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|[[Toll Terror, part 2]]
|[[Toll Terror, part 2]]
|[[Locien]], [[Aimarra]], [[Elyanna]]
|[[Locien]], [[Aimarra]], [[Elyanna]]
|July 30, 2020
|[[Balancing the Scales, part 1]]
|[[Aimarra]], [[Tawyse]], [[Joro]]
|[[Ox Boxing]]
|[[Cryosanthia]], [[Braelnoir]], [[MAC-B1G]], [[Merek]], [[Randall]]

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Roleplay is central to Tenebrae, and consists of a mix of scenes, grid, and PrPs. Here you may read some of the logs our players have posted, or wanted to share. This page may also be used to post logs for PrPs, to share an item for staff review, or to tell players about a great scene. Remember too, if you're RPing in a public area, a log may end up on this site! All areas ongrid, and Plot Rooms, are considered public areas.

Most recent logs are at the bottom.

2014 Logs

Date Log People
December 3, 2014 PrP: Sinkhole Part 2a Kidda,Thanix,Kroth,Yngvild
December 5, 2014 Commitee Kiroth, Meihui, Mikilos
December 6, 2014 MEETUP: Snowball Fight! Aldean, Godwyn, Ionus, Kidda, Meihui,
Silmeria, Jibbom, Lorien, Benthus, Arixillo,
Vroole, Abrahil, Munch, Mikilos, Zalara, Stirling, Talazia
December 9, 2014 PrP: Decoy (part 2) Jessamy, Jahnavi
December 11,2014 Snow Play Mikilos, Rhar, Autumn, Aldean, Amithil
December 12, 2014 PrP: Pickety Pickety Nuanna, Jal, Amithil, Vroole, Thanix
December 13, 2014 PrP: Milk Run
December 13, 2014 PrP: Ambush Schneider, Lothos, Aldean, Kiroth
December 14, 2014 PrP: Trade Route Jahnavi, Alba, Amithil, Jal, Aevarr, Tiasa
December 14, 2014 Poetic Souls Tiasa, Alba, Raethon, Stirling, Bahken
December 16, 2014 PrP: Pookems and Snookems Belladona, Kroth, Amithil
December 20, 2014 PrP: Supplies! Aurala, Benthus, Oates, Rhar, Tatyannah, and Zalara. Run by Ssylrath.
December, 2014 A Series of Sad Bars Talazia, Svarshan, Aldean, Godwyn
December 22, 2014 Bandit Trouble Azariah, Brianna, Kroth, Vroole, Yngvild
December 22, 2014 PrP: Finding Rachel Eligar, Aevarr
December 24, 2014 PrP: Think of the Children! Jessamy, Raethon, Takiyah, Tiasa, and Vroole, run by Ssylrath
December 25, 2014 PrP: Dying Paladin Sophia, Munch, Lothos
December 26, 2014 PrP: It's Always Bugs Benthus, Corra, and Kravar, run by Ssylrath
December 29, 2014 PrP: Rescue the Orphans 2 Corra, Godwyn, Aldean
December 31, 2014 PrP: Unwanted Residents Yrqeem, Uraug, Tiasa,Kroth


2015 Logs


Date Log People
January 2, 2015 PrP: Breeding Grounds Silmeria, Kroth, Thanix, Taro
January 4, 2015 PrP: Guardians at the Gate Laefwyn, Alakton, Renfrey, Pips, Taro, Rhar
January 6, 2015 PrP: Scouts or just Wolves Alba,Dain,Belladona
January 7, 2015 PrP: Do you wanna chomp a snowman? Aevarr,Kroth,Smythly
January 8, 2015 PrP: Barney the Bear Kroth, Terewin, Blackjack, Arkun
January 8, 2015 PrP: Breeding Grounds 2 Silmeria, Pips, Charis, Taro
January 8, 2015 Pubbing Vroole, Oliver, Cesran, Mikilos, Stjepan
January 9, 2015 PrP:The_Cairn Terewin, Faiza, Blackjack, Pips, Belladona
January 11, 2015 PrP: Missing Husband Bahken, Flicker
January 11, 2015 Theater Front Aldean, Flicker, Basil, Mikilos, Benthus
January 10, 2015 PrP: Goblins and Stolen Babies Silmeria, Dain, Charis, Barsool-um
January 12, 2015 Market Crash Tiasa, Te'Andra, Solace, Selia, Ivy, Cesran, Basil, Flicker, Audax
January 16, 2015 PrP: Haunted Playhouse Belladona, Yngvild, Flicker, Faiza
January 17, 2015 PrP:Walk in the Woods Silmeria, Kroth, Dain, Morasha
January 17th, 2015 PrP: Doge Day Afternoon Faiza, Terewin, Rayne, Bahken, Tiasa
January 18, 2015 PrP: Danger Close Zalara, Rhar, Lothos, Margaret
January 18, 2015 PrP: Lost Tower Zalara, Rhar, Renfrey, Valadhiel
January 20, 2015 PrP: A Beautiful Mine Kroth, Silmeria, Yngvild, Jahnavi, Morasha, Daromu
January 21, 2015 Meetup: Angoron Party! Yngvild, Jibbom, Morasha, Munch, Kroth, Bahken,
Hrist, Nicolai, Boshter, Halani, Stjepan, Rayne
January 22, 2015 PrP: An Apprentice Problem Kiroth, Lothos, Rhar, Margaret
January 25, 2015 PrP: Hunter and Prey Lily, Latenat
January 26, 2015 A Suddenly Bad Day Elessa, Tatyannah, Lily, Benthus
January 26, 2015 Mountain Rest Mikilos, Jahnavi
January 27, 2015 Recruitment Efforts Elessa, Kerbasy, Aldean, Silmeria, Cesran
January 30, 2015 PrP: The Diary Charis, Aevarr, Stjepan, Yngvild, Gareth, Oliver, Faiza, Belladona
January 30, 2015 PrP: Portal Trouble Bahken, Duncan, Lothos, Lyrana, and Zarr. Run by Ssylrath
January 22, 2015 PrP: Yippee Ki Yay Kroth, Bennet, Mara, Belladona
January 31, 2015 PrP: Clearing the Cache Aldean, Renfrey, Kiroth, Margaret
January 31, 2015 PRP: Monkey Business Aldean, Lothos, Godwyn, Corra, Abrahil, Rhar


