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Roleplay is central to Tenebrae, and consists of a mix of scenes, grid, and PrPs. Here you may read some of the logs our players have posted, or wanted to share. This page may also be used to post logs for PrPs, to share an item for staff review, or to tell players about a great scene. Remember too, if you're RPing in a public area, a log may end up on this site! All areas ongrid, and Plot Rooms, are considered public areas.

Most recent logs are at the bottom.

For 2022 and earlier, see the Archives

2023 Logs


Date Log People
January 1, 2023 Visiting the Folks (Part 2) Andelena, Dolan, Telamon
Laugh at Mistakes Aryia, Verna
Everybody's Weird Schara, Slixvah, Patch
January 2, 2023 Black Roses and Green Eyes Verna
January 2, 2023 Build It Up Seldan, Zeke
Killer Kitten Andelena, Dolan
The Abominable Tela-Snowman Ravenstongue, Telamon
Something Borrowed Aya, Dolan, Fizzy, Munch, Zeke
Brothers and Worries Slixvah, Patch
January 3, 2023 Hunter's Introduction Auranar, Verna
First Coustomer Promotion Aragos, Gramarye
Mother Dearest Andelena, Dolan, Patch, Telamon
January 4, 2023 Brother my Brother Andelena
Impromptu Interview Skielstregar, Patch, Aelwyn, Lheo, Theo
Tales of Tests Dolan, Zeke
On The Edge Of Knowing Andelena, Dolan, Patch, Telamon
A Planned Walk Aryia, Aya
January 5, 2023 Bond of the Mind Ravenstongue, Telamon
January 6, 2023 Workshop of Horrors Harshad, Lucius, Schara, Warrick, DM: Yaretzi
Verdict is Vengeance Dolan, Nemori, Mac-Big
January 7, 2023 Everything Noodle Pirkko, Warrick, Lheo, Theo
Calling for Communion Dolan, Zeke
Gather in the Light Auranar, Carver, Dirk, Dolan, Garak, Halani, Mikilos, Patch, Verna
January 8, 2023 The Way Forward Dolan, Patch, Verna, Kaj
Taken in the Night Andelena, Dolan, Halani, Lyme
Tea for Three Patch, Slixvah, Schara
No More Hiding Ravenstongue, Telamon
January 9, 2023 The Rescuers Andelena, Auranar, Verna
The Rescuers 2 Andelena, Auranar, Dirk, Patch, Telamon, Serene, Verna
Dungeon in Dran (Part 4) Delilah, Donna
An Introduction to Demon Summoning Lucius,Schara, Xasany
For Want of a Name Aryia, Venom
January 10, 2023 Getting Takeout Irshya, Pirkko, Warrick
Dark Day Andelena, Dirk, Dolan, Patch, Serene, Telamon, Verna
January 11, 2023 Waiting Room Auranar, Verna
Return of the Fish Telamon
Make the Decision Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
January 12, 2023 A Plot Is Formed Seldan, Zeke
Awkward Aid Telamon, Seldan, Verna
January 13, 2023 Life Without Light Seldan, Zeke
That One Talk Auranar, Verna
Taniths and Totems Andelena, Dolan, Telamon, Zeke
Hospital Chat Warrick, Schara
January 14, 2023 Can I Have That Back? Verna, Zeke, Dolan
Ticked Off Eztli, Nemori, Razen, Sora
Takeout Delivery Warrick, Pirkko
Nobody's Home Andelena, Auranar, Seldan, Verna
Magic and 'Magic' Inesse, Fizzy, Lucius
January 15, 2023 Less Awkward Aid Telamon, Verna
Instruments of Destruction Patch, Pelka, Skielstregar, DM: Telamon
January 16, 2023 Payment for Services Rendered Warrick, Schara
Dungeon in Dran (Part 5) Delilah, Donna, Lyme
We Are Hunting Andelena, Auranar, Seldan, Verna
How Many Ways to Cook Fish Ravenstongue, Telamon
January 17, 2023 Dreaming Again Dolan, Zeke
Lean On Me Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
Fears and Forests Lucius, Xasany
Facing Down the Nightmares Ravenstongue, Telamon
January 18, 2023 Death in Dreamland Verna
Air Freight Inesse, Telamon. Lucius, Braith, Fizzy
Meaning of Green Dolan, Ravenstongue, Zeke
January 19, 2023 Wedding Details Auranar, Verna
Weight of the World Andelena, Seldan
January 20, 2023 Dead Man Walking Skielstregar, Zeke
Dropping in for a Bite Verna, Aryia
Ask Me No Questions Andelena, Zeke
Fancy Feast Auranar, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
January 21, 2023 Chains that Bite Dolan
Laughing at Last Andelena, Auranar, Dolan
Memory Lane Seldan, Zeke
January 22, 2023 Days Like This Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
Troublesome Lexicon Aryia, Aya, Seldan
January 23, 2023 With A Flail Like This Kaj, Razen
We Will Go Aryia, Aya, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Malik in the House Malik, Seldan, Zeke
Of Glass and Leather Skielstregar, Patch
January 24, 2023 Together Then Auranar, Verna
Dream March Ravenstongue, Telamon
Cabin in the Woods Dirk, Verna
January 25, 2023 Dresses for success Schara, Slixvah
Reunion in the Gardens Aelwyn, Aya
Quiet Quest Malik, Seldan
January 26, 2023 Do You Remember The Day Kira, Zeke
Dreaming of a Call Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
Into Your Care Andelena, Seldan, Zeke
Alabaster Assembly Aelwyn, Lucius, Patch, Slixvah, Telamon
January 27, 2023 Telamon Pays A Visit Dolan, Telamon, Zeke
January 28, 2023 A Nice Normal Chit Chat Andelena, Auranar, Seldan, Verna
A Not So Normal Chat Patch, Malik, Seldan
A Night Market Chat Lucius, Niklas
Differences of Culture Warrick, Inesse, Schara, Kira
January 29, 2023 Possessive Update Aryia, Aya
Guidance Ad-Dress-ed Telamon, Andelena
In Union Andelena, Dolan
January 30, 2023 Red Tide Daniel, Fizzy, Lucius, Magpie, Schara
Boots Were Made for Dreaming Dolan, Telamon
After Boots Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
January 31, 2023 Garden of the Future Auranar, Ravenstongue
Stolen Honeycakes Andelena, Dirk, Dolan, Zeke
Taxing Studies Warrick, Schara


Date Log People
February 1, 2023 Karen and a Lunch Break Aragos, Gramarye
Changing Names Auranar, Verna
