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About My Character

Did someone say there was a war on? Leave it to the professionals. ...and that is what Stjepan is. Born in the mountains of Stormgarde to a clan of Jotunbrud brimming with frost giant blood, he set out when he was young to find his way. The problem, though, with being a professional, is that it can take the shine off. It's made him prematurely cynical, and that's hard for him. His problem, you see, is that he genuinely cares about other people. About doing 'good'. His faith in Angoron revolves around his aspect as protector. Stjepan doesn't care much about the joy of competition. He likes winning, sure, but he prefers to see that people who can't help themselves don't get run over in the process.


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Arcane-Touched
Tier: Tier Three
Development: He can see deeply for one so martially-focused, and has an instinctive feel for the flows of magic moving around him. He doesn't always understand what he sees, but it's there nonetheless.

Roleplay Hooks

  • He's constantly looking for better ways to reach out and touch somebody (evil) from afar. He is, in the end, a big geek that likes to talk about the art of soldiering almost as much as he likes getting paid for the mercenary contracts he takes.
  • This giantborn likes cats. He likes their fluffiness and attitude, and enjoys pampering them. Just don't take one out into the field.
  • Stjepan has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about his size. It gets tiring being the big scary monster amidst the children ("rumpus, rumpus, rumpus"!) and he lets it show from time to time.
  • He possesses the unusual ability to see magic -- odd for somebody so martial.
  • He's been involved in investigating the Secure Panacea, the destruction of the Explorer's Guild, and various events at The Summit.

"Hold on to the edges of your garments, for the level of Teutonic menace is about to rise!"

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