2016 Logs


Date Log People
January 1, 2016 PrP: Sticky Situation Haggerty, Raethon, Chach, MAC-B1G, Sigrid, Eirene
January 2, 2016 PrP: Murderous Cannibal Haggerty, Sigrid, Kailin, Malkael
January 5, 2016 Docks Talk Munch, Kailin
January 7, 2016 PrP: Borders II: Raiders of the Lost Cart Haggerty, Kailin, Kaj, Krom
January 10, 2016 PrP: The Lost Boy Garak, Munch, Verna, Tiasa
January 11, 2016 PrP: Village of Glenspiel Haggerty, Kailin, Sigrid
January 11, 2016 Woods Wizards Mikilos, Fayde
January 12, 2016 Snipe hunt Munch, Uneth, Iadoth
January 13, 2016 Before the Society Verna, Solace, Kailin, Mikilos
January 14, 2016 PrP: Bandit Tree Veloria, Sigrid
January 22, 2016 PrP: Mining Job Kailin, Sasha, Drok'thar
January 22, 2016 Meetup: Courtroom Blues: Prelude Kailin, Stirling, Veloria
January 23, 2016 Meetup: Bardic Concert Kailin, Stirling, Aldean, Jibbom, Silmeria, Arisha, Stjepan, Abrahil, Serene, Svarshan, Verna, Miruan
January 24, 2016 PrP: Cult Leader Tiasa, Garak, Verna, Alba, and Nadara
January 28, 2016 PrP: Buried Demons Kailin, Vasya, Sully, Thanix
January 29, 2016 PrP: Demons in the Manor Halena, Vasya, Kailin, Ezriya
January 31, 2016 Blades of Hell Kailin, Kalkorth, Vasya, Veloria, Kevan
February 2, 2016 A Ladle Help, Please Arisha, Veloria
January 29, 2016 Meetup: Fancy Party Vati Kailin, Myrana, Abrahil, Jacob, Charlotte, Jibbom, Rhar, Mikilos, Cesran


2017 Logs


Date Log People
January 2, 2017 PrP: Winter Raids Selerik, Blauensturm, Astaren, Zenia, Malorn, Josselyn, Albain
PrP: Troll Hunt DM: Elisabeth, Players: Nasrin, Sadia, Hun'rar, Ilmig, Khera
January 3, 2017 Scene: Penance Before Althea An'thirya, Raethon
MEETUP: Hayatiento Aerie Opening Lots
January 4, 2017 Scene: To Petition Eluna An'thirya, Ga'Elian
January 5, 2017 Redeye Flight An'thirya, Mikilos
Scene: Bound to the Moon An'thirya, Astaren, Aya, Dubtle
January 6, 2017 Selerik Intros Elian to the City's Malaise Selerik, Ga'Elian
January 7, 2017 A New Year Blitz Ollithial, Sparrow, Azarval, Krom
January 9, 2017 Elian Intros Pendaril to Selerik Selerik, Ga'Elian
January 9, 2017 Crimson Justice! Astaren, Aznara, Cesran, Mikilos, Miriai, Myrana, Sandy, Selerik, Silmeria, Tarragon
January 11, 2017 About the Door Trials Aya, Ga'Elian
January 12, 2017 Big Dreams and a Little Dragon Astaren, Ga'Elian
January 13, 2017 Tracks to the Junkyard Ga'Elian, Selerik, Azog, Aya, Pelka
January 16, 2017 Interview: Mistress of Weasels Astaren, Roselle, Aya
January 18, 2017 Mysterious Box Recovered Ga'Elian, Aya
January 19, 2017 Checking Out the Wreck Munch, Ga'Elian
January 23, 2017 Lodestones, Trails, and Spells Ga'Elian, Selerik
January 24, 2017 Horse Sense Ga'Elian, Soren, Aya, Masamya
January 25, 2017 Huldith Ga'Elian, Munch
January 26, 2017 Drunken Blindfolded Target Practice Ga'Elian, Mayahuel, Bjoric
January 26, 2017 A Fault in the Plan Aya, Bjoric, Elisabeth, Selerik, Stjepan, Fazhad
January 27, 2017 A Conspiracy Discovered Ga'Elian, Fazahd
January 31, 2017 PrP: Lady Jaquetta Munch, Aya


2018 Logs


Date Log People
January 7, 2018 Demons What P 10 Whirlplot
January 8, 2018 Oasis 9: Jewel in the Desert Beagleplot
Smaller Details pt 1 Lucy, Baz, Tirrynelth, Besra, Granit
January 13, 2018 Temple Bread Kerbasi, Serraphine, Azog, Baz, Arynel
Mictlan Celebration Kisaplot
January 14, 2018 Demons What P 11 Whirlplot
January 15, 2018 Crypts and Things Beagleplot
Baz Has a Cow Baz, Duncan, Sylvi, Aerilaya, Kaelyn, Ga'Elian, An Oruch
Smaller Details pt 2 Lucy, Baz, Tirrynelth, Aerilaya
January 17, 2018 Crypt Analysis Heinrich, Gregor
January 19, 2018 The Gargoyle's Nest Garak, Raethon, Hun'rar, Atleti, Corra
January 20, 2018 Caravan Woes Kisaplot
Golden Cookie Bakery Astplot
January 21, 2018 Demons What P 12 Whirlplot
January 22, 2018 Smaller Details pt 3 Lucy, Baz, Tirrynelth, Aerilaya, Athrian, Kore
January 24, 2018 What Dreams Ae Made Of Part 3 Aya, Alba, Astaren, Kisaiya, Hun'rar, Sasha
January 26, 2018 The Gargoyle's Nest CTD Whirlplot
January 27, 2018 Inmost Sea-capades Boliplox
Team Building Ga'Elian, Selia
Tribal Strife, Part 1 Boliplox
January 28, 2018 Demons What P 13 Whirlplot
January 29, 2018 Smaller Details pt 4 Lucy, Baz, Tirrynelth, Aerilaya, Kore, Besra
January 31, 2018 Taming of the Sandy Kaelyn, Selia, Verna, Kerbasi, Sandy, Serraphine
Legwork: What Dreams Ae Made Of Part 4 Whirlplot


