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Razen Diharth

About Razen

Born Razen Vulkakhson, the young half-oruch currently goes by Razen Diharth (surname meaning: of no home). He is a tall, muscular man who is built like either a quarterback or a mixed martial-artist. Most would notice his orcish blood well before realizing that he is not full-blooded and some never do.

Razen’s mother died in giving birth to him, and his father is a powerful warrior and hunt-leader named Vulkakh. Vulkakh sired six sons in total and one daughter by another woman before Razen was born, but only three of those sons and Razen’s sister survived to adulthood. Of them only Razen’s sister was close enough in age to take an interest in him, and Parba quickly became the only person whom he could confide in. To say that Vulkakh and Razen had a unsteady relationship would be far too kind.

Life in the Bonesworn clan was not an easy one for Razen, and Vulkakh only made it more challenging for him. Eventually Razen left, unable to bear a place he could find no welcome in.

For years Razen wandered the harsh wilds alone, eeking out a meager living. Even he could not have foreseen how hard that life would be. Not only in a measure of simple survival, but in loneliness. Rather than return to his clan Razen headed toward other lands, hopeful of finding there what he could not among his family.


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Things to know about Razen

  • Son of Vulkakh, a fighter and leader among the Oruch.
  • Enjoys a good drink and/or a good competition.
  • Is quick to anger when insulted.
  • Flirting also occasionally leads to complications.
  • Kämpfen

That which Razen has done




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Half-Oruch PC Badge
Heritage: It means being strong, and endeavoring to become stronger.
Role: Wandering son of the Oruch, Maker of his own Name
Faith: Glory to Angoron!
Honor: Honor the strength of others, be it strength of arm or strength of will. Ever endeavor to become stronger.
Homeland: Where-ever the feet may lead.


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Phobia: Magic
Development: Razen has always been cautious of magic, but his experiences with magic have only encouraged a fear of it. He avoids magic whenever he can, and treats mages around him with the utmost respect which stems from his belief that they can easily turn him into a rabbit should they choose - a fate worse than death. Nothing that he has heard from mages themselves has done anything but reinforce this belief.
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I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.