stomping, the primal beats resonating through the fields with a rumble. The werepanther draws back his falchion with one hand and reaches down with a powerful hand and snatches up the giant bunny. He holds the wolf sized creature aloft in the air with his massive strength, keeping it at bay from biting him. He holds it up as he roars and stomps, celebrating his mastery over his enemies with glee.

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls Bow+1-2: aliased to Weapon9+1-2: (8)+10+1+-2: 17

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls Bow+1-2: aliased to Weapon9+1-2: (15)+10+1+-2: 24

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 1d20+6-4: (14)+6+-4: 16

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 1d20+6-4: (6)+6+-4: 8

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 1d20+6-4: (16)+6+-4: 18

<OOC> Myaris says, "yes"

<OOC> Myaris says, "hit both for you griffin hits last"

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 2d6+4: (9)+4: 13

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 2d6+4: (7)+4: 11

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 1d4+4: (1)+4: 5

<OOC> Ga'Elian assumes we are still benefitting from bardic inspiration

<OOC> Myaris says, "all dead"

<OOC> Myaris says, "free poses after Ga'elian's pose"

Ga'Elian releases two more arrows into the bunny being grappled by Kailin, making it go limp in his grasp. The griffon takes a more defensive posture, but still manages to claw his bunny to death. After that, Erithamiel begins to feed upon the bunny while Ga'Elian ruffles his feathers affectionately then pulls a healing kit from his shoulder bag.

Yelrona cheers Erithamiel! Also everyone else, sure. But mostly the griffon.

Sorscha smiles as she notices all of the larger bunnies are dead. "All righty." She says placing a hand upon the griffon, and mumbling a prayer to daeus. "Shall we go and see if the rabbits were, indeed, the cause of the problem?"

<OOC> Sorscha just used Lay on hands on the griffin.

<OOC> Sorscha says, "which I hope, will put it up to full."

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "It still needs 3, as I see from +hp."

<OOC> Sorscha says, "yeah. so lemme give it a try."

GAME: Sorscha rolls 1d6: (4): 4

<OOC> Sorscha says, "and there we go."

GAME: You damaged Ga'Elian's companion for -4 points. 35 remaining.

<OOC> Myaris says, "kailin?"

Ga'Elian stops as Sorscha calls upon holy power to heal Erithamiel and puts his healing kit back away. "Thank you for that." And he reaches out a hand to offer in friendship as he has observed humans do.

Kailin stands holding only a dead buny and he goes quiet with all the other enemies dead. He places his falchion lightly on the corpse's neck and with a flick Kailin separates the bunny's head from its body.. He takes a hook from his bag, quickly impales it, and secures the hook on his belt. He has the move down casually and has obviously done it many times before. "Alright then..." He turns to look to the rest of the group. "Ready."

<OOC> Myaris says, "perception"

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls perception: (7)+18: 25

GAME: Sorscha rolls perception: (17)+4: 21

GAME: Yelrona rolls perception: (6)+8: 14

GAME: Kailin rolls perception: (17)+14: 31

You all hear voices coming from over the hill, two, "Here bunny, here bunny, were you go bunny?" there are also heavy sounds, coming closer.

Ga'Elian casts a spells and tells Erithamiel, "Defend!"

<OOC> Yelrona says, "Job is grabbing me... skip me if you have to. Rona's off taking a leak or something. Will rejoin ASAP."

GAME: Ga'Elian casts Aspect of the Falcon. Caster Level: 5 DC: 14

<OOC> Myaris says, "ok"

Ga'Elian's eyes spread apart and feathers emerge on the sides of his head.

Sorscha clicks her tongue. "Someone's about to be disappointed."

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Can I feed a vial of potion to my griffon?"

Kailin roar again, quieter this time, resolving into a purr. He says in a beastial tone, "Maybe we don't have to kill every living thing we think we see?" He reaches down and collects one of the bunny corpses in one hand. "There are other ways to resolve disputes... Nothing wrong with giving those a try..." His werelion speech is just as deep in tone as his Giantborn, but a touch more difficult to understand.