2019 Logs


Date Log People
January 2, 2019 Bloodcrier's Theft Azog, Ga'Elian, Morgan, Murder
The Challenge Pit Remix Baz da Ork, Lysa, Morgan, Nadara, Selerik, Sorscha
January 7, 2019 A Cleansing Experience pt8 Kravar, Astaren, Durrankar, Stirling, Thyrson
January 14, 2019 A Cleansing Experience pt9 Kravar, Astaren, Durrankar, Stirling, Thyrson, Sophia
January 15, 2019 Bloody Elves Baz da Ork, Lucy, Morgan, Murder, Raethon
January 18, 2019 A Smaller Task pt1 Alaryn, Toha, Sargon, Edinaz, Lawson
January 21, 2019 A Cleansing Experience pt10 Kravar, Astaren, Durrankar, Stirling, Thyrson
January 25, 2019 A Smaller Task pt2 Alaryn, Toha, Sargon, Edinaz, Lawson
January 28, 2019 A Cleansing Experience pt11 Kravar, Astaren, Durrankar, Stirling, Thyrson, Sophia


2020 Logs


Date Log People
January 03, 2020 A Mountainous Exploration Part 6 Garak, Kore, Olek, Stjepan, Seldan, Malik, Much, Rhar
January 4, 2020 I've Had Enough Seldan, Malik, Clay, Quilani, Garakos, Acedia
January 06, 2020 Tiny Fish Thief Aria, Kaydin, Merek, Mikilos, Shin, Quilani
The Brothers Irla Davienne, Khogh-Dorahl, Klaus, Shin
I've Had Enough, Part 2 Acedia, Quilani, Malik, Seldan
January 07, 2020 The Wisdom of Tea Seldan, Stirling, Zeke
January 08, 2020 In which there is curry Geir, Kaj, Zapolklnex, Zeke
Questioning Menel Menel, Seldan
An Overture (Part 3) Auranar, Davienne, Klaus, Nasrin, Skribbles
January 09, 2020 The Flayed Man part 2 Iskandar, Seldan, Malik, Verna
January 10, 2020 Mission for Fish Acedia, Asmli, Ignis, Jaen, Zapolklnex
January 11, 2020 In which there is resolve to help Faranmidahn, Iskanadar, Zeke
January 12, 2020 The Taste Forgotten Herne, Ignis, Jaen, Shin, Zapolklnex
The Gourmand: Brain Soup Daechir, Herne, Kaydin, Lillianath, Stena, Davienne (GM)
January 13, 2020 Amoxtli (Part 2) Delilah, Donna, Elyanna, Gregor, Iuitl
January 14, 2020 Don't Be Afraid Atleti, Herne, Ignis, Kaelyn, Menel, Reva, Seldan, Zapolklnex
Aftermath of Madness Acedia, Kaelyn, Karasu, Reva, Seldan
Names and Meanings Menel, Mikilos
January 15, 2020 Day at the Fair Aetheras, Kaelyn, Karasu, Shin, Zapolklnex
Assumptions Seldan, Bennet, Etan, Zeke
Garden of Thought Acedia, Karasu, Kaydin, Kerbasi
An Overture (Part 4) Auranar, Davienne, Klaus, Skribbles
Bills Come Due Delilah, Ezil, Kaelyin, Kisaiya, Shizin, Volund
January 16, 2020 Slippery Slope Kaelyn, Kerbasi, Mikilos, Rhyn, Seldan
The Flayed Man part 3 Iskandar, Seldan, Malik, Verna, Olek
January 20, 2020 Say my Name Azog, Faranmidahn, Merek, Mikilos, Morgan, Skribbles, Volund, Zapolklnex
January 21, 2020 Cryo 1, arrival Alexandria Cryosanthia, Gregor
January 22, 2020 Cryo 2, Rain on Redridge Merek, Cryosanthia, Garrett, Munch, Arngrim
An Overture (Part 5) Davienne, Klaus, Skribbles
January 23, 2020 Star Warrior Merek, Mikilos, Cryosanthia, Ezil, Xasany, Garrett
The Flayed Man Part 5 Olek, Seldan, Malik (DM: Whirlpool)
January 24, 2020 Ancient Spark Durgash, Ezil, Garrett, Herne, Ignis, Zapolklnex
Darkness and Dragons Oh My! Kaelyn, Razen, Toha, Valadhiel
Fireside Soup Geir, Iuitl, Cryosanthia, Zeke, Burai, Tenoc, Svarshan, Merek, Kaydin, Sandy
January 25, 2020 Fairy Tales Ezil, Seldan, Garrett, Mikilos
Lower Market Meetings Cryosanthia, Ezil, Merek, Murder, Garrett, Mikilos, Ignis, Iskandar, Kaelyn
A Mountainous Exploration Part 7 Garak, Kore, Olek, Seldan, Malik, Much
January 26, 2020 Tails and Tales Ezil, Garrett, Kaelyn, Merek, Cryosanthia, Braelnoir
January 27, 2020 Vardaman Alcolve Mikilos, Cryosanthia
Messy Market Ezil, Garrett, Kaelyn, Stirling, Mikilos
January 28, 2020 Fireside Tails Cryosanthia, Ezil, Kaelyn
Live and Let Die Klaus, Asmli, Ezil, Elyanna, Cryosanthia
January 29, 2020 Innocence Lost Arngrim, Iuitl, Merek, Mikilos, Seldan, Toha
Tree Punching Cryosanthia, Iuitl, Geir, Garrett, Kaelyn
Wayward Discussions Cryosanthia, Ezil, Kaelyn, Merek
January 30, 2020 A hand or two Iuitl, Seldan, Zeke
Dancing Sights Cryosanthia, Ezil, Merek
Pub Night Cryosanthia, Azog, Merek, Ezil, Garrett, Strike
January 31, 2020 Questioning Zak Mikilos, Cryosanthia, Ezil
Clutching Mother Zeke, Cryosanthia, Kaydin
Caste Ceremony Cryosanthia, Geir, Iuitl, Tirrynelth, Zeke


