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When last our brave and noble heroes were left, they had just finished getting their arses trampled by a massive gorgon.

No, seriously. Not insignificant harm was done to it, but much the same was done back. Thanfully, the conflict wasn't extended long enough for it to use its /petrifying breath/ expcet on the one gorgon you saw. The monstrous beast is elsewhere in the small gnomish village and you're so far able to retreat back to your buildings with your airship crew allies without further harm.

Still, what do you want to do next/

Pale and bleeding the towering Ork leans against a wall after pulling himself up off the ground. His armor, now covered in road dust his own blood, clanks as he moves. "Oy, wot did the bull go to?" He says blearly, reaching up with his right palm to smack himself in the side of the head as he tries to clear the concussion.

Felicia rubs forehead as she sees Baz like this. She keeps quiet.....

"Away," Celeste answers to Baz. "It went away, and we're going to let it, because we need to get moving ourselves. We need to find somewhere to rest that is *not* infested with Gorgons so we can get our wounds knit back together and find a proper way out of here." She pauses, scratching the back of her head. "But, before we go, we should stick together and have a look around -- the gnomes may've mapped this place before getting fossilized. That could help."

Serraphine throws something n the way of the talking people, "Sleep!" She calls out sternly, because not everyone was actually able to rest for this whole thing and the FIRST thing they're going to do is go through the process of taking a little rest and tending to the wounds. This was not something to be debated.

GAME: Malorn rolls 2d8+10: (12)+10: 22

There's a stare from Baz at Celeste, the tumble of words from her washing over and around the big Ork's head. "Wot?" He says finally, blinking at her. With seemingly no other direction to take he hefts his big battle axe over his shoulder and assembles into his marching stance. The trickles of blood from his ears and nose slowing to a stop and starting to dry. His eyes shift to Serraphine when she yells sleep and he blinks slowly then looks around at the Gnomeish street.

Lucy nods somberly. "I will," she assures Serraphine. "But first...we may not have been able to help those poor villages, but perhaps they can help us." She steps out of the door and peers cautiously over one of the party's barricades. She looks this way and that before climbing over and slipping into one of the other buildings. A few minutes later she emerges, only to enter the the next.

Malorn was hurt from the gorgon's trample and he goes back to sit down with the others. He takes a couple of deep breaths as he starts to meditate and the worse of his wounds starts to heal themselves.

GAME: Celeste rolls perception: (8)+7: 15

GAME: Felicia rolls perception: (2)+3: 5

GAME: Serraphine rolls perception: (19)+4: 23

GAME: Lucy rolls perception: (19)+12: 31

GAME: Malorn rolls perception: (16)+13: 29

GAME: Baz da Ork rolls perception: (4)+3: 7

With a good amount of caution, you're able to spedn a bit more time searching the village grounds. A few things are found, like a couple of gnome hook hammers, a few daggers, some short swords. They can be passed to the sailors if you really want to, though they're a bit awkward for the human members of the crew.

The gorgon is keeping its distance for the moment, evidently. The villages food stores rotted out ages ago, unfortunately, but in the end you feel you've gotten most of what you can off the village itself.

GAME: Baz da Ork casts Cure Light Wounds. Caster Level: 3 DC: 14

GAME: Baz da Ork rolls 1d8+3: (5)+3: 8

Lucy finally returns from her scrounging. She keeps the daggers for herself, and gives the shortswords to the crewmembers (the small weapons are little bigger than daggers in the hands of a human anyway). She also proudly displays a second shortspear, this one apparenently of gnomish make. Finally she tugs a heavy leather glove covered with metal plates over one hand, flexing and opening the fingers experimentally. "I left some gold, for everything I found," she says. "In case the gnomes ever do recover..." she doesn't seem too optimistic.

Felicia says, "When we get back, we can tell the guild of this place, and the gorgons...."

Celeste has, eventually, given up on searching, having added what she found to the pile of stuff. Now she's sleeping; still clad in armor caked in blood -- only some of it hers -- she's sprawled out amongst the sailors with her feet propped up, snoring like a backfiring chainsaw. Well, at least someone is sleeping.

