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Roleplay is central to Tenebrae, and consists of a mix of scenes, grid, and PrPs. Here you may read some of the logs our players have posted, or wanted to share. This page may also be used to post logs for PrPs, to share an item for staff review, or to tell players about a great scene. Remember too, if you're RPing in a public area, a log may end up on this site! All areas ongrid, and Plot Rooms, are considered public areas.

Most recent logs are at the bottom.

For 2021 and earlier, see the Archives

2022 Logs


Date Log People
January 1, 2022 Holy Diver Skielstregar, Vaera, Andelena
Glacial Improvements Cryosanthia, Jinks
New Years Party Aryia, Braelnoir, Cesran, Cryosanthia, Jinks, Lyme, Karelin,
Merek, Mikilos, Paenitia, Randolf, Ravenstongue, Seldan, Seyardu
January 2, 2022 Game of Ghosts, part 2 Aimarra, Karasu, Skielstregar, Randolf, Vaera, Jinks
Watcher in the Stars Ravenstongue, Telamon
January 3, 2022 Under Common Stressors Aryia, Ashes, Zeke, Rhar
Cold but Comfortable Aimarra, Rhyn
Scars Unseen Jinks, Paenitia, Seldan, Serene, Zeke
Two Ravens in a Bar Karasu, Ravendar, Ravenstongue, Seyardu, Skielstregar
January 4, 2022 Poolside Thoughts Aryia, Irshya
Remember Me Verna, Zeke
Whooooo? Ravenstongue, Ashes, Jinks, Verna
Monsterous Memory Cesran, Seldan, Zeke
Still Afraid Skielstregar, Vaera
January 5, 2022 Crescent Moon Aryia, Verna, Auranar
Familiar Matters Part 3 Skielstregar, Barclaiigh, Ravenstongue, Shilde, Vaera, Lyme
Sith Around and Wait Cryosanthia, Jinks, Rocky, Seyardu, Tenoc
January 6, 2022 Cider and Charms Randolf, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Xasany
Seeing Stars Aryia, Verna, Cesran
January 7, 2022 Infernal Interruption Jinks, Seldan, Verna
Cafeteria Gossip Aryia, Ravenstongue, Seyardu, Telamon
January 8, 2022 Walking on Eggshells Acedia, Aryia, Jinks, Seldan, Verna, Zeke
Renew the Pact: Ritual Matters Cryosanthia, Iuitl, Halani, Ravenstongue, Jinks, Stjepan, Verna, Seldan, Zeke, Merek
January 9, 2022 Infernal Interruption (Part 2) Jinks, Seldan, Verna
Tie me Down Seldan, Verna, Zeke
Candles in the Rain Ashes, Aryia, Verna
A Charming Day by the Shore Mikilos, N'tsssa, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Waiting on the Halls Auranar, Paenitia, Seldan, Verna
Debts pAYAble and lAYAway Cryosanthia, Jinks, Aryia, Mikilos, Braelnoir
January 10, 2022 Throw a Blanket over It Aryia, Verna, Jinks, Acedia
Second Guessing Guises Venom, Aryia
A Sewer Shattering kaBOOOM Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna
Vast Expectations (Part 1) Faranmidahn, Paenitia, Jinks, Razen, Edinaz
January 11, 2022 Tea, Cakes, and... Swords? Auranar, Seldan, Verna
Stars, Moon, and Compassion Ravenstongue, Telamon
The Griever: Elves Wizards and Wizard Elves (Part 14) Mikilos, Seldan, Serene, Stejepan
January 12, 2022 My Brother Seldan, Zeke
Gray Halls Aryia, Jinks, Seyardu
Joys, Doubts, and Real Estate Aryia, Verna
A Curious Courtship Barclaiigh, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Telamon, Vaera
January 13, 2022 Coin Toss Tawyse, Skielstregar
And One Goblin Acedia, Seldan, Zeke
Hospitality Repaid Arngrim, Boti, Karasu, Ravenstongue, Telamon
January 14, 2022 Curious Discussions Karasu, Randolf, Seyardu, Xasany
A Faux Pas and a Half Aryia, Verna, Auranar, Seyardu
January 15, 2022 Gray Halls (Part 2) Aryia, Jinks, Seyardu
January 16, 2022 Boti's Big Sister Boti, Ravenstongue
Through Snow, Rain, Sleet, or Sunshine Ravenstongue, Telamon
Yrch You Can't Scratch-Greatwood VP Jinks, Pelka, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Telamon
January 17, 2022 Seeing the Finish Line Aryia, Jinks
House Hunting Ahead Auranar, Verna
A Little Literary Visit Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Telamon