Date Log People
February 1, 2020 Ice Fishing Cryosanthia, Tirrynelth, Ezil, Merek, Seldan, Caim
February 2, 2020 Snowball Colosseum Azog, Cryosanthia, Ezil, Seldan, Choler, Caim
February 3, 2020 In which they share the past Geir, Iuitl, Zeke
Skeletal Ship Cryosanthia, Garrett, Ezil, Merek
February 4, 2020 Pride of Silvermoon Duncan, Hun'rar, Merek, Mikilos, Toha, Seldan
Hunting Humans Wyniko, Cryosanthia, Kaelyn
February 5, 2020 Learning Never Ends Merek, Seldan
Redridge Fishing Merek, Cryosanthia, Ezil, Caim, Durrankar
February 6, 2020 The Flayed Man part 6 Iskandar, Seldan, Malik, Ezil, Olek
Dreams and Dinner Geir, Cryosanthia, Durrankar
February 7, 2020 How many casts does it take? Merek, Zapolklnex
A Mountainous Exploration Part 8 Garak, Kore, Olek, Stjepan, Seldan, Malik, Much
Good cup, Bad cup Durrankar, Cryosanthia, Svarshan
Gilead's Horn, part 1 Zapolklnex, Shara, Ezil, Shin, Faranmidahn, Cryosanthia
February 8, 2020 Eel Soup Ezil, Faranmidahn, Cryosanthia, Tarragon, Caim, Kaelyn, Tarragon
Unlocked Mind Ezil, Cryosanthia, Malik, Garrett
February 9, 2020 Sandskipper Shanghai Cryosanthia, Asmli, Durgash, Ezil, Merek, Strike
Book of Fire Cryosanthia, Ezil, Hubert, Durgash, Felicia
February 10, 2020 Hand of Ardtan Nels, Asmli, Cryosanthia, Zapolklnex
Drumming Cryosanthia, Svarshan, Arisha, Ezil
February 11, 2020 Demons Over Easy Svarshan, Cryosanthia, Ezil, Zeke
February 12, 2020 Goblin Gathering Murder, Namira, Azog, Munch, Garrett, Merek, Cryosanthia
February 13, 2020 A Midwinter Day's Play Kaelyn, Svarshan, Merek, Cryosanthia, Mae, Ezil, Kaydin
The Flayed Man part 7 Iskandar, Seldan, Ezil, Olek
February 14, 2020 A Mountainous Exploration Part 9 Garak, Kore, Olek, Stjepan, Seldan, Malik, Munch
Community Day Cryosanthia, Ezil, Kaelyn, Merek, Sasha, Seldan, Serraphine, Mel, Shin, Acedia, Iskandar, Nasirri, Svarshan, Kaydin
Gilead's Horn, partial 2 Faranmidahn, Cryosanthia, Zapolklnex, Shara, Ezil, Shin
February 15, 2020 White Glove Treatment Cryosanthia, Delilah, Kaelyn, Durgash, Charlotte
Crowbite Company Cryosanthia, Shin, Durgash, Namira
February 16, 2020 Snow Proposal Seldan, Azog, Ezil, Cryosanthia, Kaelyn, Shagara, Braelnoir
Steel-Belting Kaelyn, Merek, Braelnoir, Cryosanthia, Ezil, Raethon
February 17, 2020 Ashlee to Ashes Ezil, Iskandar
February 18, 2020 Speaker Dance Gregor, Cryosanthia, Wyniko
Fernwood Conversations Ezil, Caim, Amythyst, Iskandar, Cryosanthia, Kaelyn, Krom
February 19, 2020 The Flayed Man part 8 Iskandar, Seldan, Ezil, Olek, Malik
February 20, 2020 At the Hall of the Mountain Mage Mikilos, Cryosanthia, Nels, Ezil, Merek, Seldan, Kaelyn
Don't Pay the Ferryman Merek, Cryosanthia, Ezil
Some Things Are Better Kept Within Seldan, Ezil
February 21, 2020 Rock the World Azog, Murder, Cryosanthia, Felicia, Merek, Jedrek, Kaelyn, Shin, Munch
Hold my Beer Braelnoir, Cryosanthia, Merek, Ezil, Kaelyn
February 22, 2020 Market Day Azog, Kaelyn, Mae, Cryosanthia, Shin, Toshsio, Masamya
February 23, 2020 Head's Up Nels, Namira, Cryosanthia, Kaydin, Elleandra, Lysos
February 24, 2020 Marvelous Secrets and Marvelous Toys Gregor, Cryosanthia, Kaelyn, Seldan
The Vardo and the Pool Ezil, Cryosanthia, Garrett, Arynne, Merek, Wyniko, Kaydin, Kaelyn
February 25, 2020 That which follows you Cryosanthia, Merek, Etan, Kaelyn, Amythyst, Halani, Braelnoir, Halani, Ezil, Nels
February 26, 2020 Iron Booking Svarshan, Cryosanthia
Songs at Starlight Shara, Cryosanthia, Kaelyn, Ezil
February 27, 2020 Red Velvet Cake Khogh-Dorahl, Kisaiya, Cryosanthia, Kaelyn, Elycia
Better down where it's Wetter Elleandra, Cryosanthia, Merek, Braelnoir, Amythyst
February 28, 2020 Clothing and Red Capes Braelnoir, Seldan, Cryosanthia, Merek, Aya, Poc, Ezil
Gilead's Horn Part 4 Cryosanthia, Ezil, Faranmidahn, Shara, Shin, Zapolklnex
February 29, 2020 Bread and Ancestors Seldan, Azog, Ezil, Cryosanthia, Kira, Caim
Hard Lessons Braelnoir, Aya, Cryosanthia, Ezil, Merek, Poc, Selia