Ga'Elian looks at Kailin and says, "I agree, but it behooves us to be ready and defend ourselves." He crouches down to try to hide in the crops.

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls stealth: (8)+9: 17

Sorscha quietly wipes off her blade and waits for the people to come within sight.

<OOC> Sorscha afks for a little bit.

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Are we still under bardic inspiration?"

Thump, thump thump thump. and then over the hill comes a massive figure, Two heads, and a flail in each hand. One head calls out, "bunny, where are you my bunnies," the other head looks at it, "They are my bunnies," and then then turn and spy people and bunny corpses.

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls initiative: 5 + 4 = 9

<OOC> Myaris says, "I would say know but mostly because Kailin didn't pose keeping it up."

GAME: You roll initiative for Bigboy: Roll: 9 + Bonus: 3 = Total: 12

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Okay. Still within 5 minute"

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "duration of Gravity Bow, yes?"

<OOC> Myaris says, "yes"

<OOC> Myaris says, "inits everyone else"

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Oh, forgot +3 bonus on stealth roll for being outdoors due to Stag-Touched aspect. Makes perception DC 20."

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20+12: (20)+12: 32

GAME: Yelrona rolls initiative: 20 + 5 = 25

GAME: Sorscha rolls initiative: 9 + 3 = 12

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 25.
     It is now Yelrona's turn! Bigboy is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Yelrona ended.

<OOC> Yelrona says, "Timing!"

<OOC> Myaris says, "now we are. So you see a massive giant with two heads coming over the hill."

<OOC> Myaris says, "okay, massive...its Large so not too massive"

<OOC> Yelrona says, "Rona is going to try and talk her way out of this."

GAME: Yelrona rolls diplomacy: (14)+7: 21

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "My griffon is "large", too (as are horses, etc.)"

<OOC> Yelrona says, "Not really sure how this works. Should I just pose some fast-talk?"

<OOC> Myaris says, "you can."

<OOC> Yelrona says, "OK. Posing."

Yelrona puts the giant rabbits together with the giant looking for his rabbits and makes a rather obvious conclusion... namely, that they are in more trouble than she'd thought they were. Her first instinct is to hide, but she's not going to abandon the griffon. Or, um, the rest of the party. So she decides to try and talk their way out, instead. "Oh, thank the Gods you're here!" she shouts to the two-headed humanoid. "We just came upon these noble beasts being beset by a party of horrid anti-rabbit marauders! We fought them, but it was too late... they killed the rabbits and ran off that way!" She points in an essentially arbitrary direction. "Maybe we can still catch them with your help!"

GAME: Kailin rolls initiative: 3 + 2 = 5

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 12.
     It is now Bigboy's turn! Sorscha is next!

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 12.
     It is now Sorscha's turn! Ga'Elian is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Sorscha ended.

The two headed thing doesn't seem to pay that much attention to Yelrona other than to glare, "You killed bunnies," one says, "They killed bunnies" says the others and then it moves forward, about 50' from you now.

<OOC> Myaris says, "sorscha"

<OOC> Sorscha says, "Good thing I didn't put my sword away."

<OOC> Sorscha used an LoH on Ga'Elian's griffon. Rolled a 4.

<OOC> Myaris says, "it got the hp back"

<OOC> Yelrona says, "About how fast does the giant seem to be moving?"

<OOC> Myaris says, "it just covered 40' roughly"

<OOC> Yelrona nods.

<OOC> Sorscha says, "I step 5' back. :D"

<OOC> Myaris says, "k anything else?"

<OOC> Sorscha says, "that's it."

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "you could move full away. No AoO if it's still to far."

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 9.
     It is now Ga'Elian's turn! Kailin is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Ga'Elian ended.

"yeah...I don't think they want to hear you, Yelrona." Sorscha says as she backs up a little.

<OOC> Myaris says, "ga'elian"

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "From my crouching position, does it use up my move action simply to stand?"

<OOC> Myaris says, "I would say yes."

