A Cleansing Experience pt9

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WHen last we left our brave and noble heroes, Astaren had taken you all to the Temple of ELuna and discerned through magic that one of the airships that had lingered behind was in some kind of danger. It looked damaged, and like /something/ was going on there.

And that's where we're at!

Astaren motions everybody around "Hey all, one of the air ships is in bad shape, and I mean bad shape." glancing to Stirling, "It is limping, we can probably handlign the fighting hopefully if you want to take your expertise to the engine room. I memorized the place as best I could, so we will either end up on the airship deck, or someplace in the desolation. Above ground being optional. Ready?" as he starts to chant the spell for teleportation.

Durrankar says, "So if the ship is in trouble, should we not head there?"

Stirling grumbles "We should probably go deal with whatever the problem is. Can't let it loose." he says loading shells into his deathray. Its most certainly a trap though." he adds taking a deep breath.

Kravar's cloak stirs, as if from the wind, then changes into a wide pair of feathered wings. He draws a shortbow and a handful of arrows from his pack. "Agreed. But how better to respond to a trap, then turn it on the trappers!"

Astaren glances to Durrankar, "Indead, let us go." With a snap of his fingers he completes the spell...

GAME: Astaren casts Teleport. Caster Level: 16 DC: 21

GAME: Astaren rolls 1d100: (73): 73

Stirling shakes his head and follows Kravar, his own armor sprouting wings of crackling lightning and takes to the sky to follow. "Going to blow the whole airship out of the sky." he murmurs to himself.

Good news, everyone! You've suddenly appeared on the blood-soaked bridge of an airship that's...barely flying!

It's badly damaged and you can hear sounds of the dead and dying from below.

Yikes. That doesn't sound good.

Stirling raises his deathray to his shoulder as soon as they land on the deck, red gleaming eye not just taking in the situation but taking in the damage too. "We need to get this airship over open tertitory where it can crash safely. Just in case."he adds at the end.

GAME: Stirling rolls perception: (6)+18: 24

Astaren is moving forward heading towards the hatches that lead below. Chanting quickly to turn himself invisible, "First order is to save as many of the crew as possible and secure the cargo. Lets go."

Durrankar looks to Astaren and waits for him to finish his spell. "Make sure you can see invisible people too. Bad feeling."

Stirling nods to Durrankar "Good idea." he then takes a lens out of one of his pouches and attaches it to his artificial eye, turning the red glow more purple-ish.

GAME: Stirling casts See Invisibility. Caster Level: 15 DC: 18

GAME: Durrankar casts Endure Elements. Caster Level: 16 DC: 18

GAME: Durrankar casts Longstrider. Caster Level: 16 DC: 18

So. Down you go.

Immediately, you're finding dead people. They're hard to miss, what, with the viciousness of their deaths. They've been... shreded. Ripped in two. Limbs sliced clean off.

It's not pretty looking. Seems you guys got off lucky with the wyverns, right?

An arm here. A leg there. Each cut is clean, precise.

You can still hear screaming, but it's coming from WAY down there.

Kravar begins rushing now, trading caution for speed. "Too late for these, but perhaps we can help their crewmates. Or avenge them."

Stirling nods and follows behind Kravar, deathray raised to his shoulder. He does glance at the bodies though as he passes, the deathwatch enchant should easily see if there are any signs of life.

Durrankar says, "Let us tend to the living first....there are likely more further down."

GAME: Astaren rolls heal: (14)+20: 34

GAME: Stirling rolls heal: (2)+18: 20

GAME: Kravar rolls 6: (6)+6: 12

GAME: Thyrson rolls heal: (7)+1: 8

...so, good news everyone. The dead died fast. And they haven't even been dead that long.

You're able to tell that fairly easily as you press downwards, heading towards the cargo decks. The sounds are growing more clearly now, and a bit more sparse. It's hard to say how much of the crew is left, but given the number of b odies you're seeing, the answer can't be too many.

There's a horrifying shriek.

Stirling glances at the bodies, shaking his head "No life signs here. Too bad, I could have replaced some of those limbs." he says in a somber tone.

Astaren frowns, sounding thoughtful, "This is an elite assassin or attacker. Hurry my friends, the real carago I feel is in danger. Those cuts... something is wrong, the bleeding is wrong." tapping his chin as he moves along.

"Hold the door! Hold it!"

The voice shouts as you round the corner towards where some of the last crewmen are making thier stand.

And that's when you... don't.. .see anything?

At least /some/ of you don't... But the door is slowly peeled by a blade, layer by layer...

GAME: Whirlpoopin' advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 24.
     It is now Thyrson's turn! Durrankar is next!