Nothing Drastic Aryia, Seyardu, Irshya
Distant Futures Aryia, Venom, Vaera, Verna, Irshya
Vast Expectations (Part 2) Edinaz, Faranmidahn, Lysos, Jinks, Razen
January 18, 2022 Diplomatic Immunity Jinks, Randolf, Seyardu, Valadhiel
Deck the Halls Cesran, Jinks, Aryia, Seyardu
January 19, 2022 A Marketplace Meeting Aryia, Auranar, Ravenstongue, Venom, Verna
January 20, 2022 The Illustrious Telperius Atlon Ravenstongue, Telamon
How Much Greatwood Skielstregar, Vaera, Ravenstongue, Knightmare, Randolf, Lyme
January 21, 2022 Solitude and Company with a Bottle of Wine Ravenstongue, Telamon
What is in your Head Aryia, Auranar, Cesran, Verna
Until The Heart Betrays Vignette - Seldan
A Veiled Journey Acedia, Malik, Seldan, Stjepan, Zeke
January 22, 2022 Cake for Boti Boti, Ravenstongue, Seyardu
January 23, 2022 Strange Gaze, pt1-Greatwood VP Jinks, Ravenstongue, Shilde, Skielstregar, Telamon. Vaera
Taking Names Skielstregar, Vaera, Barclaiigh, Andelena, Mikilos, Lyme
January 24, 2022 Reilly Bad Eggs-Bugged VP Karasu, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar
What is in your Head (Part 2) Ayria, Auranar, Cesran, Verna
Hath no Fury Andelena, Dolan, Karasu
Recovering Ravenstongue, Telamon
Meet the Fisherman Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna
Vast Expectations (Part 3) Edinaz, Faranmidahn, Lysos, Jinks, Razen, Paenitia
January 25, 2022 Base Jumping Aryia, Verna
Better Gnomes and Living Aryia, Jinks, Seyardu
The New Roost Ravenstongue, Telamon
January 26, 2022 Smoke on Water Karasu, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Vaera DM: Aryia
Save the Boy Arngrim, Aryia, Randolf, Seyardu, Telamon, Valadhiel, Verna
Give it a Chance Skielstregar, Vaera
January 27, 2022 Party Hard Aryia, Jinks, Karasu, Mikilos
January 27, 2022 No Cages Aimarra, Auranar, Faranth, Percy, Seyardu
A Veiled Journey (Part 2) Malik, Seldan, Serene, Stjepan, Zeke
He Answered Andelena, Dolan
January 28, 2022 Throwing Hands Aryia, Verna
January 29, 2022 Insanity Defense Skielstregar, Telamon, Vaera
January 30, 2022 The Color of a Dress Aryia, Auranar, Verna
Strange Gaze, pt2-Greatwood VP Jinks, Ravenstongue, Shilde, Skielstregar, Telamon. Vaera
Alchemical Mishap Ravenstongue, Telamon
Stopping for the Night Skielstregar, Vaera
Moving Concerns Boti, Lyme, Ravenstongue
January 31, 2022 Not Sick, Just Searching Karasu, Seyardu, Skielstregar
It's Cozy at Aryia's Place Aryia, Ravenstongue
Sibling Check In Skielstregar, Seyardu
Vast Expectations (Part 4) Edinaz, Faranmidahn, Lysos, Jinks, Razen, Paenitia


Date Log People
February 1, 2022 A Family That Felt Whole Ravenstongue, Telamon
More than Enough Auranar, Verna
A Gut Feeling Venom, Aryia
Only Mostly Dead Ashes, Jinks, Merek, Seyardu
February 2, 2022 You Decided Skielstregar, Tawyse
The Prophet Hotaru Aryia, Jinks, Mikilos, Seyardu, Telamon, Verna
February 3, 2022 Untended Graves (Part 1) Karasu, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Telamon, Vaera
Sun, Moon, and Earth Andelena, Aryia, Barclaiigh
On the Nature of Stars and Lavender Ravenstongue, Telamon
Message in a Bottle Paenitia, Serene, Jinks
February 4, 2022 Jumping Over the Sword (At a Later Date) Aryia, Ravenstongue, Telamon
A Veiled Journey (Part 3) Acedia, Malik, Seldan, Serene, Stjepan, Zeke
February 5, 2022 Not the Burpees Aryia, Cesran
Dream On Mikilos, Ravenstongue, Seyardu, Skielstregar
No Strings Attached Andelena, Dolan, Rocky, Skielstregar, Vaera
February 6, 2022 Breathless Andelena, Dolan
Crystal Caverns Aimarra, Randolf, Smuldur
Bad Dreams and Aspirations Aryia, Mikilos, Verna, Seyardu, Gadget
Strange Gaze, pt3-Greatwood VP Ravenstongue, Shilde, Skielstregar, Telamon, Vaera
Lifeline Ravenstongue, Telamon
February 7, 2022 Dwarfed by Insecurities Barclaiigh, Irshya
Through the Woods Aimarra, Randolf
