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About My Character

Ferawyn is the eldest daughter of a pair of windrunner elves. Ferawyn has lived in the forest north of Alexandria all of her life, even watching when Alexandria disappeared, and reappeared. She has willingly joined the Yggdrasil Union in order to protect the forest from forms of predation, whether by corruption, logging, or just uncaring people that sees the forest as an inconvienence. She welcomes adventurers to Alexandria through the road easily, but she doesn't suffer fools lightly. She's one of many guardians of the forest, and she enjoys nurturing plants, including her constant companion, Oakheart, A huge Sapling Treant.

She will often speak of Vadran Village, where a swarm of giant wasps attacked it, and she, with some friends, had to take down the queen to keep the people of the village safe. Just sit quietly and listen. That memory is one that taught her how to tolerate others.

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Roleplay Hooks

  • Yggdrasil Union
  • Forest Rp



Sylvanori PC Badge
Family Name: Windrunner
Role: Forest Guardian
Faith: Gilead
Relation to the Fae: The sylvanori's fae heritage is strongest of all the sildanyar. What are your feelings towards the whisper places, and your relationship to them?


(RPP) Organization PC Badge
Organization: Yggdrasil Union
Role: Acolyte
Scholarship: Knowledge/nature
Apprentice: No
Other Landmarks: None Yet.