GAME: Baz da Ork refreshes spells.

The big Ork simply finds a corner to sit in and slumps down to sleep. Saying a short prayer to Kor before he does so he starts the process of healing his injuries and clearing his head as he sleeps. Baz is suprisingly quiet and still while he sleeps. Though there is quite a bit of drool from the two big tusks set in his jaw.


Well, enough, anyway. You do hear the gorgon's trumpet once more during the 'night', so to speak, but it doesn't come towards you again.

By the time 'morning' roll around, your hungry companoons are ready to get on the move again.

Lucy collects her newfound weapons, somehow finds a way to store them away in her pack (handy haversack, no doubt) and then creeps out of the party's shelter, peering about to see if the village is still the same as when they hunkered down. Only when she's reasonably certain she won't give away their position does she activate her Ioun torch, to circle slowly around her head. "I'm ready," she looks over the crew. "I'll stay with the crew."

Rising to his feet Baz stretches and grunts, clanking in his armor and shaking his head slowly. He peers around the interior of the Gnome building they use then speaks: "Right, everyone up. It's time ta march, we got a distance ta move afore we can rest again. Every one up! Git up! C'mon, move it, move it!" His gravely tone echoing through the room as he sets about goading people to stand.

Felicia says, "yeah. Lets get moving." She then looks to Baz. "You don't get to give orders. Takng on a gorgon all by yourself means you get to be with the scouting party, where your decisions don't kill us all.""

Serraphine rises with her hair off at a funny angle. She spends the next bit of time strapping back into her armor and stretches. "Oh Serriel's might... Shh. Shhh... Felicia, I know, I know, I agree but Shhh. Quiet time first thing. Demon bull isn't here."

Another stretch and she starts gathering up her belongings, looking over the crew. "I hate caves more now."

There's a grin from the big Ork as he looks down at Felicia. "Dere's always one, moment it gets 'ard they start turn'n on the unit rather then pulling tight." He leans his large head down towards her his tusks glistening. "Now you keep agree'n we need ta march while use say I can't tell people ta march and it all goes ta march'n don't it?" There's a snort that blows hot moist air towards her face and hair. Then he straitens up and moves to take a load of supplies comparable to his beast of burden level strength. As he says to the rest of the room. "Right den, we closer ta home den we were last time. We be closer again soon enough." Then heads out into the street.

Malorn has been up for hours as he scouted out the town as the others rested. He waits for the others to be ready to go. He nods to the others, "I'm ready to go."

"Baz." Serraphine says, a harder edge to it, "Back the hell up, she's irritable first thing." A quick look toward Felicia that says you too - but doesn't say anything before looking back to him - "You're on point, right? Position of honor for Oruchs as the first in - first to danger - right?" It's a guess, but it seemd to fit in her mind.

WEll, at least this place has another exit.

That's the good news. And so you move on! You move down the 'main street' and not a moment too soon as you hear the distant squawk down the tunnels of demons. Lots of them. Seems they're finding their way closer. Chances are the demon bull won't even provide a speed bump given that it avoided the lot of you as it was.

Now you're moving a long a twisty tunnel. Oddly twisty, actually. CVurving back and forth at regular intervals.

GAME: Lucy rolls knowledge/engineering+2: (17)+3+2: 22

Lucy looks between Baz and Felicia - and now Serraphine. "My Aunt Esme used to tell me that soldiers complain and grouse and insult each other all the time, but when a fight breaks out they work together the way an army should. I supposes I'll have to see for myself..." By this time the party reaches the twisty tunnels, she perks up. "These curves - this is a defensive measure. It'll slow down enemies approaching from...well...from the direction that...ah, that we are."

Malorn listens to Lucy as she explains about the tunnels. "I suppose that makes sense. Can't move fast if you are twisting and turning." He says as he tries to ignore the squabbling.

