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Hon Mehui


Hon Meihui is an Inquisitor of Eluna. Given to the temple as a young child as tribute in thanks for the family's success, she was raised as a temple guard, protecting the seers and artifacts that the Gods of the Kindly Night (as this region knew the Gods of Light) had decreed must not be used by men. However, when she was nearly of age, her eldest brother - a wizard of some renown, and even more ambition - made a dark deal with Taara, and tricked Meihui into allowing him access to one of the artifacts. He attacked his sister, leaving her for dead, and escaped with the artifact. Its power and Taara's whispers corrupted another of Meihui's brothers and one of her sisters at the eldest's bidding, and they murdered many of the local wizards, taking their items of power before fleeing.

Since then, Meihui has embraced the duty of tracking down wizards who have turned to the Dark and artifacts that should not be in their hands. First and foremost on her mind is always her fallen family, but she will step in wherever magic is being abused for power and personal gain...or, generally, whenever people's hopes and dreams are being destroyed by the proud, the cruel, and the merciless.


Meihui is a surprisingly gentle soul. She's all too aware that she's a young Inquisitor, and so often tries to sound and act more dignified than she is...probably a good thing, for she's otherwise prone to silliness and giggling. Especially once she's had a few drinks in her. When she's "off the clock", therefore, she's quite approachable, with a kind nature, and very difficult to visibly offend.

When she's in pursuit of quarry, or in battle, another side of her shows. She is determined to the point of insanity, and will allow nothing to stand in her way. She can be actively frightening in her single-mindedness, and isn't afraid to use that to her advantage, staring down enemies, or subjecting them to a demonstration of skill meant to rattle their nerves. She's not above using dirty tricks and underhanded tactics to get dangerous artifacts out of hands that cannot control them...but, in truth, she's BETTER at the forthright approach.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Eluna! It's VERY easy to tell that Meihui is a follower of the Silver Moon. Are you?
  • Magic! Meihui has Opinions on the misuse of magic, particularly dark magic, artifice, and necromancy. She will be your eternal ally against these forces...or your implacable foe if you embrace them.
  • Newcomer! She's new to the city of Alexandria, and Alexandros as a whole. Want to show a newbie around?
  • Xian! She tends to stand out a bit, due to her heritage. She's by no means the most exotic denizen of the city, but she's always up to answer questions or spend time with people who remind her of home.

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