Weapon Made Manifest Dolan, Zeke
A New Addition to the Family Ravenstongue, Telamon
February 2, 2023 Proud And Tired Few Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
February 3, 2023 The Vagrant Tower Auranar, Crick, Magpie, Sloan
Free Drinks and Flirtations Malik, Ravenstongue, Seldan, Sloan, Telamon
Dressed for Success Slixvah, Schara, Kira
February 4, 2023 In the Service of the Chalice Telamon, Sloan
February 5, 2023 Green Demon Carver, Crik, Fizzy, Harshad, Lucius, Sloan
Memory to Memory Dolan, Magpie, Zeke
February 6, 2023 Squid-ward Carver, Nessa, Zerthos
Flashback Andelena, Dolan, Magpie, Zeke
Guaranteed Protection Aya, Ravenstongue, Schara, Telamon
Sunbeams Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
February 7, 2023 Pinned for Greatness Warrick, Ravenstongue, Schara
A Secret Fitting Dolan, Telamon, Zeke
On the Move Andelena, Auranar, Verna
February 8, 2023 Icy Mistake Skielstregar, Kira
Good Dreams Are Made Of This Auranar, Dolan, Magpie
Trouble for Swans Aurala, Garak, Rhar, Seyardu, Telamon
February 9, 2023 Gifts for New Family Auranar, Ravenstongue
A Little Something Extra Dolan, Zeke
Divine Responsibility Slixvah, Schara
February 10, 2023 The Vagrant Tower (Part 2) Auranar, Carver, Crick, Magpie, Sloan
First Blood Seldan
Cold Weather & Hot Cider Kira, Patch, Slixvah
February 11, 2023 Fools, Children, and Messages Seldan, Zeke
Forgotten Answers Skielstregar, Zeke
You, Me, and the Knight Andelena, Dolan
Mystery for Swans Dirk, Eztli, Patch, Razen, Rocky, Slixvah
February 12, 2023 Preliminary Siege Culix, Khepri, Schara, Aelwyn, DM: Aryia
Herbs for Swans Harshad, Lucius, Crik, Magpie, Lheo
I Dream of Seldan Andelena, Seldan
February 13, 2023 Snowed In Seldan, Zeke
Violence and Tea Auranar, Ravenstongue
And Really Good Eggs Seldan, Sloan, Verna, Zeke
Get Kraken Alba, Kaj, Kira
Feadril's Staff Ravenstongue, Telamon
Obsession Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
February 14, 2023 Swords to Plows Skielstregar, Kira
Fear the Nothing I have Become Andelena, Dolan
Congratulations Are in Order Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon, Verna
February 15, 2023 Vanquish the Vast Dirk, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
Overworking During Sick Days Schara, Slixvah
February 16, 2023 Did Not Mean To Make Friends Aragos, Lillianath
Two Brothers And A Bard Lheo, Theo, Zerthos
Arm-rest Schara,Sloan
A Talk Cut Short Andelena, Dolan, Telamon, Verna
February 17, 2023 Stewing On Assumptions Aelwyn, Kira, Schara
Brother in His Light Andelena, Skielstregar
February 18, 2023 Kraken Kibble Korrection Kaj, Kira, Murder
Cloaks and Figurines Seldan, Skielstregar, Sloan, Zeke
Surprises All Around Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
Celebration Andelena, Aryia, Auranar, Dirk, Dolan, Eztli, Verna
February 19, 2023 Scuffle & Stew Crik, Iskandar, Kaj, Kira, Murder, Sloan
Out Of Whole Cloth Dirk, Dolan, Telamon, Verna
February 20, 2023 Hugs for Kol Andelena, Dolan, Kira, Zeke
The Last Sunset Andelena, Dolan, Telamon, Verna, Zeke
A Fernwood Chance Encounter Harkashan, Ravenstongue, Rune, Sloan
February 21, 2023 Meetings and Greetings Aragos, Aya, Ous
Wounded but will Heal Seldan, Zeke
Not a Cult Again Jacob, Lheo, Theo, Warrick, Zerthos; DM: Telamon
What Victory Brings Andelena, Dolan
Foggy Business Crik, Skielstregar, Murder, Kaj, Verna
February 22, 2023 Offerings for a Pure Soul Schara, Slixvah, Verna, Seldan, Zeke
Unusual Reunions Harkashan, Rune
To Steal Friendship Andelena, Dirk, Dolan, Magpie, Telamon, Verna, Zeke
Briefing: Animus the Ressurectionists and the Shards Aelwyn, Aryia, Carver, Cesran, Jacob, Lucius, Mikilos, Ous, Seldan
February 23, 2023 Reunion to Remember Rune, Skielstregar, Tlanexhuani
Fire and Food Jacob, Harkashan, Murder, Skielstregar, Tlanexhuani
February 24, 2023 Respects Kaj, Verna
Breakfast of Champions? Murder, Tlanexhuani
I Will Be the Danger Auranar, Ravenstongue
Sharks and Sharps Warrick, Schara
The Vagrant Tower (Part 3) Auranar, Badu, Crik, Magpie, Sloan
Shoulder of Giants Harkashan, Murder
Blue Scale Blues Tlanexhuani, Zeke
Too Many Wrongs Andelena, Auranar, Dolan
February 25, 2023 Working for the Man Crik, Dirk, Iskandar, Jacob, Lucius, Verna
Alexandria Acclimation 101 Harkashan,Seyardu
Three Friends and One Small Cat Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
Hall Pass Schara, Tlanexhuani
Hunters and Crafters Aelwyn, Murder, Tlanexhuani
February 26, 2023 Sunshine, At Last Dolan, Verna, Jacob
Much Ado About Pothy Ravenstongue, Telamon
February 27, 2023 Soaking Up Sun Skielstregar, Tlanexhuani
Seeking Maksur Andelena, Seldan
To Bring More Than a Message Telamon, Rune
Once Called Home Zeke, Seldan
New Player In Town Badu, Harshad, Schara, Warrick
February 28, 2023 Over Loaves of Bread Andelena, Seldan, Zeke
Curse of the Amber Thorn Harkashan, Jacob, Lucius, Rune, Sloan
Crossbow Training Crossing Schara, Tlanexhuani,Warrick


Date Log People
March 1, 2023 Enemy Encampment Andelena, Dirk, Dolan, Jacob, Ous, Telamon, Verna
March 2, 2023 Just a little Talk Tlanexhuani, Zeke
Bridge Banter Culix, Simony
Another Fae Blessing Ravenstongue
Those Who Walk With Death Jacob, Sloan, Rune
Trying Not to Drown Schara, Warrick, Verna
March 3, 2023 Mother My Mother Andelena, Seldan, Tlanexhuani, Zeke
Tending Kin Seldan, Tlanexhuani
The Vagrant Tower (Part 4) Crik, Jacob, Magpie, Simony, Sloan, Tlanexhuani
The People We Need Dolan, Ravenstongue
March 4, 2023 Recovery and Rest Seldan, Tlanexhuani, Zeke