Ga'Elian drinks a potion, stands up and tells the griffon, "Erithamiel, RUN!", at which the beast goes running toward the farmhouse, 160 ft

GAME: Ga'Elian used a Potion of Cat's Grace.

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 5.
     It is now Kailin's turn! Yelrona is next!

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "3 rounds duration"

<OOC> Myaris says, "kailin"

<OOC> Kailin says, "I'll move foward for my movement (40 ft.) and throw the rabbit corpse at the ettin."

<OOC> Myaris says, "the ettin is 50' from you it will get aoo if you move 40 due to reach"

<OOC> Kailin says, "I'll stop outside its reach."

<OOC> Myaris says, "okay, moveing 35 and throwing, got it"


     Myaris advances the initiative order.
     Round Two - Init 25.
     It is now Yelrona's turn! Bigboy is next!

<OOC> Myaris says, "yelrona"

<OOC> Yelrona says, "Switch to bow, back up as much as she can and still fire. (Not sure how much of that fits in an action.)"

GAME: Kailin rolls ranged - 4: (10)+7+- 4: 21

<OOC> Myaris says, "you hit it with the bunny"

<OOC> Myaris says, "you can go your 30' and fire"

<OOC> Kailin says, "What is the damage on a wolf sized bunny corpse?"

GAME: Yelrona rolls 1d20+6: (1)+6: 7 (EPIC FAIL)

Yelrona facepalms.

<OOC> Myaris says, "probably a d4 plus your str. miss yelrona"

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round Two - Init 12.
     It is now Bigboy's turn! Sorscha is next!

GAME: Kailin rolls 1d4 + 8: (3)+8: 11

<OOC> Myaris says, "noted, it didn't seem to notice that much"

Yelrona thinks quickly. Diplomacy didn't work. The giant's long legs are devouring the ground faster than even _she_ can run, let alone Sorscha. There's nothing she can think of to offer the rabbit-tender to placate it. Attacking it with her rapier would be the height of stupidity, pun fully intended. Trying to distract it with a ghost sound has potential, but she can't think of how to do it given the distances involved such that it stands a chance.

The problem with thinking in circles is it doesn't really matter how quickly you do it.

All of that leaves her with only one sensible strategy, for what it's worth. She backpedals furiously, unlimbers her bow, draws an arrow from her quiver, trips over a root, fires an arrow an admirable distance in an arbitrary direction nowhere near the giant, regains her balance, and swears an impressive blue streak in a language nobody else understands.

Kailin watches Yelrona and gives something that's a cross between a purr and a chuckle. "That was fun to watch..." He starts forward, dragging the bunny corpse as he goes. "I was just kidding with you all. It is fine to kill everything in sight. Whatever gets the job done." He picks up his pace a bit and with a spin, he hurls the bloody corpse at the two headed monster with trails of ready spraying through the air in concentric spirals as it flies. "You're an accommodating lot, though." It smacks into the giant but goes without much notice and Kailin's werelion head nods in acknowledgment of that.

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20+12: (9)+12: 21

GAME: Myaris rolls 2d6+6: (7)+6: 13

GAME: You damaged Kailin for 13 points. 41 remaining.

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round Two - Init 12.
     It is now Sorscha's turn! Ga'Elian is next!

The ettin moves forward after being hit with bunny brains and body and didn't like that, "Bad bunny." it says and swings one of its flails at Kailin, hitting hard.

<OOC> Myaris says, "sorscha"

<OOC> Sorscha says, "I'm...15' from it, right?"

<OOC> Myaris says, "yes"

<OOC> Sorscha says, "I'm gonna try and move in then......"

<OOC> Sorscha says, "I'll try acrobatics, but it'll but hard with heavy armor"

GAME: Sorscha rolls acrobatics: (20)+0: 20

<OOC> Sorscha says, "or I can crit the damned roll."

<OOC> Sorscha XD

<OOC> Myaris says, "not enough though"

GAME: Myaris rolls 1d20+12: (3)+12: 15

<OOC> Myaris says, "though it you can attack."