GAME: Celeste rolls perception: (10)+7: 17

GAME: Serraphine rolls perception: (17)+4: 21

GAME: Felicia rolls perception: (11)+3: 14

GAME: Baz da Ork rolls perception: (1)+3: 4 (EPIC FAIL)

GAME: Malorn rolls perception: (11)+13: 24

GAME: Lucy rolls perception: (9)+12: 21

"Shut it," Celeste growls, at nobody in particular. "This is not the time for daft bickering. We rested too long and we have to just move." Just the same, the half-orc gladiatrix takes a position at the rear, walking with sword and shield drawn and strapped to her arm. Never hurts to be prepared, afterall.

"De mission is ta get the stick back." Baz mutters to himself as he turns and looks towards the noise of the persuing demons. Clearly wanting to fight them then run away. He glances towards Serraphine and stares at her with his small black eyes then shrugs and turns. His large form simply resuming the march. Moving along towards the front of the group by dint of his longer stride as much as anything else. "Leave it ta gnomes to make even da front door an obstacle." He chuckles and pads along, running face first into a low hanging Gnome sign for an Inn. "Blargh." The Ork remarks, frowning at the sign and moving on into another one. This time the outline of a series of flowers leaves various decorative marks on his face for a few moments before his skin returns to normal. "No Moah signs!"

GAME: Baz da Ork rolls reflex: (20)+2: 22 (CRITICAL SUCCESS)

GAME: Malorn rolls reflex: (10)+7: 17

A raise of an eyebrow at Celeste from Serraphine, then she slaps her on the shoulder in a friendly manner. A squeeze, and she's off to go with them bringing up the rear. She reaches back, unslinging the shield to her arm that holds the scepter. The other hand free to pull out the bastard sword if its needed. "We'll get through this yet, eh?" A shake of her head a run of her hand up to touch the stubble now growing on the side of her normally shaved head.

As Baz and Malorn move ahead, they miss the 'click-click' as several panels in the wall open up. They're able to hit the ground just as the fullisade of arrows begins to fire from both directions. Had they been caught up in that, it would have been...bad.

Really bad.

"Was that a trap?" Lucy says in a tiny voice. "Or do you think there are archers behind those panels...?" She peers cautiously down the tunnel and then turns her head to examine the panels where the arrows came from. Finally she peers down at one of the spent arrows.

"Where der's a whip dere's a... shite!" Baz exclaims, bringing up his shield to protect his face as he twists and lowers. Using his shield, armor and the bundled pack he's carrying to avoid most of the barrage. As he slowly stands up strait, now looking somewhat like a porcupine with the various trap arrows sticking out of his back pack he snorts. "Looks like da march just got a lot 'arder. We got anyone good wit clear'n dis path? Not gonna make much time if we gotta stop every few feet for another Gnome prank."

Celeste punches Serraphine in the ribs; not hard, being as how it's a friendly gesture, but she still does it while holding a sword. Careful Celeste, you'll hurt someone with that. "You're carrying the rod," she observes to Serraphine, "If we are attacked and it goes badly, make sure you break off first." She doesn't walk behind Serraphine, though; beside is the correct place. The other shield-bearer can handle herself, afterall. ...Of course, then there's arrows from up front, and Celeste is craning her neck to see if there are casualties.

Felicia looks to make sure Baz and Malorn are okay. When she sees they are, she just calls back 'they're fine'.

Malorn looks around as they move ahead and he misses the click-click but he hears the arrows start to fly at them. He wrenches his body to the side and goes into a spin as he feels the arrows flying past him close enough that he can feel the breeze from them. He manages to dodge all of them as he hits the floor in a push up position, none of the arrows having hit him. "There's a trap here." He calls back. He looks over to Baz, "You doing okay there Baz?" He goes to listen to see if there is a click of the trap resetting.

There's a chuckle, taking the punch with a nod of her head. She leans in closer to the half-oruch and says in an amused voice, "I still owe you that ale." A grimace and she continues off along the way when there's the hiss of arrows from up ahead and people diving to the ground. She gives it a deeper frown (she never smiles) and adds, "Gnomes. Can't live with them, can't live with them." A nod of her head.