A Little Book Trip Venom, Aryia, Cesran
Unrest Easy Skielstregar, Vaera
Killer Promise Andelena, Dolan, Karasu
Nest for Three Ravenstongue, Telamon
The Mermaid Illiara Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna
Vast Expectations (Part 5) Edinaz, Faranmidahn, Lysos, Jinks, Razen, Paenitia
February 8, 2022 Name the Divine Mikilos, Ravenstongue
Sleepless in S-Ea-ttle Auranar, Morgan, Randolf, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
Tapping on Eggshells Cryosanthia, Jinks, Faranmidahn
February 9, 2022 Midday Siesta Verna, Aryia
Karen in Alexandria Auranar, Dolan
School of Hard Knocks Andelena, Aryia
Karen's Aftermath Andelena, Auranar, Dolan
Sword in the Well Aryia, Jinks, Mikilos, Seyardu, Telamon, Verna
February 10, 2022 Untended Graves (Part 2) Karasu, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Telamon, Vaera
The Princess's Lover Aryia, Ravenstongue, Telamon
February 11, 2022 His House Aryia, Irshya
Hot Ones Morgan, Ravenstongue, Telamon
February 12, 2022 Elf-Help Section Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Vaera, Wu
February 13, 2022 Strange Gaze, finale-Greatwood VP Ravenstongue, Shilde, Skielstregar, Telamon, Vaera
Respite from Expeditions Skielstregar, Vaera, Irshya
Two Daeusites Walk into a Bar Andelena, Dolan, Irshya
February 14, 2022 What to Spend it On Barclaiigh, Skielstregar, Andelena, Seyardu, Paenitia
The Sword and the Cistern Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna, Illiria, Sirri
Vast Expectations (Part 6) Edinaz, Faranmidahn, Lysos, Jinks, Razen, Paenitia
A Father's Concern Ravenstongue, Telamon
February 15, 2022 The Two Dreamers in the Eyes of the Watcher Ravenstongue, Telamon
Poolside Bar Barclaiigh, Imane, Irshya
February 16, 2022 Wait for the First Verse Ravenstongue, Telamon
Redeeming Qualities Aryia, Aya, Seyardu
Bier Today, Zonked Tomorrow Barclaiigh, Irshya, Mikilos, Ravenstongue
February 17, 2022 Take a Look Around Aryia, Aya, Murder
The Would-be Fiance of Cor'lana Lúpecyll Ravenstongue, Telamon
February 18, 2022 Delayed Shipment VP Dolan, Andelena, Barclaiigh
Wall of Ice Aryia, Aya, Cryosanthia, Jinks
Home is What You Make It Skielstregar, Vaera
A Veiled Journey (Part 4) Acedia, Malik, Seldan, Serene, Stjepan, Zeke
Sugar Cubes of Wisdom Barclaiigh, Irshya
February 19, 2022 Live Steel Andelena, Aryia, Dolan, Thurid
February 20, 2022 Untended Graves (Part 3) Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Telamon, Vaera
The Unforgiven Aya, Aryia
Kegger-Aid Paenitia, Randolf
Later Means Now, Now Means Forever Ravenstongue, Telamon
February 21, 2022 A Merry Pub Scene Randolf, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Telamon
Roll the Bones Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna, Illiria, Sirri
An Elfragation, the arrival Aryia, Ashes, Ravenstongue, Jinks
February 22, 2022 Dinners on Discs Ashes, Jinks
Vast Expectations (Part 7) Edinaz, Faranmidahn, Lysos, Jinks, Razen, Paenitia
On a Cold Winter's Night Ravenstongue, Telamon
Little Moon Aryia, Venom
Someone is Bugging Me Barclaiigh, Dolan, Randolf, Rocky
February 23, 2022 Grotesque Display Barclaiigh, Glasha, Karasu, Mikilos, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Telamon
Resting Wishes Aya, Aryia, Seyardu, Mikilos
February 24, 2022 Getting Our Grove On Barclaiigh, Tawyse, Cryosanthia
Untended Graves (Part 4) Karasu, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Telamon, Vaera
February 25, 2022 Tragedy and Comedy Aya, Jinks
Build it Up Auranar, Verna
Soup Seduction Technique Aryia, Ravenstongue
February 26, 2022 I'm Drue in Town Drue, Ravenstongue
Buggin' Out Andelena, Barclaiigh, Dolan
Revan's Revelry Ravenstongue, Revan
An Elfragation, part 2 Ashes, Jinks, Kard, Vaera, Lyme, Mikilos
February 27, 2022 Fowl Behavior Andelena, Barclaiigh, Drue, Kard
