A Cleansing Experience pt8

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Now you're under escort.

The churches are not playing a game with this and you're not the first to arrive according to them. They're not sure which box the orb is in and at least a few of the airships haven't quite made it all the way there yet.

In any event, you're heading towards the great white-gold temple of Daeus in the heart of Bryn Myridorn. It's not the palace, but it's nearly as opulent, if not more in some ways. One might suppose it depends on what you value.

In any case, the procession is getting eyes on it.

Sophia keeps the hood of her cloak drawn over her head, obscuring her features as much as possible. A slight sigh of resignation escapes her as the massive temple of Daeus comes into view, the cleric looking oddly uncomfortable as the group approaches.

Stirling grimaces at the people watching, his gleaming chrome armor and dark deathray hopefully enough to discourage anyone from getting any ideas. He doesn't like this, too open, too obvious. His red gleaming eye plays across anyone close just to make sure the dead do huge amongst the poeple.

As much as stirling's armor and eye might discourage people, A 7 foot tall silver sith-makar that has flames rolling off of his body might also discourage people from trying their luck. And from the way his tail is lashing back and forth....he's not in the mood to be trifled with.

Durrankar does this.

Astaren see's the crowd, sighs and shakes his head, "I am going to get a view." with a few words the man vanishes, and a few more words he can be heard taking into the air while invisible.

Sophia mutters to Astaren... or rather, where he was, "Don't suppose you have an extra one of those, do you?"

Kravar doesn't seem to mind the procession, or the crowd. It's like being in a parade!...at least at first. Soon the tension and alertedness of the party rubs off on him and he's glancing around just as suspiciously as the rest. When the temple comes into view he pans his gaze up over the structure. After a bit he tilts his head to one side and murmurs to the nearest Paladin, "Has anyone reported any suspicious activity in the city the last few days?"

Good news, everyone! You're able to approach the temple without difficulty. There, you're leadinside to the grand cathedral by the cohort of divinely-backed warriors, paladins, mages and what not.

You're escorted beyond the grand, center of the cathedral, 'majesty' is a word that fails to do it and its statuary and iconography and murals justice that you're hardly allowed the time to enjoy, into the back halls, intop a different, more prepared chamber. There, set into the ground is a magic circle. Nondetection, protection from evil and other wards inscribed and permanenced there with expert hands.

"Set the box in the circle."

There is space for three other boxes. Your's is the second to arrive, evidently.

Sophia genuflects when she enters, just out of instinct, then settles to the back of the group where she's not really too visible. Hopefully. Really, she looks like she'd just like to fade into the background for this.

Stirling examines the circle, the magic detectors in his eye working it over to ensure everything is in order. Still he appears distrustful, any of these mages or priests is a suspect and he's all for shooting first and probably never asking questions.

Simply stepping to the side when the box is meant for the circle, Durrankar looks about....and even glances at the circles....since others are better at those things than he is.

Astaren appears once the circles come into view walking along the ground. He frowns looking highly thoughtful, "He left us alone... and didn't attack us here. Means we probably did not have what he wanted, or he already has it. Just something doesn't feel right here. Somethign is very off."

Sophia glances sidelong at Durrankar, about to say something when Astaren reappears. Then she looks over at him at his comment, a worried expression manifesting on her face at the thought.

GAME: Stirling rolls spellcraft: (6)+24: 30

Stirling turns from the circle to start eyeing all the people in attendance. "Could be he hijacked one of the other boxes too. Just wait, this ain't over yet." he says grimly.

Astaren glances to Stirling, "They could use some reinforcement on the north divine geometry markings in the third solar configuration array, but the set up itself is very good." then glances around as he considers, "My biggest concer is this. We escaped a pursuing ship, found a scryed rat, and fought off a couple of wyverns. This is nothing compared to what he has available to him. I am more worried, this is something he wants us to have." glancing to the boxes.

"We can open the boxes when the rest arrive," replies one of the paladins, a Lucht who's plate armor clanks nosiily as she paces.

"For tonight, you may go out on the city. Enjoy yourselves. Enjoy the sights. The last of the ships SHOULD arrive by the morning. You were all sent on a slightly different routes within a certain time frame to stagger arrivals."

Sophia nods, and murmurs to Durrankar, "This is the Warding Chamber. Where dangerous things are kept and disposed of in relative safety." She glances around, then shakes her head a bit, still looking a bit uneasy... and when the paladin mentions 'enjoying herself', she actually snorts at that.

Astaren leans over towards Sophia, "I can set up my mansion against a wall somewhere, you can hang out in there while we are here."

Durrankar says, "Enjoy myself.....Surely you jest. I will enjoy myself when this 'demon summoner's' bones are bleaching in the sun.""

Stirling nods to Astaren "The protection is good."he notes before looking at the paladin suggesting they go enjoy themselves. "Trouble is going to happen while we are gone, Mark my word. I rather stay here for the night."

Kravar looks about at the Paladins and then the boxes. "I've never been to this city before," he begins. "And in the morning, if the last ship hasn't arrived, we can trace the path they were to have taken. If they were attacked the way ours was, perhaps they could use help."

Sophia smiles wryly at Astaren, "And who would be your tour guide if I did that? Besides, cooling my heels away from everyone else seems rather boring to me... but thank you, for the offer. I do appreciate it."

Astaren shakes his head, "No need for a tour guide, I am sleeping under the stars tonight. Going to do a thing." glancing to Sophia wrly and then looks to the paladins, "Where is the temple of Eluna here?"

"Several miles away. You wish to go there?" the Lucht asks Astaren, "You ought stay together, if we've need of you." she glances upwards towards the ceiling for a moment.

A nod towards Stirling and Astaren's comments. "I'll mention it to the wizards."

Durrankar says, "Don't be afraid to send up a signal if there is trouble, Stirling. I shall be close by. Also sleeping under the stars.""

Sophia chuckles, "Sleeping under the stars seems more comforting than sleeping here, I think." She shakes her head ruefully, and looks over at Astaren to match his wry expression.

Astaren shakes his head, "no, will have to pay my respects when the job is done before I port back to Alexandria. For now someplace nice under the stars nearby. Some sleep would be good, not much we can do now."

Depending on whatever you decide to do, eventually you'll have time to rest. Just a scarce few hours, according to the church, before the last airships arrive, but rest is good.

The hours will pass peacefully, even under the stars at the Temple of Eluna -- which uses magic to dim the city lights enough to provide one a good look at the stars.

GAME: Astaren refreshes spells.

GAME: Astaren casts Scrying. Caster Level: 16 DC: 20

Astaren spends several hours peering into the reflection pool at the temple of eluna. Standing up he shakes his head, "One of the ships is badly damaged and limping. The other one is nearly here and should be safe almost in view actually. Gather up, I will take us to the damaged ship, we can assist."

Sophia glances over at Astaren, "If the choices are enjoying the peace and splendor of this city and dealing with a damaged airship, I'm taking the airship every time." She smiles ruefully, making sure she has everything she needs with her.