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Setiawan 'Seti' Bambangputra

This summer, ice sculptures are going to be so popular. You want to get some in, on the cheap? Well, hey - it so happens I know just the guy...


At first glance, Seti looks /exotic/, and that's fair enough - as a Jade Islander, he's used to attracting stares. But then you'll notice other things, like his winning smiles, his beguiling eyes, his calm, honeyed words...

He dresses in the clothes of a merchant: light trousers (with lots of hidden pockets), sturdy boots (for pounding the cobbled streets), a light shirt (fine, silken, stolen), a dark waistcoat (again with hidden pockets, but for paper and quills), and a bag full of wares and mercantile paraphernalia. Oh, and a chain shirt, hidden under the more mundane one. Not to mention the concealed sap, and hand crossbow. You can't be too careful with the Ebon around.

Always greeting somebody, in some language or other, he's a dab hand at making you feel at ease. Very at ease. You want to invite him in, make him feel welcome, cut him that deal, payment tomorrow? no worries, cash flow is not an issue...

Well, not until tomorrow anyway.


This is provided for OOC information only. IC'ly, you may know Seti as somebody different, 'cause that's his shtick. Below (for transparency) is a list of those aliases.

  • Honourable Georg: Works down at the docks, for a man known only as 'Big Jimmy'. Collects shipments.
  • Sunblade Finbantanputra: A cleric of Daeus, from the Jade Islands chapter, specifically Seareach. Collects alms for the temple.
  • Chugger: A charity brick seller, getting sponsors for Flame's Hope Theatre. Usually found in the Theatre District.
  • Samlanann Liahanna: Deputy to Renfrey, owner of the Under Lock and Key shop in the Lower Trade District.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Merchant: Need something? Seti usually knows how to get it. And if not, he's got connections in places you don't.
  • Import / Export: Alexandros has some crazy strict trade tariffs, it's true. And Seti has all this knowledge about loopholes. Maybe that's useful to you, maybe it isn't.
  • Actor: Seti has a gift. He can look like, sound like, be like other people, at the drop of a hat. Why? He's an amateur actor, of course.

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Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Seti's a Xian, through and through, with Jade Islander family stretching back for generations.
Associated With: A broad network of Alexandran merchants, import/export businesses and amateur actor guilds.
Faith: Just a little faith in Rada, as you might expect.