GAME: Sorscha rolls weapon1: (6)+7: 13

<OOC> Sorscha says, "miss. :/"

<OOC> Myaris says, "yep"

GAME: Myaris advances the initiative order.

     Round Two - Init 9.
     It is now Ga'Elian's turn! Kailin is next!

<OOC> Myaris says, "ga'elian"

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Yep. Just a sec..."

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Can I move 30 ft back and still fire my rapid shots without provoking AoO?"

<OOC> Myaris says, "no moving would get you 1 shot, but it wouldn't provoke."

<OOC> Myaris says, "you are still at 15 so not in range of aoo unless it gets closer."

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Okay, then 5' step back and rapid shots still okay?"

<OOC> Myaris says, "yep"

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Okay. Doing that."

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls Bow-2+2+1: aliased to Weapon9-2+2+1: (20)+10+-2+2+1: 31 (THREAT)

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls to confirm on first shot: (19)+to confirm on first shot: 19

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "ugh tha"

<OOC> Myaris says, "rolled it wrong but its good enough to confirm will let you keep the 19"

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Thanks"

<OOC> Ga'Elian rolling second shot

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls Bow-2+2+1: aliased to Weapon9-2+2+1: (19)+10+-2+2+1: 30

<OOC> Myaris says, "so crit and hit"

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "with Aspect of Falcon a 19 threatens too"

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls Bow+2+1: aliased to Weapon9+2+1: (6)+10+2+1: 19

<OOC> Myaris says, "2 crits"

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 6d6+9: (28)+9: 37

GAME: Ga'Elian rolls 6d6+9: (20)+9: 29

<OOC> Myaris says, "well the lucky shots actually drop it."

<OOC> Ga'Elian says, "Woo hoo! Worth all the buffing!"

<OOC> Myaris says, "so free poses after ga'elian's epic pose"

Ga'Elian stands dumbstruck for a moment as his shots find the best marks they could. As the two-headed giant collapses, dead, he lets out a primal whoop that reminds everybody around just why the Sylvanori are called 'Wild' elves. He says, 'Thank you, Eluna!' and says, "Well, that oughtta save the farm!" He does what in this world is the equivalent of High Fives to the others and calls Erithamiel over to finish his meal of giant rabbits.

Yelrona attempts to take advantage of Sorscha's frontal attack to distract the giant, moving around behind it and hoping to shoot it in a vital area. While she's doing so, the Wild Elf smoothly and efficiently takes the giant down, leaving 'rona with a bow in her hand and her jaw on the ground. Not that it's all that far away from the ground ordinarily, mind, but still, that was some freakin' _impressive_ shooting. She returns Ga'Elian's "high five" with a somewhat dazed expression.

Sorscha smirks as Ga'Elian drops the giant quite handily. She then starts to wipe off her blade and looks to the farm. "So....who wants to meet the farmer now?"

Ga'Elian looks the ettin over to see what might be an appropriate trophy-of-war.

At that point the farmer is on his way over having heard everything and blinks as he nears them, "Well they explains the crop problems." he is shaking his head a bit.

Kailin whirls his sword again, taking it up with both hands as he bounds forward, rolling and bounding as he charges forward at the giant creature. He starts to give another roar, but it fades out sharply as he slows to a stop as two arrows whiz by him. They land in his target before Kailin reaches it and the werelion stands over the fallen ettin's corpse. He nudges it with his foot, then again, the lowers his falchion and then gives a short "Huh." He looks back towards Ga'Elian and nods. "Alright then. Moving on." Draws his blade through the two necks of the creature, seperating head from body, but does not collect them. He simply steps over one head, then the other with his blade cutting across the ground and circles back towards the others in the group. He motions to Ga'Elian at the Ettin heads as he passes them. "For you sir..."

"yes," Yelrona tells the farmer. "_TWO HEADED GIANTS_ do work up quite an appetite, I hear. And killing one is quite a bit more of a job than we signed up for. I'd say it deserves a bonus, wouldn't you?"

The farmer does pay you, as well as feed you before sending you on your way again.