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Selerik Delent

Selerik is a charismatic man dressed as an artist or artisan from Veyshan. He has a slightly darker complexion than most Veyshanti, with wavy black hair and bright green eyes that suggests some Cerenzan heritage. His clean shaven face is complimented by the smile he is often quick to use on others. Everything about his appearance is welcoming, never a weapon in sight.

Selerik is a bard in the loosest sense. He doesn't entertain with music and song, but he does inspire. For all the wisdom he attempts to help others obtain, and all his effort to help others grow, he can make some pretty terrible decisions for himself. He loathes the cold, and is known to make particularly bad decisions following revels.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Lost family - Selerik is on a mission to find lost descendents of the Delent family, and help them retake their rightful heritage.
  • Mentor - A teacher by trade, albeit one with a more exciting lifestyle than most. He is your Miss Frizzle for the fantasy world.
  • The Diplomat - Because of his skills as an orator, and in seeing through lies, Selerik is sometimes sought out to assist in diplomatic challenges. Diplomatic Immunity is great if you abuse it right.
  • Enchantment! - Enchantment? Enchantment! Ennnchaaaaaaantment

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Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Mixed Veyshanti and Cerenzan heritage
Associated With: Recognized member of the Delent family, minor nobles from Veyshan with a long past
Faith: Member of the church of Tarien


(RPP) Influence PC Badge
Minor Spheres: Church of Tarien