Traveling Companions Harkashan, Rune
Leaving Mictlan Geir, Seldan, Zeke
Briefing: Who's Dominion Is It Anyways Aryia, Aya, Rune, Harkashan, Iskandar, Jacob, Malik, Mikilos, Schara, Seldan, Zeke, DM: Whirlpool
More Days With You Auranar, Verna
Spring Is Here Aelwyn, Irshya, Telamon
March 5, 2023 Shadows and Gobbers Aryia, Irshya, Culix
All in the Family Auranar, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
Ragey Misunderstanding Murder. Skielstregar
A Sewer Taste Aelwyn, Harkashan, Ous, Rune, Tlanexhuani
March 6, 2023 Crimson Wolf Ravenstongue
Death Experiences and Friends Skielstregar, Harkashan, Rune
Enemy Encampment (Part 2) Andelena, Dirk, Dolan, Jacob, Ous, Telamon, Verna
March 7, 2023 Farmer In Need Aelwyn, Harkashan, Jacob, Rune, Tlanexhuani
Two Rage or Not to Rage Skielstregar, Murder
The Price Paid for Knowledge Auranar, Dolan, Ravenstongue
A Story in TarRaCe Harkashan, Jacob, Schara, Zeke
March 8, 2023 Lick of Flame Aelwyn, Slixvah
Stubborn Shade Aryia, Verna
Rest and Relaxation Jacob, Rune, Irshya
Compellation of the Eternal Andelena, Auranar, Dolan, Harkashan, Magpie, Telamon, Verna
Replacement Coils Schara, Warrick
March 9, 2023 Serving in TarRaCe Aelwyn, Harkashan, Irshya, Schara, Verna
All Continue Skielstregar, Tlanexhuani
Stealing Albus Auranar, Magpie
The Rain Is Clearing Cuemoni, Zeke
To Catch A Shark Dolan, Telamon
Of Travels And Lost Friends Harkashan, Irshya
A Lesson in Dreaming Dolan, Ravenstongue
March 10, 2023 Kin Filled Gardens Cuemoni, Geir, Tlanexhuani, Skielstregar
Worth its Weight in Words Geir, Skielstregar
If You Can See Me Aryia, Aya, Ravenstongue, Telamon
A Forest's Renewal Dirk, Dolan
Cloying Shadows Culix, Aryia
March 11, 2023 One Windy Day Auranar, Dolan, Verna
Book of Three Dolan, Harkashan, Jacob, Mikilos, Ous, Rune
Briefing: On the Felwood Iskander, Lucius, Munch, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Tlanexhuani
March 12, 2023 Magpie Faces The Music Magpie, Dolan, Telamon, Verna, Simony
A Run in with Old 'Friends' Jacob, Rune
Scrolls, Spells, and Plans Aryia, Aya, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Catchup Over Pie Andelena, Dolan
March 13, 2023 Fishing for Sharks Andelena, Dolan, Telamon
Rooftop Training Culix, Aryia, Aya, Murder
A Library Encounter Lucius, Simony
The Familiar Questions Jacob, Ravenstongue
March 14, 2023 A Magical Demonstration Telamon, Warrick, Magpie, Schara, Verna
March 15, 2023 Blunted Order Warrick, Ous, Verna, Schara
Do as the Softskins Do Aelwyn, Cuemoni, Skielstregar, Un'eth
Observations at the Observatory Andelena, Dirk, Dolan, Telamon
March 16, 2023 Comparing Bloodlines Murder, Skielstregar
Sharing a Meal Cuemoni, Zeke
Strong Arms Dolan, Schara, Zeke
March 17, 2023 The Vagrant Tower Returns Crik, Pelka, Simony, Slixvah, Sloan, Ulthan, DM: Subduction
Coil Swap Warrick, Schara
Honor the Blade Andelena, Dolan
If the Shoe Fits Ravenstongue, Telamon
March 18, 2023 Arcane Bonds Cassia, Zelany
Albus Answers Dolan, Magpie
New Fiance Dirk, Dolan, Mikilos, Schara, Verna
Circling the Fel Aelwyn, Jacob, Lucius, Ous, DM: Whirlpool
March 19, 2023 Healing of the Mind Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
With Fiends Like These... Aryia, Schara, Verna
Bandit? No, just Murder! Culix, Murder
March 20, 2023 Sketched Angel Slixvah, Simony, Crik
Under the Mountain Dirk, Dolan, Jacob, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
March 21, 2023 Practice in the Colosseum Aelwyn, Lucius, Simony
Small Crafts Tlanexhuani, Skielstregar
The Chills a Devil Leaves Auranar, Dolan, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
March 22, 2023 Spell Eater Skielstregar, Murder
A Visitor Or Two Auranar, Dolan, Ravenstongue, Verna
Vices and Herbs Aelwyn, Ous, Simony
Snare for the Wolf Ravenstongue, Telamon
Skipping Stones Warrick, Schara
Wedding Traditions Dolan,Ous,Simony
March 23, 2023 The Lost Book Aelmeh, Ous, Simony, Warrick, DM: Telamon
March 24, 2023 Language Exchange Simony, Warrick
Custom Fittings Warrick, Schara
A Castle for His Queen Ravenstongue, Telamon
March 24, 2023 The Words In Between Sabina, Seldan
March 25, 2023 Checking In Aelwyn, Cluix, Lheo, Schara, Theo, Ulthan
The Yellow-Throated Raven Dolan, Ravenstongue
An Odd Gem Fizzy, Lucius, Sedev, Simony, DM: Whirlpool
March 26, 2023 Midnight Snack Simony, Tlanexhuani, Huian, Warrick, Khepri, Sedev, Jacob, DM: Landslide
March 27, 2023 One Person to the World Simony, Warrick
Bloodbroth and Packages Un'eth, Harkashan, Rune, Skielstregar, Aelwyn
A Brisk Brawl Aryia, Kaj
Wolf Cries to The Moon Ravenstongue
In The Fairy Circle Telamon, Ravenstongue
V And The Mountain Dolan, Telamon, Verna, Simony, Ous, Harkashan, Rune, Magpie, Dirk
March 28, 2023 No Pain No Gain Telamon
March 29, 2023 A Friend in Need Dolan, Ravenstongue
My Starborn King Dirk, Ravenstongue, Silmeria, Skielstregar, Telamon
The Raven Army Dolan, Harkashan, Ous, Rune
March 30, 2023 Inside Your Head Dolan, Zeke
Never Safe Auranar, Verna
The Lost Book Part 2 Aelmeh, Ous, Simony, Warrick, DM: Telamon
Shared Trauma Jacob, Dolan, Rune, Harkashan
Meaning of Strength Andelena, Dolan
A Reading of the Crimson Pen Aryia, Aya, Jacob, Murder, Schara, Seldan, GM: Whirlpool
March 31, 2023 The Dawn Before the Night Andelena, Dolan
A Curse Defied Dolan, Telamon, Ravenstongue, Zeke
Tag Team Hunt Murder, Skielstregar


Date Log People
April 1, 2023 Plans are Born Andelena, Auranar, Dolan, Verna
Checking In (Part 2) Aelwyn, Cluix, Lheo, Schara, Theo, Ulthan