February 28, 2022 Morning and a Prelude Ravenstongue, Telamon
The Scars Inside You Ravenstongue, vignette
Divine Bond Skielstregar, vignette
Fistful of Posies Aryia, Andelena
Kerry-Anne Wayward Daughter Andelena, Skielstregar, Telamon, Vaera
Down the Drain Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna, Sirri, Illiria


Date Log People
March 1, 2022 Witching Hour for Charming Ravenstongue, Telamon
Vast Expectations, (part 8) Faranmidahn, Paenitia, Jinks, Razen, Edinaz, Lysos
March 2, 2022 Threads of Freedom Aryia, Irshya, Ravenstongue
Know When to Fold Ravenstongue, Telamon
Out on a Limb Barclaiigh, Randolf, Ravenstongue, Vaera, Venom
March 3, 2022 A Bright and Noble Soul Ravenstongue, Skielstregar
Bugs in the Pantry Aryia, Mikilos, Seyardu, Telamon, N'tssa
March 4, 2022 The Lovers' Paradox Ravenstongue, Telamon
Dreams Come True Barclaiigh, Kard, Murder, Seyardu, Skielstregar, Telamon
A Veiled Journey (Part 7) Acedia, Malik, Seldan, Serene, Zeke
March 5, 2022 Star Furrrows Missing Knots Barclaiigh, Ravenstongue, Rocky, Vaera
Silver Solidarity Skielstregar, Seyardu
Kobolds: The Will of Uskvutha Halani, Jinks
March 6, 2022 Werewolf in Alexandria Barclaiigh, Dolan, Magpie, Skielstregar, Verna
It's Pretty Late Andelena, Dolan
Give Em the Bird Slixvah, Magpie, Dolan, Telamon, Ravenstongue, Geir
March 7, 2022 Living Daed Man Aryia, Aya, Daechir, Jinks, Seyardu
Blar: Crate Expectations Telamon, Slixvah, Barclaiigh, Zofija
Blar-ly Made It Slixvah, Zofija
Blar: Frenemy at the Gate Barclaiigh, Shalethiste, Carver, Zofija
March 8, 2022 Fear and Love in Alexandria Dolan, Ravenstongue
Lunar Eclipse Barclaiigh, Dolan, Telamon, Randolf, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Verna
March 9, 2022 Weaponsmith Woes Dolan, Magpie
Late Night Practice Knightmare, Skielstregar, Zofija
The Monster in the Room Ravenstongue, Telamon
Blar: Haber-Dasher Barclaiigh, Slixvah, Shalethiste
March 10, 2022 Water Under the Bridge Aryia, Ravenstongue
The Waning Spire, part 1 Andelena, Arahel, Ashes, Seyardu
Thicker than Blood Aryia, Aya
Denouement of the Father Ravenstongue, Telamon
Blar: The Skull's Cups Barclaiigh, Bannon, Slixvah, Zofija, Jay
March 11, 2022 Full of Joy Auranar, Kard, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
Steel to my Lips Aragos, Murder, Slixvah, Zofija
An Interesting Proposal Verna, Aryia
A Veiled Journey (Part 8) Acedia, Malik, Seldan, Serene, Zeke
March 12, 2022 The Statistics of Jousting Ashes, Mikilos, Merek, Zofija
March 13, 2022 I Hold You Ravenstongue, Telamon
Bear Witness Barclaiigh, Slixvah, Bannon
Witch of the Mountain Barclaiigh, Dolan, Randolf
March 14, 2022 Kerry-Anne Wayward Daughter pt2 Andelena, Skielstregar, Telamon, Vaera
A Clean Sweep Aryia, Aya, Venom, Khepri, Seyardu
Vast Expectations, (part 9) Faranmidahn, Paenitia, Jinks, Edinaz, Lysos
If Stupid Was a Crime Andelena, Dolan
March 15, 2022 Bear Necessities Andelena, Barclaiigh, Carver, Knightmare, Zofija
Stargazing by the Shore Ravenstongue, Slixvah, Telamon
March 16, 2022 Bird Bath Slixvah, Irshya
Same Day Air Slixvah, Zofija
Obligatory Fanservice Episode Ravenstongue, Telamon
A Poultry Sum Lyme, Robert, Slixvah, Zofija
March 17, 2022 A normal day in Goblintown Jay, Robert, Lauriel, Munch, Zofija
Critter Control Andelena, Dolan, Drue, Robert, Zofija
March 18, 2022 From Hive to Honey Jay, Robert, Andelena
Cor'lana's Nicest Birthday Ravenstongue, Telamon
A Veiled Journey (Part 9) Acedia, Malik, Seldan, Serene, Stjepan, Zeke
March 19, 2022 Saint Punchin's day Andelena, Carver, Lauriel, Zofija, Jay
Take You Away Andelena, Carver, Dolan, Lauriel
Gonna Be Alright Aya, Daechir
March 20, 2022 Images and Words Andelena, Dolan
The Arrival of Spring (And All That It Brings) Ravenstongue, Telamon
Clean Up Crew Aragos, Dolan, Kard, Munch, Robert, Slixvah, Zofija
