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About My Character

Lenore San Antigua is a mysterious little thing, and not much is publicly known at this time about her, or her arrival into Alexandria. She is a chipper face, young and intrigued by the big city, and her accent speaks of a foreign upbringing somewhere in the Jade Isles. She boasts a fine swordsmanship, and offers her aid on the cheap, for now -- a willing companion in many if not all of the postings made available via the Adventurer's Guild. She's full of questions and shy on answers. Feel like pressing an issue?

Lenore San Antigua

Roleplay Hooks

  • Lenore is a Swashbuckler. Sparring is the best way to improve. Have something to teach? Something to learn?
  • A collector of tokens and trophies, and wearer of fine fashions in bright colours.
  • She LOVES a good scandal.
  • Will work for coin. Or secrets.
  • Rumour has it, she knows something she shouldn't.
  • Rumour has it, she knows nothing about anything, and people should keep their mouth shut.
  • A spinner of grand and epic tales, and quite skilled at making sure none know which is the truth and what is simple fancy.
  • The particularly astute might sense a note of paranoia and eager overcompensation.
  • Though she usually seems above the bar, and terribly friendly, she has some awfully shady connections and longs for more -- are you a rogue? A spy? A diplomat? A corrupt cop? A fellow talesmith with a flare for the diplomatic sway?
  • She claims to be a monoglot. You can speak freely to your friends in the most clandestine with her around. She knows nothing. Sees nothing. Hears nothing.

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"Catch me if you can!"