Half-Sil, Whole Conviction Ravenstongue, Rune, Telamon
April 2, 2023 Artistic Rendering Aelwyn, Harkashan, Simony
Memories and Horses Jacob, Rune
The Burdens Between Us Harkashan, Rune
Heroes and Merctalk Warrick, Simony
What is in a Red Book Anyhow Slixvah, Schara
Checking in on Grandfather Auranar, Telamon, Ravenstongue, Verna
April 3, 2023 Lunch Rush Aelwyn, Irshya, Slixvah, Ous, Schara
The Lost Book Part 3 Aelmeh, Ous, Simony, Warrick, DM: Telamon
The Silence And The Fog Auranar, Verna
A Sword for a Mother Andelena, Dolan
April 4, 2023 Birds of a Feather Auranar, Ravenstongue
Visions of Hell Aya, Dolan, Telamon, Ravenstongue
New Friends Aelmeh, Huian, Simony
April 5, 2023 Three is Company Lheo, Theo, Zerthos
Seat and Royalty Harkashan, Aelwyn, Irshya
Palisade in the Mists Harkashan, Murder
The Mourner's Chill Ravenstongue, Verna
Visions of Hell (Part 2) Aya, Dolan, Telamon, Ravenstongue
April 6, 2023 Welcome Home Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
Ale at the Fernwood Aelwyn, Aya, Murder, Lucius
A Bet is a Bet Jacob, Rune
A Curse Denied Telamon, Verna
Shambling Jungle Hilde, Schara, Simony, Jacob, Tlanexhauni, Huian, Rune, DM: Harkashan
Reunion of the Heart Ravenstongue, Telamon
Going Home Andelena, Dolan
A Reading of the Crimson Pen Part 2 Aryia, Aya, Murder, Schara, Seldan, GM: Whirlpool
April 7, 2023 We, Not I Aya, Aryia
Study Knights Assemble! Verna, Magpie, Dolan, Andelena
Language Learning Schara, Simony
Blood, Pain and Undeath Murder, Skielstregar
The Man to Help Dolan, Ravenstongue, Telamon
April 8, 2023 Where The Monsters Are Andelena, Aya, Daechir, Dolan
Follow-up Investigation Harkashan, Rune, Skielstregar
The Sword and the Scrolls Aelmeh, Huian
A Gathering at the Arcanist's Crik, Garak, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna, Simony
Reclamation Andelena, Dolan
April 9, 2023 Pastries and Stolen Faces Telamon, Dirk, Simony, Warrick, Aya, Dolan
April 10, 2023 Relations and Toast Warrick, Verna, Aelwyn
The Lost Book Epilogue Warrick, Ous, Simony, Telamon
Opal-Mancy Arion, Harkashan, Huian, Jacob, Lucius, Ous
April 11, 2023 Diving into Backstory Rune, Huian
Of Axes and Family Warrick, Ous, Simony
Friends not Food Lheo, Theo, Zerthos
April 12, 2023 Count to Ten Warrick, Simony
Silver King Skielstregar, Aelwyn
Would-be Thieves and Sales Pitches Rune, Telamon, Schara, Alaryn
A Prepared Poet Dolan, Ravenstongue
April 13, 2023 Against Protocol Warrick, Simony, Schara
Commune-al Support Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
April 14, 2023 A Monk Meeting Aryia, Simony
The Found Book Magpie, Telamon
Strike It Down Dolan, Dirk, Lysa, Pelka, Murder, DM: Whirlpool
April 15, 2023 A Lesson in Tracking Rune, Jacob, Critias
April 16, 2023 Nowhere Is Safe Aya, Carver, Ravenstongue, Schara, Seldan, Simony
Meeting at the Residence Andelena, Dolan, Telamon, Verna
Disguises and Guises Aelwyn, Schara, Simony, Slixvah
April 17, 2023 Threads of Lore and Stories Rune, Simony, Slixvah
Mending, Healing, And Sharing Words Seldan, Zeke
Dryad Dilemma Rune, Harkashan, Simony, Warrick, Arion, Ous, DM: Telamon
Happy Pictures Andelena, Dolan
To The Devil's End Andelena, Critias, Dolan, Jacob, Magpie, Simony, Verna
Akorinil's Safehouse Seldan, Aryia, Aya, Schara
April 18, 2023 Axe over Dagger Ous, Warrick, Simony
Go Away Aya, Daechir
Auranar's Vengeance Auranar, Ravenstongue
What Does Not Die Asphodel, Harkashan, Huian, Jacob, Ous, Rune, Tlanexhuani
April 19, 2023 Evening Discussions Harkashan, Rune, Skielstregar
Fire in the Gardens Asphodel, Aelwyn, Simony
Pink Hair and Green Dogs Acedia, Ous, Verna, Warrick
Comfort from a Friend Dolan, Ravenstongue
In the Wolf's Wake Ravenstongue, Telamon
Blades, Fire and Strawberries Lucius, Aelwyn
A dog, beer and an apology Lysa, Ous, Simony
April 20, 2023 A Parle on Strange Happenings Harkashan, Rune, Jacob, Ous, Ravenstongue
Reaching Daed Andelena, Aryia, Aya, Daechir, Dolan
The Lord's Ears Alba, Rhar, Ravenstongue, Seyardu DM:Telamon
April 21, 2023 Punchy McPunch Camp Aryia, Simony, Aya
Glaive Insights Warrick, Aelwyn
Breathless in the Market District Rune, Asphodel, Harkashan, Ravenstongue, Carver, Skielstregar
Demons, Cultists and Werewolves, Oh MY Simony, Telamon
To Dream in Black and White Aya, Telamon, Seldan, Asphodel
April 22, 2023 A Spire in the Night (Group 2) Aelwyn, Harkashan, Lucius, Rune, Visten
A Spire in the Night (Group 1) Carver, Huian, Ulthan, Asphodel, Aelmeh
April 23, 2023 Plans for a Demon's Ending Over Wine Aya, Seldan, Telamon
Cave Lurkers Aelwyn, Harkashan, Khepri, Rune, Simony, Tlanexhuani
Regarding the Father of Time Ravenstongue, Simony
April 24, 2023 Meditative Threads Aya, Aryia, Sloan, Huian, Asphodel
Two rogues and a Tour Crik, Simony, Slixvah
Play the Cards Andelena, Dolan, Lysa
April 25, 2023 A Brief Stroll Critias, Asphodel
April 26, 2023 The Fighting Pit Harkashan, Schara, Aelmeh, Jacob, Asphodel, Huian, DM: Rune
Play the Cards (Part 2) Andelena, Dolan, Lysa
April 27, 2023 Ale and Mimics Rune, Irshya
Fishing in the Rain Irshya, Asphodel
Market Daze Alaryn, Harkashan, Asphodel, Ous, Sloan
Post-Fiend Checkup Andelena, Dolan, Lysa, Zeke
A Stony Countenance Andelena, Dirk, Dolan, Lysa, Murder, Skielstregar
April 28, 2023 Theory and Application Verna, Asphodel
Reaching Out Aya, Daechir
Lady Who? Telamon, Rune, Harkashan, Aelwyn, Iskandar, Slixvah, Asphodel
Red Pothy and Totem Talk Dolan, Ous, Ravenstongue
April 29, 2023 Weapons and Inventions Rune, Alaryn
