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It's Gilday, Vhast 11 13:59:11 1019. The full moon is up. The tide is high and slack. Sleet and freezing rain fall from heavy clouds, coating everything with ice and making the ground slippery. The world looks silver in the icy grey light. A raw wind blows from the northeast.

A07: Lower Alexandria Market District

It's freezing out. Not many shoppers are milling around the market today, but a few intrepid folks are wending their way through the driving sleet. There are a couple of burn barrels around, providing the common folk somewhere to warm their hand, though. Off at the entrance to an alley, Ga'Elian sits astride his griffon, just watching with a sign of care for the winter weather.

Sleet and freezing rain can be chilling, and they surely don't make the ground easy to cross. Utterly ignoring both of these factors, Aya exits the Fernwood and moves across the market, seemingly unimpaired and unimpeded.

Ga'Elian hops lightly off the beast and strides out toward Aya. "Good afternoon. How go things lately," he asks.

Aya's eyes turn towards the incoming sil and one shoulder rolls lightly. "Things go rather well." A hand now gestures towards the sodden beast in the distance as she asks Ga'Elian, "What of your or your owners' concerns? All is well, I trust?"

The griffon crouches down on its belly, casually flicking its tail, but watching a mounted horse trot past.

Meanwhile, Ga'Elian replies with a slight smirk, "Oh, pretty well too, I guess. I did have a job with the guild recently; bodyguard duty in Myrddion. Anyway, I'm mostly just checking out what's going on around here. I've been away in the wilderness for a few weeks."

Aya ahs softly and rolls the other shoulder. "The city's nights have been rather quiet, so far as I know. No demonic rampages nor undead incursions."

Ga'Elian smiles. "How unusual. Well, maybe the Binder has been down with the flu or something. I did see a bill posted at the Guild about some challenge to break down doors. Since there wasn't much else going on, I went over and checked it out. It was an amusing way to pass a few minutes."

Aya arches one snowy brow. "Doors? That sounds rather dull... though if you were bored enough, or inept at opening latches... I suppose it could be entertaining."

Ga'Elian says, "Mildly, but Selerik was so eager to get people to give it a try that I consented. And there weren't any latches. The catch was that it is timed and you have to begin with none of your stuff ready, so the time it takes you to get ready counts against you. In any case, I think it was easy for everybody who gave it a go."

"Easy would only make it even less interesting," Aya points out. "Something challenging could at least be, well, a challenge. Walking and breathing are important, but you don't see contests for those." One corner of her mouth rises. "Most are able to do those well enough; occassionally at the same time."

Ga'Elian says, "Well, true, but still, it's not the sort of thing one sees frequently and like I said, it was something to pass a few minutes time. Besides, Selerik promises that there will be more to come with actual challenge to them."

Aya nods. "I look forward to what challenges might come in the future, as always. Maybe one night, something truly challenging might arive."

Ga'Elian nods. "That would be good. Well, I'll let you get back to your business. See ya."