For Want of a Boat Aryia, Aya
Ruby and Silver Skielstregar, Vaera
March 21, 2022 Kerry-Anne Wayward Daughter pt3 Andelena, Skielstregar, Telamon, Vaera
Library Chatter Aryia, Venom
Family and High Powered Chairs Slixvah, Zofija, Imane, Robert
Vast Expectations, (part 10) Faranmidahn, Paenitia, Jinks, Edinaz, Lysos
March 22, 2022 Chilli Chips and Chippen Ashes, Braelnoir, Carver, Slixvah, Zofija
The Cheerful Corvid Ravenstongue, Telamon
March 23, 2022 It's in the Book Andelena, Dolan, Jay, Robert, Slixvah
Gone Away Barclaiigh, Carver, Dolan, Kard, Telamon, Randolf, Verna
March 24, 2022 Obligatory Fanservice Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo Ravenstongue, Telamon
Happy Birthday Sis Slixvah, Zofija, Katrine
March 25, 2022 Pothy's Identical Twin Aryia, Jinks, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Totem of Hunger Barclaiigh, Dolan, Kard, Percy
Confusing Engagements Auranar, Verna
March 26, 2022 A Fitting Beginning Jay, Robert, Lauriel, Ravenstongue
March 27, 2022 A Sorcerous Summit Ravenstongue, Telamon
Before you Go Aya, Daechir
Goldbell's Clap, part 1 Jay, Khepri, Shilde, Slixvah
March 28, 2022 Goldbell's Clap, part 2 *Bugged VP* Jay, Khepri, Shilde, Slixvah
Up the Water Spout Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna, Sirri, Illiria
Vast Expectations, (part 11) Paenitia, Faranmidahn, Jinks, Lysos, Edinaz
You Need a Bath Andelena, Dolan
March 29, 2022 Late Night Gossip Slixvah, Zofija, Irshya, Robert
Two of Them Ravenstongue, Telamon
Bunch of Tryshards, a Barclaiigh, Dolan, Shilde, Zofija
March 30, 2022 Things That Go Screech in the Night Ravenstongue, Telamon
C Stands for Courage Robert, Slixvah, Zofija, Jay, Mikilos
Lingering Wounds Cryosanthia, Morgan, Merek, Braelnoir
March 31, 2022 Tower Offense Kard, Robert, Rocky, Taran, Zofija, Serene
The Dreaming Triad Ravenstongue, Telamon


Date Log People
April 1, 2022 A Veiled Journey (Part 10) Seldan, Serene, Acedia, Malik, Stjepan DM: Whirlpool
A Shock and a Chat on Coyote's Laugh Choler, Ravenstongue, Seyardu, Telamon
April 2, 2022 Love and Hangovers Dolan, Ravenstongue, Taran, Telamon
In the Wake of Laughter Jay, Lauriel, Nemori, Robert, Zofija
April 3, 2022 Clockwerk Connundrum Lysos, Barclaiigh, Randolf, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Telamon
April 4, 2022 United for Justice and Bacon Skielstregar, Barclaiigh, Dolan, Andelena
Stable Animals Skielstregar, Zofija
Release the Pumas! Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna, Sirri, Illiria
Vast Expectations, (part 12) Finale Paenitia, Faranmidahn, Jinks, Lysos, Edinaz
Staggering Home Ravenstongue, Telamon
April 5, 2022 Cider in the Rain Nemori, Robert, Jay
Five Dates and a Proposal Ravenstongue, Telamon
April 6, 2022 Hair of the Duck Dolan, Vasilly, Taran, Magpie, Barclaiigh, Crius, Jay
Half-Sil in Revue Ravenstongue, Robert, Slixvah, Telamon
April 7, 2022 The Grandeur of Sorcery Ravenstongue, Telamon
Joy False And True Seldan, Malik, Zeke, Serene
April 8, 2022 Blue Moon Barclaiigh, Dolan, Taran, Telamon, Lysos, Verna
A Veiled Journey (Part 11) Seldan, Serene, Zeke, Malik, Stjepan DM: Whirlpool
It's Raining, It's Pouring Ravenstongue, Telamon
April 9, 2022 Goldbell's Echo Dolan, Jay, Zofija, Nemori
April 10, 2022 The Lady's Cloak Jay, Robert, Zofija, Slixvah, Magpie
Burgles in the Night Jay, Robert, Zofija, Nemori, Magpie
April 11, 2022 Drink, Drink, Drink Aragos, Crius, Dolan
A Fine Fey Evening Jay, Robert, Zofija, Slixvah, Telamon, Fionnuala
Totem of Cunning Crius, Dirk, Dolan, Shilde, Smuldur, Taran
April 12, 2022 Con-spicuous Consumption Lysos, Ravenstongue, Rocky, Silmeria, Telamon
April 13, 2022 Something New and Wonderful Ravenstongue, Telamon
April 14, 2022 Two and a Half Elves Aryia, Mikilos, Redleaf
A Few Fowl Questions Jay, Robert, Nemori