Demons and Fey talk Critias, Simony, Telamon
Aspire to Nothing (Group 2) Aelwyn, Harkashan, Fidget, Rune, Ulthan
Night Sky Andelena, Daechir, Dolan
April 30, 2023 Face Things Together Rune, Harkashan
From smiths to demons Huian, Mikilos, Simony
The Rook and His Revelations Harkashan, Ravenstongue, Rune, Telamon
Gobbos in the Water Rune, Fidget
Visiting the Blacksmith Huian, Mikilos, Simony


Date Log People
May 1, 2023 An Observational Conversation Asphodel, Simony, Telamon
Catching Up, Part 1 Rune, Asphodel
A new Drinker Aelwyn, Simony, Warrick
Shambling Jungle II Rune, Choler, Schara, Asphodel, Huian, DM: Harkashan
Trail to Charn Aryia, Aya, Critias, Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon
Lunch Interrupted Magpie, Simony
May 2, 2023 No Gilded Cages Asphodel, Ravenstongue
Landscape or Portrait Simony, Slixvah, Crik, Reithak
Made Maid Asphodel, Carver, Harkashan, Huian, Rune, Verna
(Not So) Helpful Pixies Ravenstongue, Telamon
In Defense Andelena, Carver, Dolan, Harkashan, Magpie, Seyardu
May 3, 2023 A Drink Between Friends Warrick, Schara
Becoming a Rider Aelwyn, Lucius
Quiet Daeusites Andelena, Dolan
Three Things Bothering Rune Rune, Jacob
May 4, 2023 The Circle Underneath Telamon, Seldan
His Dark Crown Harkashan, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Night Monsters Harkashan, Alaryn, Eztli, Rune, Murder, Skielstregar, DM: Riptide
May 5, 2023 Clash of Polearms Aelwyn, Skielstregar
Separation of Memories Harkashan, Reithak, Xasany
Catching Up Carrough Asphodel, Ravenstongue, Telamon
I Am Glitter, I Am Gloam Aelwyn, Rune, Harkashan, Telamon, Mikilos, Fidget, Slixvah, Asphodel
Undercity News Dolan, Simony
Mead and Magic Swords Aelmeh, Huian
May 6, 2023 Don't Poke the Silver One Rune, Aelwyn, Skielstregar, Murder
Early Bird Gets the Rumor Slixvah, Reithak
A Few Questions More Andelena, Dolan
Searching for a Key Fidget, Rune, Harkashan, Reithak, Aelmeh, Aelwyn, Jacob, Huian
May 7, 2023 Much Ado About Misha Dolan, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Save the Flame Ravenstongue, Telamon
May 8, 2023 Scuttlebutt Says Slixvah, Aelwyn, Sloan, Asphodel
Request for Songs of Sorrow Acedia, Alaryn, Aragos
Aftermath of the Flame's Rescue Dolan, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Shambling Jungle III Rune, Asphodel, Huian, Geir, DM: Harkashan
Sidetracked Into Help Dolan, Silmeria
Trail to Charn (Part 2) Aryia, Aya, Critias, Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon
May 9, 2023 Distracted Training Session Aryia, Simony, Verna,
Buried Hindsight Aelwyn, Slixvah
Eluna's Spire, Wolves, and More Harkashan, Ravenstongue, Rune, Seldan
Sojourn in Selentia Andelena, Dolan, Telamon
After the Sojourn Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
May 10, 2023 Things Go Bump in the Forest Simony, Vrenskas
Sewer Circle Harkashan, Magpie, Ravenstongue, Seldan, Simony, Telamon
Basin Assumptions Reithak, Slixvah
Fire Against the Rain Rune, Aelwyn
May 11, 2023 Search for a Perch Rune, Xasany
She of the Pale Face Auranar
Echoes Seldan, Simony, Telamon
Lunch Buddies Magpie, Simony
May 12, 2023 There You Are Dolan, Verna
Blade of the Heart Skielstregar, Rune, Harkashan
Dream With Me Critias, Harkashan, Lysa, Rune, Simony, Telamon, Verna
Double Goblins, Double Trouble Fidget, Irshya
May 13, 2023 Dreams Become Reality Rune, Harkashan
Amulets and Bird Toys Rune, Alaryn
A Home Away from Home Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
Lurking in the Shadows Dirk, Ravenstongue, Seldan, Simony, Verna
May 14, 2023 Healing and Plans Rune, Harkashan, Zeke, Dolan, Aelwyn
The Telmentarian Celebration Harkashan, Mikilos, Rune, Seyardu, Tlanexhuani, Zeke
Baths and Dreams Fidget, Simony, Telamon
Cats and Mithral Swords Andelena, Dolan
May 15, 2023 Go Ahead And Throw Your Stones Acedia, Aragos, Theadosia
In the Wake of the Celebration Harkashan, Ravenstongue, Rune
Nature of Faith Ravenstongue, Seldan
A Brisk Sale Aelmeh, Dirk, Huian
May 16, 2023 Much Ado About Am'shere Rune, Harkashan
All Fired Up Slixvah, Reithak, Aelwyn
Harpists Halls Ravenstongue, Verna
In Her Shadow Auranar, Harkashan, Rune, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Monsters in the Forest Ous, Simony, Skielstregar
Signed, Sealed, Certified Acedia, Theadosia
May 17, 2023 Return from Grandfathers Auranar, Ravenstongue, Verna
A Question of Fate Ravenstongue, Telamon
Shambling Jungle IV - Welcome to the Jungle Rune, Harkashan, Huian, Schara, Geir, Fidget, Aelwyn
May 18, 2023 Dragonrider of the Sands Harkashan, Aelwyn
Unexpected Results Rune, Mikilos, DM: Riptide (Briefly)
No Plan Survives A Meeting Harkashan, Telamon
A Little Bit of Time Aryia, Aya, Seldan, Schara, GM: Whirlpool
Some Things Are More Important Than Demons Telamon, Verna, Dolan
May 19, 2023 Heat Stones and Castes Harkashan, Skielstregar, Aelwyn, Schara, Geir
Major Manor Mishap Rune, Harkashan, Slixvah, Alaryn, Aelwyn, DM: Reithak
Land of the Midnight Sun Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon
One Happy Blacksmith Andelena, Dolan
May 20, 2023 Felwood Spire: A Fell Mood Part 1 Rune, Harkashan, Fidget, Aelwyn, Ulthan, Reithak, Ravenstongue, Seldan
May 21, 2023 Shambling Jungle V - Warriors Rune, Geir, Huian, Schara, Aelwyn, Cuemoni, DM: Harkashan
A Thirty-Five Foot Pastry Simony, Telamon
Proposal Unproposed Seldan, Magpie
May 22, 2023 Something in the Woods Fidget, Reithak, Theadosia, Tlanexhuani, Ulthan
Trail to Charn (Part 3) Aryia, Aya, Critias, Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon
