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Ormarr of the Drum Reavers

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Ormarr is a shaman of the Drum Reaver clan. He enjoys mushrooms, war songs, and the beat of the drum. In his previous life he was a warrior of his people. Then he decided to become a hippie. He's often seen in the company of beasts, such as horses and very grumpy badgers.

Ormarr is a combat druid who calls on the strength of the oruch ancestors and the faith of the Green during battle. He's also a skinwalker, with a grumpy warbadger form.

Mushroom Mushroom

  • Other oruch
  • Shamanic things
  • Badgers, Mushrooms

Badges Badges


Oruch PC Badge
Clan: Drumreavers
Role: Shaman
Faith: Green Word
Honor: Enjoy life, enjoy a damn good fight, don't get carried away with tha latter.


(RPP) Organization PC Badge
Organization: Ygdrassil Union
Role: Shaman
Scholarship: Where you find tha mushrooms.
Apprentice: They aren't that crazy.
Other Landmarks: T5


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Ancestor-Touched
Tier: T2
Development: He honors the strength of his ancestors with his shapeshifting, and warshifters of old!

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