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Devola Popporu

About My Character

Devola Popporu is an enigmatic young woman who aspires to be the greatest artificer of the age, and sometimes claims to already be such to those she assumes wouldn't know any better, even though she knows she is not. Yet, at least. She shows a lot of promise and her dedication to her craft is second-to-none, so that will help her greatly going forward, and she is quite creative, meaning her inventions, which tend to explode violently and with pretty colors, are at least innovative.

When it comes to being an adventurer, Devola is rather proficient. She approaches conflict with superior firepower and useful contraptions. She is handy to have around in a fight, and when it comes to exploration, her knowledge of engineering and arcana can off ensure safety inside sketchy dungeons or old castles that look ready to collapse. Likely one of the more appreciable qualities of Devola as an adventurer is her cooperative nature. She gets along well with other adventurers and works well with them, too.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Explosions! Generally these occur around Devola.
  • Adventuring. Devola loves to adventure.
  • Artificer. Hang out at the guild hall and you can easily run into Devola.
  • Fashionista! Devola is pretty fashion conscious. She knows all the trends and dresses well.
  • Siege Engineer. Devola knows how to blow things up and build things, too.
  • Military Theorist. While not the greatest at their applications, she at least knows how things should work.
  • Gunsmith. Got a problem? Need it fixed? Want one build? She can make your firearms happen!
  • Eye for quality. Devola can appraise with the best of them, particularly when it comes to artifice or fashion-centric items.
  • Gunslinger. Death rays and dragonspitters, oh my! Devola carries some firepower and knows how to use it.
  • Crafty. Devola builds contraptions, many of which are quite interesting. They tend to explode.

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Eeeeexplooooooosiooooon! Boom! Boom! BOOM! Yeah!