May 23, 2023 Meeting with Micha Dolan, Harkashan, Ravenstongue, Rune, Telamon
Talk of Open Skies Rune, Aelwyn
May 24, 2023 A Drapes Faux-Pas Aryia, Ravenstongue
Nightmare then Massage Andelena, Dolan
Discussion with Dace Ravenstongue, Telamon
May 25, 2023 An Elder's Wisdom Rune, Harkashan, DM: Riptide as Miquitlani
A Trip to Myrddion Seldan, Aryia, Aya, Schara, DM: Whirlpool
May 26th, 2023 Fashion Monk Acedia, Aryia, Cesran
A Brighter Mood Victory Dolan, Ravenstongue
Of Names and Snatchlings Harkashan, Geir, Skielstregar, Aelwyn
May 27, 2023 Mitigating Marsward's Machinations Ravenstongue, Verna
Framework for Success Geir, Harkashan, Huian, Schara
Felwood Spire: A Fell Mood (Part 2) Rune, Harkashan, Fidget, Aelwyn, Ulthan, Reithak, Ravenstongue, Seldan
May 28, 2023 They Hunger Acedia, Dolan, Harkashan, Rocky, Rune
May 29, 2023 Wakedays for War Golems Gramarye, Slixvah
Necromancer News Auranar, Dolan, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Melted Brass Warrick, Schara
Return the Blade Ravenstongue, Telamon
Any portico in a storm Auranar, Irshya, Seldan, Verna
May 30, 2023 Pretty Damned Thieves Andelena, Dolan, Rhar, Telamon
May 31, 2023 Of Glowing Glitter and Lit Sticks Alaryn, Aelwyn


Date Log People
June 1, 2023 Major Manor Mishap II Rune, Harkashan, Slixvah, Alaryn, Aelwyn, DM: Reithak
On Scrolls, Brothers, and Gifts Dolan, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
June 2, 2023 Evacuate! The Village Harkashan, Lysa, Murder, Rocky, Rune, Skielstregar
The Strength To Affect The World Telamon, Simony
June 4, 2023 The Challenge of Fort Lancing Fidget, Miril, Schara, Simony, Tlanexhuani, Warrick, DM: Telamon
Our Time Rune, Harkashan
Speaking with Sebas Andelena, Dolan
Colosseum Workouts Murder, Reithak, Aelwyn, Ravendar, Ulthan
June 6, 2023 Honey Harvest Rune, Murder
The Drink's the Thing Aelwyn, Irshya, Slixvah
June 7, 2023 By the Tornmawr Bank Ravenstongue, Rune
The Man with the Firefly Eyes Reithak, SImony, Telamon
June 8, 2023 Where'd They Go? Seldan, Aryia, Schara
June 9, 2023 Threads and Shadows Rune, Slixvah, DM: Riptide (Briefly)
The Challenge of Fort Lancing Part 2 Fidget, Miril, Schara, Simony, Tlanexhuani, Warrick, DM: Telamon
Rings and Dark Intel Rune, Mikilos
June 10, 2023 Shambling Jungle VI - Finale Rune, Gier, Fidget, Schara, Burai, Aelwyn, DM: Harkashan
Echo of Eclavdran Critias, Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon, Verna
June 11, 2023 In the Wake of Two Echoes Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon, Verna
Theft of a Trusted Servant Alba, Dirk, Dolan, Ravenstongue, Rhar, DM: Telamon
A Musical Interlude Aelwyn, Fidget, Harkashan, Reithak, Ravenstongue, Rune, Seldan, DM: Whirlpool
June 12, 2023 Love and Loss Geir, Rune
Stymied Vacation Aryia, Aya
Two Birds and a Story Slixvah, Reithak
Residents of the Jungle Rune, Harkashan, Murder, Slixvah, DM: Riptide
A Withering Cackle Fidget, Huian, Karasu, Ravendar (GM) Carver
Theft of a Trusted Servant, Part 2 Alba, Dirk, Dolan, Ravenstongue, Rhar, DM: Telamon
June 13, 2023 Forgotten Blood I - Spoken Curse Rune, Geir, Schara, Auranar, Fidget
When You Wish Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
June 14, 2023 Nothing But A Stain Rune, Skielstregar
Study Buddies: Fundraising! Auranar, Magpie, Telamon, Simony, Verna
June 15, 2023 Senyelistli means Family Rune, Geir, Schara, Skielstregar, Fidget GM: Harkashan
Painting Prospects Telamon, Simony
June 16, 2023 Duel at Wuja Docar Harkashan, Rune, Skielstregar, Geir
The Challenge of Fort Lancing Part 3 Fidget, Miril, Schara, Simony, Tlanexhuani, Warrick, DM: Telamon
June 18, 2023 Flying Gossip Demons Murder, Slixvah
Dusty Chalice Telamon, Warrick as Cynthia
Sunny Tea Time Skielstregar, Dolan, Andelena
June 19, 2023 Fancy and Bloody Coffin Aelwyn, Murder, Slixvah
Bigger on the Inside Simony, Telamon, Cynthia (spoofed by Warrick)
June 20, 2023 Aza Answers Dolan, Telamon
Of Felwood and Demons Harkashan, Seldan, DM: Whirlpool
No Need to Choose Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
June 22, 2023 Mission for Friendship Ravenstongue
Where'd They Go? Part 2 Seldan, Aryia, Schara, Aya
Catching Up on Chidea Auranar, Dolan, Ravenstongue, Simony, Telamon, Verna
June 23, 2023 Steel and Hair Dye Simony, Warrick
The Challenge of Fort Lancing Part 4 Fidget, Miril, Schara, Simony, Tlanexhuani, Warrick, DM: Telamon
June 24, 2023 Hunting The Spire - Part 1 Aelwyn, Lucy, Carver, Eztli, Rune, Harkashan, DM: Whirlpool
And I Still Need To Get Dressed Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon
Donnelly Wedding Bash Andelena, Auranar, Dolan, Harkashan, Mikilos, Rune, Skielstregar, Simony, Telamon, Zeke
Tendrils of the Felwood, Part 1 Crik, Fidget, Reithak, Ous, DM:Whirlpool
June 25, 2023 Mortal Enough Seldan, Zeke
Forge and Spices Rune, Mikilos, Schara, Telamon, DM: Harkashan
Twenty Billion Questions Warrick, Schara
Looking for A Silverguard Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon
A Little Help? Fidget, Irshya
June 26, 2023 Mending Promises Skielstregar, Harkashan, Rune
The Cult of Piercing Light Dirk, Garak, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, DM: Telamon
June 27, 2023 The Runaway Cart Slixvah, Crik, Reithak
Art and Juice Simony, Warrick
Starfall Telamon vignette
Jal'goroth's Prison Andelena, Dolan, Magpie
June 29, 2023 Where'd They Go? Part 3 Seldan, Aryia, Schara
Nest Migration Notice Slixvah Vignette
June 30, 2023 Stopping By Vaera, Skielstregar