A Vardaman Easter Egg Ashes, Zofija
Little Bird Feeder Slixvah, Zofija
No Chemistry Ravenstongue, Telamon
April 15, 2022 Reflections of Violet Skielstregar, Aelwyn, Dolan, Telamon
Blue Moon (Part 2) Dolan, Lysos, Taran, Telamon, Verna, Wu
April 16, 2022 Go On, My Love Ravenstongue, Telamon
April 17, 2022 The Gods' Hands Andelena, Dolan, Lysos, Telamon, Balderdan
Mul'niessa Secret of Heels Aryia, Ravenstongue, Telamon
A Happy Hatching Day Cryosanthia, Aryia, Ravenstongue, Lysos, Seyardu, Jinks, Tenoc
April 18, 2022 An Ominous Message Nemori, Slixvah, Khepri, Robert, Jay
Resurrectionist Escort Dirk, Slixvah, Zofija, Shilde, Robert
Fey Nightmares Andelena, Dolan
A Pact Refused Ravenstongue, Telamon
April 19, 2022 Strange Lands Aavhash, Arash, Geir, Ravenstongue
An Ominous Journey Slixvah, Khepri, Robert, Jay
April 20, 2022 Silver for an Answer Aavhash, Andelena, Dolan, Lysos, Telemon
A Silver for your Thoughts Elyanna, Dirk, Zofija, Ashes, Taran
April 21, 2022 No Undue Risks Aryia, Ravenstongue, Mikilos, Aya
Dirtier than Expected Magpie, Shilde, Dirk, Khepri, Zofija, Robert
What is Owed? Nemori, Robert, Slixvah, Jay
April 22, 2022 The Balance Aryia, Aya, Daechir
Trap! Holding for Hostages Dirk, Dolan, Halani, Verna
Good to Be Home Ravenstongue, Telamon
April 23, 2022 Wild Turkeys Ravenstongue, Telamon, Slixvah, Aavhash, Barclaiigh, Halani, Ashes
Staff Holiday Nemori, Robert
April 24, 2022 I Held Out Hope Ravenstongue, Telamon
Aya for an Aya Aavhash, Aya, Halani, Jinks, Mikilos
As Luck Would Have It Slixvah, Zofija
April 25, 2022 Trap! Holding for Hostages (Part 2) Dirk, Dolan, Halani, Verna
Resurrectionist Escort Part 2 Dirk, Slixvah, Zofija, Shilde, Robert, Aavhash
The Atlon Cousin Ravenstongue, Telamon
Alley Oops Jay, Slixvah, Nemori, Zofija
Arreth, the Last Sunrise Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna, Sirri, Illiria
April 26, 2022 Trap! Holding for Hostages (Part 3) Dirk, Dolan, Halani, Verna
For the Ones We Love Auranar, Dolan
A Little Break for a Quartet Aryia, Ravenstongue, Seyardu, Telamon
April 27, 2022 One More To the Rescue Andelena, Auranar, Dolan
Found at Last Andelena, Auranar, Dirk, Dolan, Halani, Verna
The One That Got Away Aryia, Aya
Nailing it Down Nemori, Robert, Slixvah, Jay
April 28, 2022 Beetle Juice Skielstregar, Seyardu
An Ocean of Tranquility Dirk, Robert, Slixvah, Zofija
April 29, 2022 Home is Where the Dreams are Auranar, Dolan, Halani, Telamon, Verna
April 30, 2022 Unexpected Company Aya, Daechir
The Exploration Begins Alys, Kolden
Finite Space Slixvah, Verna, Zofija


Date Log People
May 1, 2022 Blood on His Feathers Ravenstongue, Telamon
In Need of a Cure Auranar, Dolan, Verna
The Price of Dance Skielstregar, Aelwyn
Junk in the Trunk Skielstregar, Thurid, Paenitia, Lysos, DM: Robert
Cooling the Forge Nemori, Jay, Robert, Zofija, Toha
May 2, 2022 A Were-y Warning Dolan, Halani
Resurrectionist Escort Part 3 Dirk, Slixvah, Zofija, Shilde, Robert, Aavhash
With Jealousy, Part 1 Aryia, Auranar, Dolan, Lysos, Seyardu, Ravenstongue, Telamon
The Ending of the Iron King Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna, Sirri, Illiria
May 3, 2022 Home With You Auranar, Verna
May 4, 2022 With Jealousy, Part 2 Aryia, Auranar, Dolan, Lysos, Seyardu, Ravenstongue, Telamon
May 5, 2022 Return to Form Andelena, Dolan
May 6, 2022 Testing the Waters Aryia, Aya
Booming Business Jay, Nemori, Slixvah, Zofija, Ravendar
May 7, 2022 Induction Dolan, Balderdan
Shots and Ladders Nemori, Jay, Robert
May 8, 2022 Caravan Contingent, Part 1 Aimarra, Lysos, Murder, Paenitia, Barclaiigh, DM: Subduction
Dinner and More than Dessert Auranar, Dolan, Verna
In a and/or Considering Pickle(s) Barclaiigh, Irshya, Shilde
May 9, 2022 Resurrectionist Escort Part 4 Dirk, Slixvah, Zofija, Shilde, Robert, Aavhash