Date Log People
March 2, 2020 Youngling at Heart Svarshan, Cryosanthia
Unfaithful of Taara Seldan, Cryosanthia, Svarshan, Aya
Hot off the Punches Chay, Zeke, Halani, Cryosanthia, Azog, Merek, Braelnoir, Aya
Whip Wiles Asmli, Delilah, Donna, Elleandra, Lysos, Nels, Strike
Blood and Vodka Braelnoir, Cryosanthia, Merek, Ezil
Honesty Is the Best Policy Seldan, Serene
March 3, 2020 The Revolution Begins Aya, Garakos, Zapolklnex
Winter Worg Braelnoir, Felicia, Nels
March 4, 2020 Wing Things Cryosanthia, Zant, Aya, Nels, Braelnoir, Deanna, Elleandra, Garrett, Aodhan
March 5, 2020 Poc goes to Goblintown Aetheras, Cryosanthia, Poc, Acedia, Merek
Can't Beat Home Cookin' pt1 Cryosanthia, Garrett, Poc, Shym'r, Aodhan, Zant
Humanufacted Nethercite Nels, Ezil, Daechir, Zant, Zapolklnex as GM
March 6, 2020 Ghosts and Ancestors in the Library Seldan, Cryosanthia, Poc
March 7, 2020 Fears by Firelight Ezil, Cryosanthia
Can you dig it? Hubert, Ferawyn, Nels, Bruhai
PrP: Goblin Guards Gone Cryosanthia, Ezil, Lysos, Mikilos, Nels, Poc, Shin
March 8, 2020 Despair and Ale Asmli, Elleandra, Geir
Schlocky Terror Magic Show Acedia, Cryosanthia, Aya, Seldan, Braelnoir, Ezil, Nels, Zant, Merek, Elleandra, Edinaz
March 9, 2020 Marks that Made Us Seldan, Cryosanthia
Underfed Returns! Asmli, Victor
March 10, 2020 Resilience Asmli, Nels, Stirling
March 11, 2020 Survival and Prosperity Geir, Cryosanthia, Un'eth
March 12, 2020 The Revolution is questioned Garakos, Zapolklnex
Khazad Komfort Fhood Elleandra, Cryosanthia, Pelka
The Flayed Man part 10 Iskandar, Seldan, Ezil, Olek
March 13, 2020 A suspicious treasure map Poc, Ezil, Cryosanthia
Merkabah - The Glowing Lake Acedia, Zapolklnex, Lawson, Braelnoir, Elleandra
A Mountainous Exploration Part 11 Garak, Rhar, Olek, Stjepan, Seldan, Malik, Munch
March 14, 2020 Practice Cake Cryosanthia, Zant, Nels, Aya, Faranmidahn
March 15, 2020 A Matter of Taste - In the Dryad's Grove Cryosanthia, Acedia, Masamya
Bandit Turnover Nels, Lysos, Skribbles, Edinaz, Poc
March 16, 2020 Two Corpses Cryosanthia, Ezil
Underfed Returns! pt2 Asmli, Victor, Echo
Two Graves Cryosanthia, Geir
Rough Research in the Library Braelnoir, Cryosanthia, Merek, Ezil
March 17, 2020 Veggie Delight Strike, Nels, Burai, Ezil,Lanier, Lysos
Merkabah - The Crashed Airship, pt 1 Braelnoir, Ezil, Lanier, Nels, Namira, Acedia
March 18, 2020 Merkabah - The Crashed Airship, pt 2 Braelnoir, Ezil, Lanier, Nels, Namira, Acedia
March 19, 2020 Hermit Rescue Skribbles, Klaus, Caranthir, Hubert,Konstance
Stone Calzone Aetheras, Asmli, Cryosanthia, Kira, Konstance, Sasha, Acedia
Merkabah - The Abominable Factory, pt 1 Braelnoir, Elleandra, Nels, Etan, Konstance, Shilde
March 20, 2020 Like a Good Comrade Acedia, Asmli, Strike
A Mountainous Exploration Part 12 Garak, Rhar, Olek, Stjepan, Seldan, Malik, Munch
Hedozu: Dangerous Fugitive Klaus, Foxx, Lysos
March 21, 2020 Gearing Up Part 1 Mel, Tarragon, MAC-B1G, Sargon (DM: Seldan)
Death of the Winter King Cryosanthia, Krom, Braelnoir, Byvinodr
March 22, 2020 Wood and Sandwiches Geir, Cryosanthia
The Vampires of Veyshan Merek, Arynne, Cryosanthia, Seldan, Kira
March 23, 2020 Shallow Heart Cryosanthia, Silmeria, Azog, Lysos, Zapolklnex, Durrankar, Ezil, Merek, Sargon
March 24, 2020 Rent and Repair Cryosanthia, Merek, Nels, Dorne, Braelnoir, Seldan
Can't Beat Home Cookin' pt2 Nels, Cryosanthia, Zant
March 25, 2020 Catching Kami Cryosanthia, Merek, Seldan
An Overture (Part 14) Auranar, Davienne, Klaus, Skribbles
Water Spider Cryosanthia, Dorne, Elleandra, Faranmidahn, Zeke, Durrankar, Un'eth
March 26, 2020 Wiser Eyes Please Cryosanthia, Zeke, Merek, Asmli, Un'eth, Azog, Aetheras, Elleandra, Seldan, Faranmidahn, Konstance, Shagara
March 27, 2020 In which there is nearly a fight Dorne, Elleandra, Merek, Seldan, Sorscha, Strike, Zeke
Mere Ember Zeke, Faranmidahn, Cryosanthia
Gilead's Horn Part 5 Cryosanthia, Ezil, Faranmidahn, Shara, Zapolklnex
A Mountainous Exploration Part 13 Garak, Rhar, Olek, Stjepan, Seldan, Malik
March 28, 2020 You look terrible Mikilos, Cryosanthia
A Flicker of Memory Acedia, Seldan, Zant, Strike, Mikilos, Zeke, Cryosanthia, Merek
March 29, 2020 My Cihuaa Cryosanthia, Zeke
Good Intentions Menel, Seldan
Merkabah - The Abominable Factory, pt 2 Braelnoir, Etan, Lanier, Nels, Shilde, Elleandra, Konstance
March 30, 2020 White-Flower, You are Here. Now Faranmidahn, Ezil, Cryosanthia
The Revolution is Delayed Dorne, Gareth, Konstance, Verna, Zapolklnex
Follow the Priest Dorne, Gareth, Lanier, Nels, Zapolklnex
Sasa Seldan, Cryosanthia, Menel
March 31, 2020 Casting and listening Seldan, Verna, Zapolklnex
Helplessness Zeke, Seldan
You Don't Belong Here Cryosanthia, Seldan, Zeke
A Knight to Catch Up Ezil, Faranmidahn
Kaiju Hunt! Olek, Halani, Verna, Merek
Rough for You Alba, Boshter, Durrankar, Kira, Serene