In Vino Praeposterus Aragos, Gramarye, Warrick, DM: Telamon
In Rest Aragos, Gramarye, Warrick
Myrrish Children Stick Together Andelena, Seldan


Date Log People
July 2, 2023 To the Downfall of Fiends Auranar, Dolan
Enemy of my Enemy Ravenstongue, Telamon
July 3, 2023 Wisdom Without Age Simony, Skielstregar
Minds of Pretenders Khepri, Lavinia, Lheo, Reithak, Theo
July 4, 2023 600lb Baby Carver, Reithak, Simony, Telamon
July 5, 2023 Black Whole Moon Dirk, Dolan, Harkashan, Ravenstongue, Rune, Telamon, Verna
July 6, 2023 Goblin Trouble at the Library Fidget, Verna
Post-Lunar Healing Andelena, Dirk, Dolan, Rune, Slixvah, Zeke
Death and Frescos Simony, Telamon
July 7, 2023 Belts and Resurrections Rune, Mikilos
Kinly Meetings Seldan, Zeke, Skielstregar
Hunting the Spire (Part 2) Aelwyn, Carver, Eztli, Fidget, Harkashan, Rune
The New Home Ravenstongue, Telamon
July 8, 2023 Forgotten Blood II - Sorrowful Emptiness Rune, Simony, Schara, Carver, Fidget, DM: Harkashan
A Soul's Request Aya, Zeke, Seldan
We're the hands of the Gods Simony, Telamon
July 9, 2023 Rebirth and Rejuvination Andelena, Auranar, Dirk, Dolan, Harkashan, Rune, Telamon, Verna
Towering Tea Time Simony, Warrick
July 10, 2023 Warfare Without Pontification Slixvah, Aelwyn, Reithak
To a Job Well Done Magpie, Simony
July 11, 2023 Portside Underground Slixvah, Rune, Harkashan, Simony, DM: Aelwyn
Our Venerable House Seldan, Zeke
Little Man for Little Pixie Ravenstongue, Simony, Telamon
July 12, 2023 A Cure For Hunger Harkashan, Schara
A touch of Fashion and Fire Fidget, Simony
July 13, 2023 Hunger and Healing Harkashan, Rune
Where'd They Go? Part 4 Seldan, Aryia, Schara, Aya
Snowcones and Pigments Cor'lana, SImony, Telamon, Warrick
July 14th, 2023 Mictlan Makari Meeting Seyardu, Rune. Rocky, Un'eth, Skielstregar
Counsel Sought Is Not Guaranteed Seldan, Verna
July 15th, 2023 Black Dog Bite Andelena, Seldan, Zeke
July 16th, 2023 Forgotten Blood III - Prion Prison (Part 1) Rune, Aelwyn, Andelena, Skielstregar, Schara, DM: Harkashan
Vision of a Padaryn Past Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon
July 17th, 2023 Following the Golden Thread Rune, Harkashan, Slixvah DM: Riptide
July 18th, 2023 Speaking with Daneira Seldan, Zeke
Date With a View Slixvah, Reithak
July 20, 2023 Eggs-pedition Dolan, Telamon, Elisabeth, Carver, Schara, Rune, Harkashan
July 21, 2023 Vagrant Tower - Spectral Labyrinth Rune, Harkashan, Eztli, Elisabeth DM: Subduction
Investigation of Ivyhold Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon
July 23, 2023 Forgotten Blood III - Prion Prison (Part 2) Rune, Aelwyn, Andelena, Skielstregar, Schara, Elisabeth DM: Harkashan
Where'd They Go? Part 5 Seldan, Aryia, Schara
This Wretched Heat Dirk, Dolan, Telamon
July 24, 2023 Tletepetl Rune, Skielstregar, Ravenstongue DM: Harkashan
Lunch and a Message Andelena, Elisabeth, Seldan, Zeke
July 25, 2023 Weather and Family Rune, Aelwyn
Complicated Solutions and Sandwiches Warrick, Schara
Need for Resistance Rune, Fidget
Gale's Inquiry Andelena, Dolan, Telamon
A Hard Lesson Learned Andelena, Dolan, Zeke
July 27, 2023 Where To Belong Aelwyn, Seyardu
Into the Woods Slixvah, Harkashan, Rune, Acedia, GM: Telamon
Family and Fae Ravenstongue, Rune
July 28, 2023 Gorilla Grilling Dolan, Irshya, Slixvah, Telamon, Eztli
Gale's Inquiry (Part 2) Andelena, Dolan, Telamon
Where'd They Go? Part 6 Seldan, Aryia, Schara
July 29, 20231 Dwarf Fortress: Deeper Delve Part 2 Carver,Rocky,Reithak,Harkashan, DM: Subduction
July 30, 2023 Forgotten Blood III - Prion Prison (Part 3) Rune, Aelwyn, Andelena, Skielstregar, Schara, DM: Harkashan
July 31, 2023 Protector of the Heart Rune, Harkashan
Gale's Inquiry (Part 3) Andelena, Dolan, Telamon
Confidence is Key Slixvah, Eztli


Date Log People
August 1, 2023 Portside Underground Part 2 Harkashan, Rune, Simony, Slixvah, GM Aelwyn
Ogre-watch Carver, Glasha, Reithak
August 3, 2023 Sunken Treasure and Guests on the Wing Ravenstongue, Telamon, Simony, Slixvah
August 4, 2023 Nest Migrations Carver, Reithak, Simony, Slixvah, Telamon
August 6, 2023 Forgotten Blood III - Prion Prison (Part 4) Rune, Aelwyn, Andelena, Skielstregar, Schara, DM: Harkashan
Faces on a Fresco Seldan, Simony, Telamon
Where'd They Go? Part 7 Seldan, Aryia, Schara
August 7, 2023 Tell two more Simony, Slixvah
Werewolf Relocation Project Carver, Dirk, Harkashan, Ravenstongue, Rune, Telamon
August 8, 2023 Party Soup Skielstregar, Aelwyn
Aprons and Winds Slixvah, Reithak
A Fresco Nearing Completion Simony, Telamon
The Prodigious Mask Auranar, Dolan, Eztil, Harkashan, Rune, Silmeria
August 9, 2023 After-mask Auranar, Dolan
Contrary Mari, Part 1 Dirk, Dolan, Seyardu, Silmeria. DM: Telamon
August 10, 2023 Birdy Beer Run Slixvah, Aelwyn
To Bear Fruit Auranar, Dolan, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Fiend Like Me Andelena, Harkashan, Lokir, Sabina, Shin
Hypothetically Speaking Warrick, Schara
August 11, 2023 Brightest of Days Andelena, Culix, Dolan
Hungry Like Something Else Acedia, Andelena, Harkashan, Rune, Slixvah, DM: Telamon
Bloody Murder Harkashan, Aelwyn, Rocky, Eztli, DM: Subduction
August 12, 2023 Three Men, One Cave Lheo, Theo, Zerthos
August 13, 2023 Genie Bride for Fiendish Eyes Andelena, Dolan, Telamon
Apple Pie Apology Andelena, Schara
Family Portrait Simony, Warrick
Where'd They Go? Part 8 Seldan, Aryia, Schara
August 14, 2023 Seat of Our Noble Line Seldan, Telamon, Zeke
August 15, 2023 Tranquility is a Farce Simony, Aryia
