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About My Character

Born of Woman, Sidanyari and a monetary transaction of some description, Latenat was a street waif whose mother was a seamstress at a local Western District brothel. Taking up with the rest of the rats the half-sil made his way by always having an ear the the ground an eye apon opportunity, and keeping a low profile. Thus the monkier 'Sharp ears' was gifted to him, referencing his heritage as well as his talents. Much upheaval affected Alexandria during his street-subjected upbringing, The mists swallowed Alexandria, The Blue Bitch was bought to her knees and the toppling of the Laughing Man from the guildmastership of The Guild of the Sly. That particular conflict was a blessing in surprise, because whilst his compatriots were recruited one by one the half-sil scoundrel was considered too young to join their ranks anfd they had weighteir things on their mind than notice a small half breed. Nonetheless Latenat took to tasks that avoided stepping apon the Guild's toes, doing odd jobs and becoming a familiar sight in all parts of the city in his rumor gathering activities. Quietly patriotic he is not overly renowned with a blade, would rather negotiate than seek violence, but when confronted will never back down.. a lesson the back alleys have taught well, lest ye invite more trouble.


Roleplay Hooks

  • You need to of know things secret and hidden? Follow me to my office goodfolk, where you ask? The streets of Alexandria.
  • Criminal deeds you say? I know not of such things, obviously. But I might known of those whom do.