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Seldan Padaryn

Walk the dark path, sleep with angels, call the past for help
Touch me with your love and reveal to me my true name

Race: Human
Ancestry: Eldanar
Apparent Age: Young adult, likely early to mid 20's.
Occupation: Adventurer and crusader.
Class: Paladin/Sorcerer
Organizations: Temple of Eluna
Aspect: Ancestor-Touched


There is something about him, if one is human.

It is not easy to pin down exactly what, though. He is not the biggest man, despite a warrior's physique, just shy of six feet tall with a frame more closely resembling that of a gymnast than that of a brawler. Fair as a spring day, with hair equally balanced between ginger and blonde that is grown out of a military cut to fall in his eyes if not disciplined. Ice-blue eyes with blonde lashes hold wisdom and kindness, set into features that are even, straight, and strong. But - in certain lights, and at certain times, humans might almost see in this Eldanar man a glimpse of what a warrior of the Millennium Kingdom might once have looked like.

The warrior theme is carried again in the full platemail that he wears, its finish not a bright polish so much as a shimmer that recalls moonlight when under bright light, and quiescence in shadow. Over the platemail hangs an open, sleeveless robe of midnight-blue with moon-silvery edging and celestial symbols and creatures picked out in silver thread adorning it, and a steel pendant bearing the symbol of a crescent and sphere. A set of gold bracers, depicting celestial symbols that match the symbols on the robe, encircle his wrists.

He wears multiple belts, one of ornate silver links, another a beaten leather affair with attachments for weapons. A longsword hangs from this, from a sheath on his left hip with an ornately-carved pommel and a guard designed in an ancient style, and a much newer-looking heavy mace on his right hip. A belt pouch completes the contents of the leather belt, and a sturdy cloak over all in midnight blue bears the crescent-and-sphere of Eluna picked out in a mosaic of thousands of tiny silver crystals on the back. A simple, unadorned cloak pin holds it in place. Over his back, the top of an elkhorn, wood, and steel longbow is visible, along with a quiver of arrows made of red leather and trimmed in white fur.

What Is Known About Him

An experienced member of the Explorer's Guild and a loyal and stout senior Silver Guard.

  • He is from Bryn Myridorn, and for many years until recent weeks has had no contact with his family. He does not explain, as a rule.
  • He takes great interest in his family histories, and that has morphed over time into an interest in world history as well.
  • Usually the best place to ask after him is Eluna's Temple, and it is there that messages for him may be left. He responds promptly to urgent matters.
  • None know where he makes his home. It is known that he moved out of his home in the University District of Alexandria some three years ago, but while he is seen about the city from time to time, it is suspected that he makes his home somewhere outside Alexandria's wards.

Combat Style and Capabilities

Seldan is a paladin/sorcerer multiclass. His spells are a collection of abjurations, utility spells, and where needed, destructive magic. He is chary in the use of the last, and it is these spells he uses the least, but he is no slouch where magical destruction is called for. A capable and strong warrior, he may lack the skill to face the very strongest enemies toe-to-toe, and will fall back to the spells where his strength of arms will not suffice.

He is mindful of when lethal force is and is not appropriate. He will not use lethal force on non-evil creatures unless it is used on him, his allies, or an innocent first, but if he deems lethal force called for, he will not hesitate.

Being a follower of Eluna, he does not take kindly to use of magic for irresponsible or evil ends, and will target evil magic users first. He'll also attempt to stop and to chide PC's throwing magic around because they can, especially if it is destructive magic. Expect him to consider all angles and hear all sides, and learn all that he can, before taking action on a thing, and he is likely to counsel others to do the same.

Roleplay Hooks

  • New Experiences: Give him something new to try. He is open to new experiences and will try anything that is not hurtful to another, believing that knowledge is to be had in new experiences.
  • Magic Man: Seldan takes a great interest and joy in magic itself. His magic is of the intuitive sort and in its working he takes a boyish glee, but he will listen to theory.
  • Reunion: Seldan's ancestral weapon is a colorful set of personalities. More on Reunion below.
  • Current Events: Although he is a busy man, he will at the very least extend a healing or helping hand to his fellow adventurers, where he can. His primary occupation at the moment is the matter of the Shards of Animus, and he will offer his aid to anyone seeking one or wishing to discuss the matter, although he has not himself yet espoused an opinion on the matter.