Date Log People
April 1, 2020 Are we still friends? Cryosanthia, Zeke, Seldan, Faranmidahn
April 2, 2020 A Message from your Mother Braelnoir, Elleandra, Lanier, Seldan, Un'eth
The Flayed Man part 11 Iskandar, Seldan, Ezil, Olek, Malik
April 3, 2020 Kaiju Hunt! Part 2 - finale Olek, Halani, Verna, Merek
April 4, 2020 In the Market for Murder Cryosanthia, Lanier, Sargon
Same Sad Song Menel, Seldan
Murdering Menel, take two Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn, Zeke, Seldan
April 5, 2020 Concerning Oozes and Weddings Elleandra, Mikilos, Seldan
Price of Progress Cryosanthia, Elleandra, Faranmidan, Zant, Zeke
What Else Do You Know? Seldan, Mikilos, Elleandra
April 6, 2020 Follow the Priest (Part 2) Dorne, Gareth, Nels, Zapolklnex
What shall we do with a broken bloodline Seldan, Cryosanthia, Halanaestra, Karasu, Darius, Zant, Acedia, Kira
Let's Go Acedia, Cyrosanthia, Faranmidahn, Seldan
No Gifts! Acedia, Menel
Underfed Returns! pt3 Asmli, Victor, Echo, Edinaz
April 7, 2020 Death is the Beginning Acedia, Menel, Seldan
Farewell Fernwood Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn
Rough for You (Part 2) Alba, Boshter, Durrankar, Kira, Serene
April 8, 2020 Schrodinger's Letter Cryosanthia, Auranar, Konstance, Faranmidahn
April 9, 2020 Fae Spring Break Cryosanthia, Merek, Kira, Sabina, Zant, Pelka, Seldan, Konstance
Nice Night For Fishing Cryosanthia, Braelnoir, Konstance, Zant, Elleandra, Merek, Lanier
The Flayed Man part 12 Iskandar, Seldan, Olek, Malik
April 10, 2020 What Should I Feel Cryosanthia, Auranar, Seldan
Knocking Sense Zeke, Seldan, Cryosanthia
April 11, 2020 Calamari Calamity Braelnoir, Victor, Lanier, Cryosanthia
April 12, 2020 Out in the Woods Acedia, Malik, Menel, Seldan
Epic Library Research Cryosanthia, Auranar, Faranmidahn, Mikilos
Full Moon's Light Cryosanthia, Mikilos, Pelka, Zapolklnex, Merek, Lanier, Lysos
April 13, 2020 Quick Beat Aetheras, Daechir
For The Love Of Cryosanthia, Auranar, Elleandra, Faranmidahn, Lanier
April 14, 2020 Pushing It Choler, Asmli
Dated References Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn
Rough for You (Part 3) Alba, Boshter, Durrankar, Kira, Serene
April 15, 2020 House Guest Aetheras, Daechir
True Death Cryosanthia, Silmeria
Coconut Spider Faranmidahn, Auranar, Cryosanthia, Burai, Elleandra
An Overture (Part 16) Auranar, Davienne, Nasrin, Skribbles
April 16, 2020 You Are Cordially Invited Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn, Sabina, Elleandra
The Flayed Man part 13 Iskandar, Seldan, Verna, Malik, Darius
April 17, 2020 Only the End Seldan, Sabina, Faranmidahn, Cryosanthia, Garak, Kira, Malik, Konstance
April 18, 2020 I Will Move The Heavens Seldan, Sabina, Faranmidahn, Cryosanthia, Kira, Malik, Acedia, Zeke
Storm's Edge Faranmidahn, Auranar, Cryosanthia, Sabina
April 19, 2020 What Lies Beneath Cryosanthia, Darius, Elleandra, Halani, Jasper, Murder, Merek, Pelka, Seldan, Toha
Rough for You (Part 4) Alba, Durrankar, Kira, Serene
April 20, 2020 Do The Gods Answer? Zeke, Kira, Malik, Zant, Merek, Seldan
April 21, 2020 Let it all out Zeke, Geir, Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn, Sabina, Seldan
April 22, 2020 In which there are Questions and Answers Malik, Seldan, Zeke
Air and Darkness Darius, Garak, Gareth, Halani, Kira, Lanier, Malik, Mikilos, Seldan
Fungal Roots Davienne, Jozi, Sabina, Sargon
April 23, 2020 Cold Comfort Cryosanthia, Sabina, Aya, Zeke, Faranmidahn
Air and Darkness (Part 2) Darius, Garak, Kira, Lanier, Malik, Mikilos, Seldan
April 24, 2020 Monsters of a Feather Elena, Karasu
Crossroads of Confusion Elleandra, Durrankar, Cryosanthia, Braelnoir, Kaydin, Merek, Karasu
It's Written in the STARS Burai, Lysos, Sabina, Sora, Edinaz
April 25, 2020 Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles Seldan, Serene
Fae and Mortals Cryosanthia, Mikilos, Kira
Complicated Arrivals Arngrim, Cryosanthia, Halani, Kira, Lanier, Malik, Pelka
Ghost of a Clue Braelnoir, Lanier, Ashes, Aya, Konstance
April 26, 2020 Healing around the Temples Serene, Merek, Seldan, Kira, Cryosanthia, Zeke, Elleandra, Toha, Malik, Konstance
Elly's Wedding Dress Elleandra, Cryosanthia, Mikilos, Garrett, Kira
Fa7an Faranmidahn, Seldan, Malik
April 27, 2020 Yet the Soul Obeys Malik, Seldan, Cryosanthia, Acedia, Carissa Padaryn
April 28, 2020 Sisterlizzy Advice Cryosanthia, Kira
Sweet Dreams Kin Seldan, Zeke
Where We Dare Not Go Cryosanthia, Darius, Hun'rar, Kira, Lanier, Toha
April 29, 2020 Conversations over Tea Cryosanthia, Lysos, Kira
Become as You Are Zeke, Mikilos, Seldan, Cryosanthia, Geir
April 30, 2020 In the Market for Souls Merek, Cryosanthia, Sabina, Darius, Kira, Kravar, Lanier
Moving in with Mikilos Cryosanthia, Sabina, Mikilos, Sandy
The Flayed Man part 14 Iskandar, Seldan, Malik, Darius