GAME: Lucy rolls knowledge/engineering+2: (3)+3+2: 8

Lucy looks indignant at all the talk about gnomes. She retors, "Well let's see how welcoming you feel with Gorgons and mushroom men and who knows what else coming. They don't know we're..." she trails off, peering down the tunnel. "...we're...friendly." Leaning her spear against the wall, Lucy cups her hands around her mouth and then begins humming. The sounds seems to float off down the tunnel in the direction they are headed, past the panels and out of sight around the next curve. At the same time she holds her hands out to her side, and her entire body glows briefly before the glowing image of her form detaches and floats ahead, following the sound around the tiwsts in the tunnel. She watches them go and then waves the party past the traps, before trying to reset them.

Malorn gets up from his position and he gives Lucy a smile, "You are and I'm sure these traps are meant to protect. If you are good at detecting traps perhaps you should be closer to the front, not that I mind the work out of dodging arrows."

"Ya I'm fine I tink." Baz says to Malorn. "Gonna need to be careful when I sit down, feel like I've got a few dozen of dese little bastards all over me ass." He snorts and pokes the ground a few times then shoulders his back back into place causing a few arrows to fall off onto the ground. "Right, I'll go ahead far on me own den. Biggest and got da most armor. Kor also got a sweet tooth for me blood, keeps giv'n me more of it ta lose, hah!"

GAME: Felicia rolls perception: (4)+3: 7

GAME: Serraphine rolls eprception: (14)+eprception: 14

GAME: Lucy rolls perception: (13)+12: 25

GAME: Serraphine rolls perception: (9)+4: 13

GAME: Baz da Ork rolls perception: (7)+3: 10

GAME: Celeste rolls perception: (15)+7: 22

GAME: Malorn rolls perception: (16)+13: 29

None of the crewmen or their oen-eyed captain ar e looking exctly rhilled with the idea of travelling down a gnome-trapped tunnel.

Because let's be honest. This is a gnome trapped tunnel.

Malorn goes to grab Baz before he can go any further. "Baz...wait up." He points it out, "Hey Lucy do you see that. Is it another trap?" He asks as he points out the outline on the floor.

"Wot? Wot? Where?" Baz pauses, taking a step back he peers around and then snorts. "We ain't even traveled out a sight of da first one. We may as well start fortifying dis spot right 'ere at this rate." He turns and looks at Lucy, waiting for her to confirm or deny their danger and what the plan is.

Celeste does, in fact, notice the square looking plate, too; but certainly not before Malorn does, since he's up front and she's, well, in the back of the pack. When it gets around to being her turn to pass it she just grunts, points it out to Serraphine, and skirts around the edge of it. May as well leave it set up for the demons following them to have fun with.

GAME: Lucy rolls disable device: (4)+7: 11

GAME: Lucy rolls reflex+3: (6)+7+3: 16

Serraphine is in the back near Celeste and she nods her head a few times. SHe totally doesn't see it, and she nods to show that. Because... She's got nothing.

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 6d6: (19): 19

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+15: (9)+15: 24

Lucy kneels next to the plate that Malorn discovered. She peers at it for a but before drawing a slim knife to try and pry at the edges if the trigger...only it clicks. She braces herself for more arrows, but the same trap twice would be boring. wouldn't it. This time, the ceing drops. Lucy flings herselft to side but still gets clipped, the impact sending her sprawling.

Slowly, the perfectly shaped rectangular stone begins to lift itself out of the way.

Malorn moves back to let Lucy handle the trap. He jumps back a bit, "Hey are you okay?" He asks Lucy as he watches the stone go back up, "Gonna try again?"

Serraphine gives a scratch of her jaw and looks at Lucy, she tilts her head to the side, "I don't think you're supposed to trigger it." She says, and moves over toward her. A reach down and an offer of a hand to the gnome.

Touching his chest place and the symbol there, Baz extends his other hand and makes a request of Kor. There's a flash of light and the power of healing energy flows forth from the big Ork's hand.

GAME: Baz da Ork casts Cure Light Wounds. Caster Level: 3 DC: 14

GAME: Baz da Ork rolls 1d8+3: (7)+3: 10

The big Ork scratches his head and sighs. "I guess we go slow and try and see des things when we can. Either dat or we dig in and wait for the fight. Dere ain't time ta try and find another passage." There's a frown from the Ork, then he steps around the spotted trap and slowly make his way forward.