August 16, 2023 The Dark Remains Dark Harkashan, Aelwyn, Skielstregar
Forgotten Blood IV: Bloodflower Aragos, Carver, Gramarye, Lokir, Reithak, DM: Harkashan
Contrary Mari, Part 2 Dirk, Dolan, Seyardu, Silmeria. DM: Telamon
August 17, 2023 Mandatory Sewer Level Aragos, Gramayre, Lokir, Warrick, Xasany DM: Fidget
August 18, 2023 Daeusite Coat of Arms Andelena, Seldan, Skielstregar
Boiled Over Slixvah, Reithak
August 19, 2023 Forge and Family Work Andelena, Dolan, Rune
A Special Meaning Ravenstongue, Telamon
DF: Tavern Tales Crik, Fidget, Jacob, Lokir, Reithak, Ulthan
August 20, 2023 Alchemy and Healing Simony, Telamon
Things on Her Mind Rune, Harkashan
Home for Father Aragos, Gramarye, Xasany
Exploding Crossbows Warrick, Fidget
Smol Toast to Study Buddies Magpie, Simony
August 21, 2023 Pincered Gelhorn Slixvah, Aelwyn, Culix, Simony, Kaj
Seat of Our Noble Line (Part 2) Seldan, Telamon, Verna, Zeke
August 22, 2023 Summer Scramble - Part A Fidget, Rune, Eztli, Magpie, Jacob, Lokir
Summer Scramble - Part B Harkashan, Murder, Rhar, Telamon, Zeke
August 23, 2023 Red and Black Checkers Slixvah, Aelwyn
Door to Nowhere Andelena, Dolan, Harkashan, Rune, Telamon
The Temperance's Concern Ravenstongue, Simony
Spirits of Wind and Wave Cuemoni, Zeke
August 24, 2023 River Monster Culix, Ezli, Murder, Aelwyn
Pork and Spices Murder, Telamon
August 25, 2023 Vagrant Tower: Savage Garden Rune, Aelwyn, Andelena, Eztli, Harkashan, Slixvah, DM: Subduction
Bairn Be None Dirk, Ravenstongue
August 26, 2023 Whip that Ribbon Kaj, Aelwyn
Fae and Arpeggios Ravenstongue, Rune, Telamon
August 27, 2023 Compliments and Rotgut Simony, Telamon
The Only Title That Matters Slixvah (as Jiranu), Telamon
Where'd They Go? Part 9 Seldan, Aryia, Schara
August 28, 2023 High Priestess Aki Acedia, Aryia, Aya, Crik, Harkashan, Rune, Schara, Seldan
Seat of Our Noble Line (Part 3) Telamon, Seldan, Zeke
Scars And Tattoos Seldan, Zeke
Of Songs and Healers Slixvah, Irshya, Rune
August 29, 2023 Helps the Medicine Go Down Slixvah, Irshya
Tears of Hope Harkashan
Feels like Light Cuemoni, Zeke
A Man Of Many Talents Simony, Telamon
Ten Brass Rings Warrick, Schara
August 30, 2023 Salmon Gildays Ravenstongue, Simony, Slixvah
Songs and Strange Boxes Aelwyn, Rune
Door to Nowhere (Part 2) Andelena, Dolan, Harkashan, Rune, Telamon
August 31, 2023 Three Pitchers Down Slixvah, Eztli
A braid, meditation and cards Aryia, Simony


Date Log People
September 1, 2023 Living in a Story Slixvah, Rune
September 2, 2023 Iluiyotl iuixochimeh Aelwyn, Cuemoni, Harkashan, Rune, Seyardu, Sjach, Zeke
Seers Folly Mikilos, Ravenstongue, Seldan
TarRaCe gets a Glow Up Fidget, Simony
September 4, 2023 Message of the Moon Aryia, Critias
September 5, 2023 Meet and Griva Aryia, Seldan, Fidget, Schara, DM: Whirlpool
September 6, 2023 Friend of Taara Auranar, Eztli, Harkashan, Rune
September 7, 2023 Painted Glass Skielstregar, Aelwyn, Cuemoni
The View From Up Here Simony, Telamon
Flat Fuss Keresday Slixvah, Eztli
September 8, 2023 A Comely Seeming Fidget, Aelwyn, Harkashan, Rune
Contrary Mari, Part 3 Dolan, Seyardu, Silmeria, DM: Telamon
September 9, 2023 A Comely Seeming, Pt2 Fidget, Aelywn, Harkashan, Rune
September 10, 2023 Tomato Or Potato Telamon, Simony, Ravenstongue (as Grandfather)
September 11, 2023 Scrolling Thunder Aelwyn, Simony, Slixvah
September 12, 2023 Bird Is The Word Carver, Ravenstongue, Simony, Slixvah, Telamon
September 13, 2023 You Saw What? Crik, Fidget, Lheo, Zerthos, DM: Telamon
September 14, 2023 Warped Flame - I Rune, Vaera, DM: Harkashan
A Historical Shrine Simony, Telamon
September 15, 2023 Contrary Mari, Part 4 Dirk, Dolan, Seyardu, Silmeria. DM: Telamon
September 17, 2023 Cursed Ink Consultation Culix, Simony
Hasty Lessons Carver, Eztli, Seldan, Telamon
September 18, 2023 Seat of Our Noble Line (Part 4) Seldan, Telamon, Verna, Zeke
September 19, 2023 Dolan's Cat Andelena, Dolan
In the Birbhouse Simony, Slixvah
September 20, 2023 Wreath and Flames Culix, Aryia
September 21, 2023 Deceive the Deceiver Telamon
September 22, 2023 Investigating Journalism Aelwyn, Critias, Culix, Harkashan, Rune, Slixvah, DM: Eztli
Bleeding Heart Andelena, Eztli, Rune, Slixvah, DM: Dirk
September 23, 2023 A Comely Seeming, Part 3 Fidget, Rune, Harkashan, Aelwyn, DM: Subduction
Sitting with Seldan Ravenstongue, Seldan
September 24, 2023 Heavy Artillery Heartthrob Simony, Telamon
September 25, 2023 Werewolf Baby? Harkashan, Ravenstongue
Seat of Our Noble Line, Part 5 Seldan, Telamon, Verna, Zeke
September 26, 2023 Broken Bird Thoth, Eztli, Aelwyn, Culix
A Resurrectionist's Visit, Part 1 Thoth, Fidget, Ous, Victor
September 27, 2023 Patch Job Thoth, Eztli, Aryia, Irshya
September 28, 2023 As Coyote Laughs Lheo
September 29, 2023 Dwarf Fortress: Deep Dig Crik, Hilde, Thoth, Warrick, DM: Subduction
Chasing the Lost Star Acedia, Seldan, Telamon
Coyote Aftermath Lheo, Zerthos
September 30, 2023 Bird Repair Schara, Thoth
The Sweetest Song Eztli, Harkashan, Rune, Iskandar, Dolan, Skielstregar, DM: Riptide


Date Log People
October 1, 2023 Warped Flame - II Slixvah, Rune, Thurid, Fidget, Aelwyn, Vaera, DM: Harkashan
Return to the Mountain Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon
October 2, 2023 Paper Faces on Parade Aelwyn, Critias, Harkashan, Rune
Clearing Gunk Warrick, Schara
All is not Fine Lheo, Theo
Seat of Our Noble Line (Part 6) Seldan, Telamon, Verna, Zeke
October 3, 2023 Sharpening Cold Iron Aelwyn, Slixvah, Vaera
Meet and Leaf Tawyse, Vrenskas, Eirik