GAME: Thyrson casts Displacement. Caster Level: 16 DC: 22

GAME: Thyrson casts See Invisibility. Caster Level: 16 DC: 21

GAME: Whirlpoopin' advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 21.
     It is now Durrankar's turn! The Dismemberer is next!

Thyrson steps back with a curse, enacting wards as he form blurs and his eyes glow. "Oh, hells..."

GAME: Whirlpoopin' advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 20.
     It is now The Dismemberer's turn! Stirling is next!

GAME: Whirlpoopin' rolls 1d20+24: (11)+24: 35

GAME: Whirlpoopin' rolls 1d8+8: (6)+8: 14

GAME: Whirlpoopin' rolls 1d6: (2): 2

Immediately, Stirling to the eyes of AStaren and Thyson, Stirling suddenly erupts with blood from one arm as he's hacked it. Whatever just passed through his armor like it wasn't even /there/, leaving a gash in it.

GAME: Whirlpoopin' advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 13.
     It is now Stirling's turn! Kravar is next!

Just as Durrankar sees the blood spurt from Stirling, Durrankar uses s spell he rarely uses....Faerie Fire. Which outlines the creature very very well. "That's it! Kill it!"

GAME: Durrankar casts Faerie Fire. Caster Level: 16 DC: 18

GAME: Stirling activates his Titan Armor, gaining: +4 Str,+4 Dex

GAME: Stirling rolls weapon22+3: (19)+22+3: 44

GAME: Stirling rolls weapon22+3: (15)+22+3: 40

GAME: Stirling rolls weapon22+3: (3)+22+3: 28

GAME: Stirling rolls 2d6+13: (6)+13: 19

GAME: Stirling rolls 2d6+13: (2)+13: 15

GAME: Stirling rolls 1d10+13: (2)+13: 15

GAME: Whirlpoopin' rolls 2d6: (10): 10

GAME: Whirlpoopin' rolls 2d6: (2): 2

GAME: Whirlpoopin' advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 13.
     It is now Kravar's turn! Astaren is next!

Stirling is not daunted, with his furnace on the back of his armor suddenly belching black smoke he closes and delivers a pair of brutal punches, chrome fists on sharpened steel. He doesn't quite do the damage he expects though, leaving him a little non-plussed.

GAME: Astaren rolls knowledge/arcana: (8)+25: 33

GAME: Kravar rolls 32: (10)+32: 42

GAME: Kravar rolls 32: (4)+32: 36

GAME: Kravar rolls 27: (18)+27: 45

GAME: Kravar rolls 22: (20)+22: 42

GAME: Kravar rolls 27: (13)+27: 40

GAME: Kravar rolls 26: (3)+26: 29

GAME: Kravar rolls 21: (6)+21: 27

GAME: Kravar rolls 16: (10)+16: 26

GAME: Whirlpoopin' rolls 1d100: (7): 7

GAME: Kravar rolls 27: (18)+27: 45

GAME: Kravar rolls 22: (1)+22: 23 (EPIC FAIL)

GAME: Astaren rolls sense motive: (4)+19: 23

GAME: Kravar rolls 1d10+18: (4)+18: 22

GAME: Kravar rolls 2d10+36: (4)+36: 40

GAME: Kravar rolls 1d8+14: (3)+14: 17

GAME: Kravar rolls 1d8+14: (8)+14: 22

GAME: Whirlpoopin' rolls 2d6: (9): 9

GAME: Whirlpoopin' rolls 2d6: (7): 7

GAME: Whirlpoopin' rolls 2d6: (6): 6

GAME: Whirlpoopin' rolls 2d6: (11): 11

GAME: Whirlpoopin' damaged you for 33 points. 164 HP remaining.

GAME: Whirlpoopin' advances the initiative order.

     Round One - Init 4.
     It is now Astaren's turn! Thyrson is next!

Kravar slashes at the glowing form with his glowing sunblade, and then adds a shield bash for good measure. He strikes it expertly on the hip with the rim of his shield, a blow that would cause most mortal opponents to stumble or even go flying, but hitting this enemy is like hitting a block of stone. Even worse, Kravar feels his hands and arms burning even as he strikes at the monstrous form. The swordsman pauses to regain his balance and ready himself for whatever the rest of the party has in mind.

GAME: Astaren casts Spiritual Weapon. Caster Level: 16 DC: 17

GAME: Astaren casts Mage's Sword. Caster Level: 16 DC: 24

GAME: Astaren rolls 1d20+5+8+5: (2)+5+8+5: 20

GAME: Astaren rolls 1d20+16+6+3: (9)+16+6+3: 34

GAME: Astaren rolls 4d6+3: (16)+3: 19