Date Log People
May 1, 2020 Given the Boots Cryosanthia, Delilah, Donna
Along Came a Sith Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn
It's Written in the STARS pt2 Burai, Lysos, Sabina, Sora, Edinaz, Elena
May 2, 2020 Shadows and Sunlight Ashes, Zant
The Monk Who Sold His Fireball Sargon, Aya
A Shadow Rises In The East Verna, Karasu, Elena, Asmli, Lysos, Pelka, Darius
May 3, 2020 Down in Goblintown Elleandra, Garak, Ashes, Xasany
Track Down This Murderer Seldan, Cryosanthia, Acedia, Faranmidahn, Malik,
Jasper, Quilani, Serene, Auranar, Hun'rar,
Mikilos, Konstance, Elleandra, Sabina, Lanier
May 4, 2020 See No Evil Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn, Auranar, Verna
An Overture (Part 19) Auranar, Davienne, Skribbles
May 5, 2020 Living Dead Girl Verna, Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn, Auranar
Metal Gobber Acedia, Malik, Seldan, Toha
May 6, 2020 Everything I Do Malik, Seldan, Verna
Snack talk Karasu, Bannon, Ashes, Sabina
Underfed Returns! pt4 Asmli, Victor, Edinaz
May 7, 2020 Snack talk (Part 2) Karasu, Bannon, Ashes, Sabina, Lysos, Elleandra
The Flayed Man part 15 Iskandar, Seldan, Malik
Getting to Know You Verna, Seldan, Malik
So Many Oozes, So Little Time Verna, Seldan, Malik, Halani, Pelka
May 8, 2020 In the Shadows of Salina Cryosanthia, Seldan, Auranar, Faranmidahn
May 9, 2020 Bearding the Demon Kravar, Lanier, Serene, Verna
May 10, 2020 Preparing for Winter Seldan, Faranmidahn, Acedia, Cryosanthia, Halani
Endless Winter Acedia, Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn, Halani, Malik, Mikilos, Seldan
Rescuing the Prisoners Acedia, Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn, Halani, Kira
May 12, 2020 Snack Talk (part 3) Sabina, Ashes, Elena, Bannon, Lysos
Underfed Returns! pt5 Asmli, Victor, Edinaz
May 13, 2020 Endless Winter (Part 2) Malik, Mikilos, Seldan
Rescuing the Prisoners (Part 2) Acedia, Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn, Halani, Kira
May 14, 2020 Springtime Thaw Seldan, Acedia, Zeke, Kira, Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn
Around the Fountain Halani, Kira, Cryosanthia, Garak
May 15, 2020 Sudden Cold Snap Cryosanthia, Kira, Faranmidahn, Zeke
Unwelcome House Guest Malik, Seldan
It's Written in the STARS pt3 Burai, Lysos, Sabina, Edinaz, Elena
May 16, 2020 Wash Maids Kira, Cryosanthia
In between Answers and Argument Acedia, Cryosanthia, Kira, Malik, Seldan, Zeke
Snack Talk (part 4) Karasu, Lysos, Elena, Sabina, Bannon, Ashes
Security Upgrade Malik, Seldan, Verna
May 17, 2020 Only Time Malik, Seldan, Zeke
Rocky Returns Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn, Rocky
Friends Family Forgiveness Faranmidahn, Kira
May 18, 2020 Lakeside Chat Menel, Seldan
May 19, 2020 Not a Vacation Asmli, Choler, Elena
May 20, 2020 Not a Vacation (Part 2) Asmli, Choler, Elena
The Search Resumes Seldan, Mikilos
Am I the Baddie?? Bannon, Burai, Davienne, Sabina, Rocky, Shilde
May 22, 2020 It's Written in the STARS pt4 Burai, Edinaz, Elena, Lysos, Sabina
May 23, 2020 Proposal Malik, Seldan, Zeke
May 24, 2020 Waiting for Zeke Faranmidahn, Cryosanthia, Rocky, Aya, Garrett, Acedia
May 25, 2020 The Hunters Return Acedia, Seldan, Malik, Zeke, Cryosanthia, Kira, Rocky
Sandy Fails to Punch Someone Cryosanthia, Rocky, Zeke, Sandy, Ronin, Toha
May 26, 2020 Settling slander Ronin, Acedia, Seldan, Kira, Zeke, Cryosanthia, Braelnoir
In which she still lives Braelnoir, Cryosanthia, Kira, Seldan, Zeke
Underfed Returns! pt6 Asmli, Victor, Edinaz, Nasrin
May 27, 2020 (Mostly) Girl Talk Cryosanthia, Kira, Munch, Braelnoir
Not a Vacation (Part 3) Asmli, Elena
May 28, 2020 Ezil Returns Braelnoir, Cryosanthia, Ezil, Aya
The Flayed Man part 16 Iskandar, Seldan, Malik, Ezil
Six Hours Ashes, Elyanna, Sabina, Tetrosabier, Ygraine
May 29, 2020 In Search of Stories Sabina, Seldan, Kira
In which there's something inside Seldan, Zeke
It's Written in the STARS pt5 Burai, Edinaz, Elena, Lysos, Sabina
May 30, 2020 Run Away Cryosanthia, Iskandar, Verna, Toha, Ygraine
May 31, 2020 OK... New Plan Ashes, Cryosanthia, Toha, Verna, Auranar, Seldan, Malik
Nest Hunting Cryosanthia, Zeke
Dark Market Auranar, Malik