With Jealousy, Part 3 Aryia, Auranar, Dolan, Lysos, Ravenstongue, Seyardu, Telamon
The Way Home is Through Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna, Sirri, Illiria, Alvin
Nailing Down an Order Nemori, Venom
May 10, 2022 Meet me at the Table Aavhash, Andelena, Dolan, Lysos, Telamon, Verna
Kobolds in the Hot Springs Barclaiigh, Shilde, Merek, Pasithea, Dirk
May 11, 2022 Cloudwatching Aryia, Aya
Night Time Woes Auranar, Verna
Alone Together Ravenstongue, Telamon
May 12, 2022 Look Who's Cooking Now Aya, Daechir
Drink Till it Hurts Andelena, Aragos, Dirk, Dolan, Lysos, Mikilos, Verna
Packing Bags and Asking Questions Andelena, Dolan
May 13, 2022 A Leaf Aryia, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna, Seyardu, Halani
Smoke and Vapors Auranar, Dirk, Leetle, Verna
The Abandoned Monestary Auranar, Dolan, Shilde, Slixvah, DM Telamon
May 14, 2022 Counting Sheep Aelwyn, Auranar, Dirk, Shilde, Zofija
May 15, 2022 Anger and Madness Auranar, Verna
A New Chapter Ravenstongue, Telamon
Kobolds: The Lying Table Aryia, Seyardu, Tawyse, Halani
Warding the Roost Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
May 16, 2022 A Legal Letter Opener Robert, Nemori, Jay, Eztli,Leetle
Alvin and Ella, Reunited Delilah, Donna, Ashes, Elyanna, Sirri, Illiria, Alvin, Ella, Norrington
Resurrectionist Escort Part 5 Dirk, Slixvah, Zofija, Shilde, Robert, Aavhash
A Darkened Mind Ravenstongue, Telamon
Fear and Drinking in Alexandria Dolan, Halani, Munch
Requesting Backup Aryia, Venom
May 17, 2022 Kobolds: Take the Town Skielstregar, Barclaiigh, Vaera, Venom
Quickly to Quelynos Andelena, Dolan, Lysos, Telamon, Verna
May 18, 2022 Drunk at Midnight Aragos, Dolan
Mildly Misplaced Makari Eztli, Shilde
May 19, 2022 Pretty Things Ravenstongue, Telamon
Kobolds: Storm the Sandcastle Halani, Jinks, Munch
May 20, 2022 Temple District Talk Aragos, Dolan, Eztil, Khepri, Un'eth
May 22, 2022 99 Problems (But Llyranost Isn't One) Seldan, Verna, Ravenstongue, Dirk
An Awkward Reunion Seldan, Serene, Mikilos, Aya, Aryia, Zeke
Explain Your Smallness Eztli, Skielstregar
May 23, 2022 The First Call Auranar, Dolan, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Resurrectionist Escort Part 6 Dirk, Slixvah, Zofija, Shilde
Add Victory (um...) Auranar, Culix, Shilde
May 24, 2022 Quickly to Quelynos (Part 2) Andelena, Dolan, Lysos, Telamon, Verna
No Wight Place Eztli, Skielstregar, Un'eth
Heth-alumps and Woo-zles Barclaiigh, Shilde
May 25, 2022 Lower Market Meetup Daechir, Gramarye, Hithaeron, Slixvah
That Lifting Feeling Aryia, Aya
Another Apprentice at the Forge Etzli, Gramarye, Leetle, Robert
May 26, 2022 Say Nevermore Aryia, Aya, Hithaeron, Ravenstongue, Rocky, Seldan, Telamon
May 27, 2022 Don't Fear the Wolf Aya, Halani, Munch
The Hunter And the Hunted Seldan, DM: Whirlpool
May 28, 2022 Demon Werewolf Jamboree Aya, Dirk, Ravenstongue, Seldan, Serene
Jamboree Aftermath Aya, Dirk, Ravenstongue, Seldan, Serene, Telamon, Zeke
May 29, 2022 Heth Wights for No One Aelwyn, Eztli, Dolan, Andelena, Robert, Shilde
May 30, 2022 Heth Hath No Flurries Zofija, Jay, Slixvah, Nemori
Wraith for It Dolan, Telamon, Zeke
Home and Friends Auranar, Percy, Verna
Wight Into The Cups Eztli, Skielstregar, Mikilos, Robert, Shilde
May 31, 2022 Quickly to Quelynos (Part 3) Andelena, Dolan, Telamon, Lysos, Verna


Date Log People
June 01, 2022 Where You Are Andelena, Dolan, Telamon, Lysos, Verna
Token of Power Nemori, Slixvah, Robert, Eztli, Jay
Feytouched and Fey Friends Ravenstongue, Telamon
Watcher's Vigil Telamon, vignette
June 02, 2022 Evacuate This Part 1 Dirk, Eztli, Gramarye, Magpie, Nemori, Robert
June 03, 2022 Night Like This Auranar, Verna
June 04, 2022 Minions of Evil Aragos, Gurtrud, Nemori, Sjach DM Dirk
It's Hot Andelena, Dolan
Totem of Instinct Dirk, Dolan, Eztil, Magpie