Seldan's ancestral weapon is a set of personalities, from his father's family's ancient past. Some 500 years old, the outmoded style of the blade has been modified somewhat by his enchanting of and modifications to it. Dealing with Reunion is a bit like the ancestors scene from Mulan, in that it is comprised of a number of unique personalities that argue with one another at times, at other times agree, and at times all gang up on Seldan. They can be fractious, and Seldan with his unyielding will has a firm hand on them, but will at times listen to them as well.

The personalities one might see and hear at times in RP are:

  • Kanian: A grumpy, dirty, crotchety old man. Usually the first to speak, the most likely to take umbrage, but takes a fierce glee in bloodshed, particularly when it's demons whose blood is being shed.
  • Fallia: A kindly, wise old woman with a nasal-sounding voice. She is the brains of the operation, and most often, the voice of reason.
  • Alaistair: A new male voice, rich, deep, and resonant. He and Kanian are close contemporaries and may well have been relatives. He seems to be the one all the other voices obey, in the rare occasions when he commands.
  • Tisa: A younger woman with a contralto voice. Her comments mark her an experienced and practical warrior.
  • Golain: A middle-aged male voice with a definite khazadi sound to it. He seems to have spent time living in the Sky Curtain, in life, but also seems to be a smith.
  • Zee: Seldom appears, but a lighter, young man's voice. Subservient to the others.


(RPP) Ancestral Weapon
Weapon Name: Reunion
Alignment: NG
Purpose: Demonbane
History: There is a legend within the Padaryn family, that an ancient blade, now passed down as a wall ornament, will awaken for the right person. Gifted to Seldan by his mother when he took ill, in recognition of his interest in ancestral matters, it exploded to life in spectacular fashion, with unfortunate consequences, but in the months since, he has mastered it, learned more of it, and enchanted it to be worthy of the noble lineage from which it springs. That it occasionally is the source of his headaches is another matter entirely, and its name sprung from a moment of exasperation.
Abilities: (abilities in italics are future abilities) +4/Guidance - at will/Int:10 Wis:12 Cha:12/Magic: Cleric/Protection from Evil 3xDay

His Views of Others

This section is evolving. If you are not included, I probably haven't gotten there yet. Bear with me!``


  • Griva Brassbringer: That you do not drive us to any particular action tells me of your patience and your wisdom. Let us learn what we may of these Shards, and in the meantime, secure them from those who would misuse them.


  • Malik: The path of the adventurer is not for you, and you will never understand mine. It is mine to shield you from it, and if that means we must be apart, then so be it.
  • Acedia: At times a nuisance, but a true companion, steadfast and strong. May all the gods bless you for your help and your joy, and grant that one day you will stop chewing on me.
  • Zeke: My blood-brother and kin, who has stood by me when all others forsook me. You are deserving of all the happy years that remain to you, and I shall see to it that you get them.
  • Cuemoni: My kin deserves to be happy, and you offer him that. For that alone do you have my blessing, and what you have offered me is much more.
  • Ravenstongue: Lady Lupecyll-Atlon has sharp eyes. Few have cared to ask, but what lies behind apparent kindness?
  • Telamon: A steadfast, wise, and ethical mage, who occasionally talks too much. Such can I accept, in the name of steadfast allies.
  • Verna: You have stood by me through much. You have not always made the wisest decisions, but your intentions are good, and you are deserving of all happiness - and quiet.


  • Aya: Good luck, wherever you journey. I shall not forget your deeds, and will be well pleased, do we never meet again.
  • Lady Akorinil Belvade: I will never not oppose you, and yet is the problem you presented to me real. I shall see it through.
  • Mikilos: Not to be trusted, in word or in deed. Your loyalties lie not with Alexandria, nor with the Light.
  • Merek: Truly is Her patience and wisdom far greater than mine. How She has not yet turned Her face from you is a mystery to me.