Date Log People
June 01, 2020 Talking Back Cryosanthia, Kira, Malik, Seldan, Serene, Toha
Am I the Baddie?? pt2 Bannon, Burai, Davienne, Sabina, Shilde
June 02, 2020 New Around Here Seldan, Shalethiste
Hate to Go Cryosanthia, Malik, Seldan, Zeke
Underwater Cryosanthia, Kira, Sabina, Toha
Underfed Returns! pt7 Asmli, Victor, Edinaz, Nasrin
June 03, 2020 Counting Corpses Ashes, Verna
Biting the Hand Faranmidahn, Auranar, Cryosanthia, Kira
Why? Kira, Munch, Seldan, Shalethiste
June 04, 2020 The Flayed Man, Part 17 Iskandar, Malik, Whirlpool as ST
Six Hours (Part two) Elyanna, Tetrosabier, Ashes, Sabina
Goblintown Cleanse MAC-B1G, Ashes, Toha
June 06, 2020 Golem Party MAC-B1G, Toha, Victor
June 07, 2020 Back to Silvermoon Acedia, Malik, Mikilos, Seldan, Serene
Box of Fish Cryosanthia, Kira, Braelnoir
June 08, 2020 If a Tree Falls, part 1 Ashes, Asmli, Elena, Lanier, Smuldur, Tetrosabier
Am I the Baddie?? pt3 Bannon, Burai, Davienne, Sabina, Shilde
June 09, 2020 Box of Wine Cryosanthia, Sabina, Kira, Braelnoir
June 11, 2020 The Healing Touch Irshya, Bannon, Braelnoir, Ashes, Sabina, Kira
June 12, 2020 Picking Daisies Bannon, Burai, Edinaz, Jozi, Linwen, Lysos, Sabina
Box of Ice Cryosanthia, Kira, Faranmidahn
June 13, 2020 Divine Interference Bannon, Kira, Linwen, Morgan, Seldan, Serene, Stjepan, Ygraine
Box of Hugs Cryosanthia, Auranar, Sabina, Kira, Faranmidahn
June 15, 2020 Unboxing it All Cryosanthia, Seldan
If a Tree Falls, part 2 Ashes, Asmli, Elena, Lanier, Smuldur, Tetrosabier
June 16, 2020 Moot Ashes, Morgan, Seldan, Sabina, Burai, Serene
Underfed Returns! pt8 Asmli, Victor, Edinaz, Nasrin
Not in the Cards Kira, Darius, Cryosanthia
Cogswallow and Tibbins Linwen, Sabina, Ygraine
June 17, 2020 The Olavi Device Bannon, Sabina, Ashes, Morgan, Halani, Delilah, Donna, Darius
Reflections Seldan, Serene
Lapgaggle Artistry Aya, Irshya, Sabina, Ygraine
June 18, 2020 Awaiting a Cure Sargon, Ashes, Morgan, Kira, Sabina, Seldan
Six Hours (Part 3) Sabina, Tetrosabier, Ygraine
The Flayed Man part 18 Iskandar, Seldan, Malik
Nest-Mother to the Stars Cryosanthia, Kira
June 19, 2020 Build a Seldan Seldan, Morgan, Kira, Cryosanthia
It's Written in the STARS pt6 Burai, Edinaz, Lysos, Sabina
June 20, 2020 The Dragonfather Cryosanthia, Morgan, Bannon, Kira
June 21, 2020 Orcupines, Part 1 Braelnoir, Rocky, Kira
June 22, 2020 Prayers Answered Linwen, Morgan, Kira, Seldan, Cryosanthia, Sabina, Lanier
Encore Boshter, Kira, Seldan, Serene
Am I the Baddie?? pt4 Bannon, Burai, Davienne, Sabina, Shilde
June 23, 2020 Prophecy of Winter Seldan, Acedia, Linwen, Kira
Lady Brightscales, the Dreaming Dragon Seldan, Kira, Darius, Cryosanthia, Shalethiste
Encore (Part 2) Boshter, Kira, Seldan, Serene
The World Wyrm Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn, Lanier
June 24, 2020 The Mountain Cryosanthia, Bannon, Sabina, Murder
June 25, 2020 Blacksmith Down Lanier, Sabina
Orcupines, Part 2 Rocky, Kira, Sabina, Lanier, Braelnoir
The Flayed Man part 19 Iskandar, Seldan, Malik
June 27, 2020 Immovable Objects Seldan, Morgan, Lanier, Acedia, Duncan, Aya, Cryosanthia
Urgent Adventurer Business Lanier, Cryosanthia, Aya
June 28, 2020 Cherry Icicle Seldan, Cryosanthia, Kira, Irshya, Sabina, Zeke
In which there is a private talk Cryosanthia, Zeke
Through the Looking Glass Acedia, Duncan, Kira, Malik, Mikilos, Morgan, Seldan, Serene, Cryosanthia
June 29, 2020 Am I the Baddie?? - finale! Bannon, Burai, Davienne, Sabina, Shilde
June 30, 2020 Reflecting on the Waves Cryosanthia, Sabina, Irshya, Faranmidahn
Bard and Breakfast Sabina, Irshya, Lysos, Ashes, Burai, Bannon
Have to Go Seldan, Cryosanthia, Acedia, Morgan, Malik


Date Log People
July 01, 2020 Mikilos in Alexandria Mikilos, Cryosanthia, Katsuro
July 02, 2020 The Warrior and the Vardaman Braelnoir, Morgan, Cryosanthia, Verna
Bard and Breakfast, part 2 Burai, Ashes, Sabina, Bannon, Lokir, Lysos
The Flayed Man part 20 Iskandar, Seldan, Malik, Lanier
July 03, 2020 Return to Mictlan Un'eth, Cryosanthia, Rocky
It's Written in the STARS pt7 - finale! Burai, Edinaz, Lysos, Sabina, Elena
July 04, 2020 Froggies! Faranmidahn, Poc, Nels, Sabina, Ezil
July 05, 2020 Troubled Lands Un'eth, Cryosanthia, Victor, Lanier
July 06, 2020 De Inferno Liberabis Cryosanthia, Braelnoir, Merek
Noise Complaint Bannon, Smuldur, Wu, Lysos, Lokir, Ashes, Lynn, Lyme
July 07, 2020 Drink Me Kira, Sabina, Cryosanthia, Ezil, Locien, Faranmidahn
July 09, 2020 I Remember Hatching Kira, Faranmidahn, Cryosanthia
Bard and Breakfast, part 3 Irshya, Ashes, Burai, Lysos, Sabina, Bannon
July 10, 2020 Mapping the Corruption Armnar, Tommy, Asmli, Faranmidahn, Ezil, Cryosanthia
July 11, 2020 Haunted by Demons Ezil, Seldan, Cryosanthia, Un'eth
July 12, 2020 River Cookout Irshya, Sabina, Burai, Zayn, Rocky, Un'eth
July 15, 2020 Frabjous Day Serene, Acedia, Seldan, Cryosanthia, Merek, Morgan
Bard and Breakfast, part 4 Irshya, Lysos, Sabina, Burai, Lokir, Ashes, Bannon
July 16, 2020 Slient Running Locien, Armnar, Nels, Rocky, Lysos
The Flayed Man, part 27 Seldan, Malik, Iskandar, Lanier
July 17, 2020 The Hidden Temple Merek, Morgan, Iskandar
Pub Freeze Cryosanthia, Braelnoir, Merek, Nels, Morgan
Spirits and Allies Aimarra, Tawyse, Un'eth, Burai, Morgan (cameo), Venom
July 19, 2020 Wasps of Unusual Size, part 1 Rocky, Katsuro, Jaen, Bannon
July 20, 2020 Bard and Breakfast, part 5 Sabina, Burai, Ashes, Lokir, Lysos, Bannon
July 21, 2020 Underfed Returns! pt9 - the finale!! Asmli, Victor, Edinaz, Nasrin
July 22, 2020 Wasps of Unusual Size, part 2 Rocky, Katsuro, Bannon
July 23, 2020 Toll Terror, part 1 Aimarra, Locien, Elyanna
The Flayed Man part 21 Iskandar, Seldan, Malik, Lanier
July 24, 2020 A Rocky Start, part 1 Tenoc, Lysos, Ashes, Smuldur, Locien
July 26, 2020 A Rocky Start, part 2 Tenoc, Lysos, Ashes, Smuldur, Locien
July 27, 2020 Rocs Fall Everybody Dies, part 1 Iuitl, Pelka, Nels, Cryosanthia, Braelnoir, Lanier, MAC-B1G
July 28, 2020 Toll Terror, part 2 Locien, Aimarra, Elyanna
July 30, 2020 Balancing the Scales, part 1 Aimarra, Tawyse, Joro
Ox Boxing Cryosanthia, Braelnoir, MAC-B1G, Merek, Randall