Mistakes are Inevitable Daechir, Lyme, Shilde, Stena
June 05, 2022 Internal Journeys Ravenstongue, Stjepan
For Want of a Mourner Dolan, Telamon, Ravenstongue, Silmeria, Verna
Roofside Chat Aryia, Aya
Wight Hole Wrong Wish Rocky, Shilde, Skielstregar, Vaera, DM: Jinks
A Worthwhile Place Dolan, Ravenstongue, Telamon
June 06, 2022 Advice for the Giving Aya, Zeke
Jail Talk Ashes, Elyanna
Messengers with Pie Auranar, Ravenstongue, Telamon
June 07, 2022 Been Dreaming Andelena, Dolan, Lysos, Telamon
June 08, 2022 Malefic Skielstregar, vignette
Wolfsbane Silmeria, Verna
Visitor with Wine Auranar, Dolan
Crawled Out of a Hole Skielstregar, Vaera, Barclaiigh
Obligatory Fanservice Episode 3: Return of the Fey Ravenstongue, Telamon
June 09, 2022 Death's War Auranar, Silmeria
Anatomy of a Fiend Aya, Mikilos
Evacuate This Part 2 Dirk, Eztli, Gramarye, Magpie, Nemori, Robert, Jay
A Matter of Faith Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon
June 10, 2022 Begrudging Aid Aya, Aryia
Wight Club Aragos, Dirk, Nemori, Sora
What Dark Breaks Auranar, Dolan, Silmeria, Verna
Horns Are Not For Gnawing Skielstregar, Aelwyn, Eztli, Murder
The Griever's Next Move Cryosanthia, Seldan, Halani, Zeke, Jinks, Stjepan
June 11, 2022 My Strength Auranar, Verna
Sandwiches and Sunlight Aya, Aryia, Seldan, Seyardu, Zeke
Fish Scales Murder, Skielstregar
You Have to Save her Cryosanthia, Jinks, Halani, Aya, Merek
Late Night for a Late Bite Dirk, Eztli, Ravenstongue, Verna
June 12, 2022 Dance of the Dragoon Skielstregar, Aelwyn, Eztli
Hot Words on a Hot Day Aya, Ravenstongue, Seldan, Telamon
En guarde! Jay, Nemori, Robert
June 13, 2022 Scones, Clothes, and Betrothed Verna, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Aryia, Auranar
Dinner Out Auranar, Daniel, Lysos, Verna
The Wounds Left Behind Ravenstongue, Telamon
Prepare to Bargain Cryosanthia, Braelnoir, Aya, Jinks
June 14, 2022 Research! Auranar, Eztli, Lysos, Seldan, Telamon, Verna
Puppy Therapy Ravenstongue, Telamon
Wight Investigation, part 1 Barclaiigh, Shilde, Paenitia, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Vaera, Lyme
June 15, 2022 The Places Between Aryia, Aya, Halani, Mikilos, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Bird, Bird, and Bot Gramarye, Slixvah
June 16, 2022 Interview with a Werewolf Auranar, Silmeria, Telamon
A Pie Returned in Kind Ravenstongue, Verna
On Artifice Armor Appearances Eztli, Nemori
Mistakes Happened Elyanna, Gramarye, Jay, Shilde, Seyardu
June 17, 2022 Up to Measure Aryia, Verna
Time to Retire Dolan, Khepri, Nemori, Smuldur
Accidental Admittance Eztli, Verna
June 19, 2022 Be A Wight In The Darkness Carver, Dalton, Eztli, Kyria, Nemori, Sora
Weddings, Warnings, Temples, and Tea Silmeria, Verna
Lizards, Lunch, and Liars Aelwyn, Eztli, Skielstregar
Suspect Donations Khepri, Sora, Rocky, Gramarye, Knightmare, Jay
June 20, 2022 Paladin on the Old Road Auranar, Serene, Verna
Catch and Release Andelena Slixvah, Nemori
More than meets the Eye Andelena, Auranar, Dolan
Menagerie Auranar, Barclaiigh, Eztli, Ravenstongue, Shilde, Telamon
June 21, 2022 Best Friends Forever Auranar, Ravenstongue, Telamon, Verna
Bring me a Dream Andelena, Dolan, Verna
Ssun's Out, Sscales Out Aelwyn, Eztli, Skielstregar, Un'eth
Wight Investigation, part 2 Barclaiigh, Shilde, Paenitia, Ravenstongue, Skielstregar, Vaera, Lyme
June 22, 2022 All I Want Auranar, Verna
The Places Between (Part 2) Aryia, Aya, Halani, Mikilos, Ravenstongue, Telamon
June 23, 2022 Evacuate This, part 3 Dirk, Eztli, Gramarye, Nemori, Robert, Jay
June 24, 2022 Something Smells.... Dirk, Khepri, Nemori, Sora
Wight in the Feels Paenitia, Braelnoir, Lysos, MAC-B1G
June 26, 2022 Sweet Summer Solstice Carver, Mikilos, Ravenstongue, Telamon
Inevitable Sewer Adventure Aelwyn, Dirk, Jay, Jozi, Nemori, Slixvah