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Ollithial Blackbow


Born in the darkness, Ollithial was left behind in Goblintown in what would be his 'tweens' as an elf. Sometime in his fifties, which means, keep in mind, he still looked, acted and thought as a child. He was then in turn raised by goblins, the Hatchets. Both the Hatchets and Ollithial, are in turn, surprisingly good members of their respective races which tend towards an evil bent naturally.

He showed a natural proficiency and physical nature early in life, not just in terms of the quickness of his body, but also in his strength and sturdiness. This first started to be exemplified when he first started running in to problems with folks who had an aversion to his kind. It seldom meant fighting them, save to free himself from a grasping attack, but he quickly learned and showed that he knew how to run.

Luckily, Goblintown being filled with, among others, goblins, he was at least moderately safe.

Before long, he started learning to shoot a bow, and started carrying a weapon when he could, and combined with his compact muscular physique it was usually more than enough to ward off most peasant unpleasantries.

As a boy, Ollithial made several friends with locals, but these friendships were often short-lived, something he tends to regret, but at the same time, understands. The chief dividing factor being chiefly an issue of alignment. He was good, albeit a bit chaotic, believing in freedom and individualism, where they tended at best to be chaotic neutral. He met his best friend Talindrel, a good natured boy with trollish ancestry.

A bit daft, Talindrel and Ollithial were inseparable for much of their youth, but eventually as Talindrel grew (much older, much faster) he eventually wandered off into a life of his own, and is now a family man in Alexandros. This was really the first of several friendships he has had as he grew up, but as he has finally started to mature, he has grown a bit more distant as he realizes that people tend to grow older so much faster.

Now an adult, he has decided to focus more on his goals as a young archer, to learn his art, and perhaps earn enough to move and live a bit more comfortably than Goblintown. Maybe also earn enough social standing not to be stared at.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Rolling Hills Consortium: They must be destroyed. Contact me for more.
  • A young master archer in the making, he frequently practices and if you'd like to learn how, maybe he'll teach you.

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The composite longbow. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every last mothergoblin in the room, accept no substitutes.