Scene: To Petition Eluna

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A10: Temple of Eluna

On this dark winter night, a wild elf looking like he just climbed out of a tree is walking serenely... even stealthily along the reflecting pool in the goddess's temple. In his hand, he holds a small candle. As he walks, he keeps a vigilant watch on his surroundings.

Having made rounds to all the other temples in her spare time, An'thirya has finally come to the temple of Eluna. It's not that she was avoiding a more traditional deity of the Sildanyar, rather that she was saving the best for last. As she quietly walks in, wearing the white clothing she had been throughout her time at the temples, she slowly approaches the statue as prayers can be heard but not of a particular volume so as to be announcing. It's that she's not ashamed of her prayers now, rather than the idea that she's trying to announce or hide them.

"Mother of dreams, Lady of the moon, I ask forgiveness. The sins of my people and I are dire, we have forsaken all that you once offered and cast aside all light for darkness and shadow. No act can undo our blasphemous contract, no way of penance or goodness can destroy the tie. Yet I ask that if only in a small way, that you forgive this one vile creature. This one daughter of darkness who has returned for once, to admit her wrongs freely and exchange her ignorance for truth."

The one with the candle watches as the Mul'niessa offers her supplications, then, approaches. "The Silver Huntress sendeth forth Her gentle beams upon all who wander in darkness." Then with a bow he says, "I am Ga'Elian, of the Perianath. Peace to thee." <sildanyari>

Slowly standing up, An'theriya smiles gently yet holds her hands behind her back. Something is clearly amiss even with her more calm demeanor. "...Hello." she says, "I thank you for your kind words, not everyone would accept me so readily. And it seems yet that so many do." then pauses. "I find myself with a stronger connection to the darkness than I would like." she observes, "One that greatly troubles me. It has its uses true, but I still... The idea of it and what it perhaps suggests about me is discouraging." <sildanyari>

Ga'Elian nods. "Not long hath it been, ere I would have drawn bow and arrow on the mere sight of one of thy people, but in that time have I met many Mul'niessa in this City. Were we to meet in the wilderness, or in some less favorable land, such as Charn, I would be more wary by far than here in the temple of Niessa." <sildanyari>

"And yet, what does it say of the soul of one who has both been bonded to Taara and shown that her servants' power is upon her?" An'therya says, "...Demons, that is. I find myself... Stronger in anger, like a beast of war. Destructive, a feeling of invincibility. Yet when it stops, I realize that I indulged unjustly far too often. Sometimes I feel that it is... Unnatural, what I have done. I fear what that may mean." <sildanyari>

"Perhaps." An'thirya says, "...It's simply frightening to me, strong rage. I... simply wish I could have some other guarantee. I have heard stories of people selling their souls for power to deities of malice and their fiendish servants." she notes, "Never making such deals with the enemies of such deities however." <sildanyari>

Ga'Elian says, "In that case, thou mightest seek for a companion that would be suitable to help thee remain centered, or at least to help thee find thy center again when thou losest control." <sildanyari>

"If I may be so bold, do the gods... Particularly Eluna herself, have any servants? I have heard of speaking with fiends, but never the servants of other gods. Perhaps because the Shadow Council feared the results of our contacting them." An'thirya says, "Better for them that we not know they even exist at all, I suppose. Pretend that even if we see them, they're illusions, delusion, or simply never there contrary to our own senses." <sildanyari>

Ga'Elian shrugs. "Sorry, I know not. Methinks I have heard stories of angels in Her service, though, and perhaps other celestial creatures." <sildanyari>

"Then they're the ones I'll look for." An'thirya says, "Thank you for your help." she notes. <sildanyari>