It's not that bad. While several of you are wanting to jump around, Lucy is able to reveal that the trap is 'dead' when it's in the process of resetting. With that, you're able to simply trigger it from a distance if you want to move along. Just needs enough weight to trigger it, somehow. /How/ the trigger works isn't exactly clear, but with enough motion, thrown rocks or what have you, the ceiling drops again and then slowly begins to rise once more, allowing you, in stages, to slink past it around the bend into the next section of tunnel.

Malorn jumps over after the trap is triggered and he helps to get the others over as well. "Hopefully this will be the last of them."

"huh. Never thought a trap would be vulnerable while it was resetting." Felicia says as she gets through......and actually triggers the trap again, if need be, to help the crewmen through. "We have to keep moving."

"Right, two traps down." Baz says, he looks over at Malorn and snorts. "Ya, right, all dat luck we be hav'n right? Nah more traps." He shrugs his shoulders then starts forward at a slow careful pace as he keeps his eyes out for the next threat.

GAME: Malorn rolls perception: (1)+13: 14 (EPIC FAIL)

GAME: Baz da Ork rolls perception: (18)+3: 21

GAME: Serraphine rolls perception: (8)+4: 12

GAME: Celeste rolls perception: (17)+7: 24

GAME: Lucy rolls perception: (13)+12: 25

...well, good news, everyone!

THere are more traps.

But now that you're watching for them, they are eat least getting easier to avoid. You bypass one that Baz noticed (for once!) that was scythe blades embedded in the wall, designed to trigger when the wall was brushed on the way past.

Anothe, Celeste points out as you pass is spears that would have come up through the floor. And another that /Lucy/ notices would have ejected poison mist into the air!

Whatever is down here, it's clear the gnomes expecterd trouble to be coming from this direction.

And when you finally get to the end of this long curvy tunnel, you find yourself in a very dank, very uncomfortable spot. There's more moss on the walls, for one, but the whole place /stinks/. Fetid, like an otyugh's breath after dinner.

"Ah great, da gnome trapped their shitter." Baz announces as he wrinkles his nose. "Well at least we don't 'ave to be worried about be'in tracked by scent." He pulls his battle axe free and gives it a test swing or two.

Felicia is actually covering her face.....but it doesn't help cuz she has to breathe the air.....

"Well, this is certainly promising." Celeste grunts audibly, once they are past the traps and into the mossy, fetid confines. "Let the gladiatrix to the front." She turns herself sideways and starts squeezing herself up to the head of the group. "Stay behind me, since we're probably going to get attacked. Either Baz or Serraphine with me, the other one in the back, everyone else stay in the middle, yeah? Let whatever is waiting in here chew on me first, I can handle it."

Felicia says, "That seems pretty likely. One way or another.""

Lucy's voice has a nasal tone to it - because she's holding her nose pinched closed. "Those gnomes must really hate whatever's down here normally," she muses.

Serraphine gives a roll of her shoulders and sighs as she steps up next to Celeste, a grimace as she looks over, a look back to Felicia, and a nod of her head as she turns back forward. "Alright." A sigh, "Let's see if we can't finish this. I'm done with scepter."

"Right." Baz said and moves up with Celeste and Serraphine, his battle axe in one hand and heavy spiked shield in the other. He moves slowly, having to adjust to the weight of his pack with his hands filled with weapons but seems more or less ready.

A little more forward momenetum is required for you to find out exactly how much trouble you're in.

You travel for a good five more minutes as the tunnels continue to widen and open, lkooking less carved and more rough hewn, as if they'd been artificially widened further ages ago by hands that cared less for aesthetic value. There are definite signs of warfare here. Ruined gnomish buildings. The town you were /in/ is definitely smaller than what this area might once have been, like they simply cut off this section and consigned it to the ruins once it was overtaken by whatrever.

Whatever, in this case, being the restling shapes in the rubble all around you.

A glimpse of them is all you get.


/There are kobolds here/.