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Brief Bio

An Awakened Sith'Makar born of parents both of the warrior caste, Sebropert is a large specimen of his kind. In the jungles of Am'shere he was trained by the hunter Fyorek in the ways of the wild, and worships the Sith'Makar equivalent of the Green Word. To become an adult he went out into the world and in his travels met a tribe of Earth Warder Oruch. In his three years with them he learned their language and using his own abnormally large claws mimicked their fighting style with their claw-like weapons. Familiar with meeting new races after his return and marked as an adult he travels forth into the greater world to scout out friend and foe alike for his kind.

Personality & Temperament

Despite his physical similarities to his black scaled mother, and his innate understanding of fear, his personality is more suited to his father and that of Fyorek, Sith'Makar descended from a long line of Coppers. Even with his hidden inner fears, and the knowledge how to put it in others, Sebropert is a jovial spirit, fond of trouble and tricks. With these mixed beliefs, he found he would rather trick and scare an opponent away, than enter a confrontation if that is an option. In this way he sought to be a seamless blending of his two distant heritages. In polite company he is honest and uses what the Sith'Makar would count as etiquette. He prefers certain ways of doing things, thinking that proper introductions are always needed. In less polite company, or under the influence of what he calls 'Foul Water', he can be a massive handful.

Abilities and Fun Facts

  • Sebropert is a Ranger/Bloodrager.
  • He has a particularly keen sense of smell to track and hunt with.
  • He hires himself out as a guide to lead people through difficult to pass through areas.
  • He fights in the old ways, with tooth and claw.
  • He wears armor of Oruch make, gifted to him by an Earth Warder tribe.
  • He will go out of his way to hunt slavers, or suspected mages of Charn.
  • He lives at the foot of a tree occupied by an old Egalrin